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 Very nice. Leydon?  
I have searched feverishly for a dover in 8 w/antique for some time now. Given how much I love aldens commando sole I was one of the first in line for the Unionmade version.  As Buda states, for me, the commando took away the main trait that I desire in the dover, it's sleekness. After an hour of indecision, I sent mine back. 8.5D, they didn't sit on the shelves for very long as it is a really nice looking shoe. Just didn't work for me. 
Boots were only available because I was afraid to wear them in the Pgh snow. Of all the shell I own, these were my favorites. They look great on you. Enjoy. And again, thanks for a smooth transaction. 
Definitely appreciate the insight. BTW, nice pick on the Leffot longwings. I've been eyeing them for a long time and was slow on the pre-sale. Congrats.
 Very good to hear as I plan on getting much use out of mine. Thanks Bobbo316. If mine end up looking like these I will be very happy. Man those are sweet.  Who makes those? Mine have  crepe soles as well.   Appreciate the response stevefok. Thanks.
Just starting to come around on suede mainly because it seems tougher than I always thought. My question is whether anyone wears it when they know the weather will be bad? Will a coat of nano protector keep it looking good if exposed to snow and rain, or is it more like shell where it can handle bad weather but it is probably not recommended. 
 I justordered something similar from BB that you may want to check out. Plain toe and crepe sole are primary differences but the price difference is significant.  Amazing Mike. All of your posts are enjoyable but this is amazing. Nicely done. 
Man Uluabob, you are crushing it with your first two posts. Keep em coming.
 Good to know about the return shipping. My guess is that I'll change my mind on the size a few times between now and the 15th.  I'm with you in that these will be my go-to casual shoes until the snow arrives. Again, thanks for the PSA.   I thought about that but I'll just exchange if these turn out to be too big.  My jcrew captoe's are a tight fit as a 9 and my leffot NST's feel fine as a 9.5. At this point i dont what my TTS is. With the BB's being strictly casual I'll...
New Posts  All Forums: