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Sounds promising. Thanks for the info. 
They cleaned up well and look ok. While they have definitely grown on me I am still not as excited as I thought I would be. Maybe when the weather breaks and I get a few miles on them my excitement will continue to grow. I'm interested to hear some of your thoughts on the shoes. Anyone care to opine?
Thanks for the heads-up. It's a great shade and the price is right. Unfortunately for me, as others have stated, I'm not a logo guy. But I'll watch out for the non-stamped version as I really like the wallet.
Nice check-off Mike. Stunning color on those PTB's.
My goodness, those are gorgeous.
Very impressive list though unfortunately not my size. Good luck.
A mistake. For some reason I thought you indicated that you had Ravello and Cigar in addition to the whiskeys. Still, really sweet chukkas.
Man, that is a smooth shade of whiskey. I love chukkas. I envy you having the Big 3.
I had been eyeing those in the marketplace for a little while. They look great. Congrats.
Yup, you nailed it Burzan. Right now, at first glance, the shade on these looks very close to the LS chocolate tankers DonL and others have sported. To think they will go from this to the picture you posted is pretty cool. Thanks for the words and the feedback. Quite helpful.
New Posts  All Forums: