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You've got some of the best 'in the wild' shots on SF so I'll be looking for a live pic of these from you. I sold my monk straps around 6 months ago simply because I didn't wear them enough. It will be interesting to see if these suffer a similar fate.Appreciate the words stevefok. Thanks.
JC is as good as it gets. Glad it worked out for you.
I would not pay full price for a stock model in this condition either, but if it were me, I would call jcrew again and try to make my case with another SA. Of all the Alden retailers I've dealt with, none have been better or more accommodating the JC. Offer to send a pic and ask for 20%. This worked for me and I really didn't have to try very hard.
I'm pretty sure it's Aberdeen. I've been stalking them for a while.I'll pair these similar to how I do any color 8 blucher. Mostly navy and khaki slacks with cuffs. I will be sure to post a pic when I take them for a spin. Thanks!That's a pretty good idea and I would have never thought of it. Definitely would attract less attention to the buckle. It's a strange dilemma for me as I love the monk strap style but not necessarily the attention that the buckle brings. Silver...
Great pick up and I also like how you've paired them. I would have never thought to pair charcoal and brown but yours looks really slick.
Nice pic BenLeaman. I've got to get a pair. BTW, nice call on the 4 Roses SB. Was finally able to snag a bottle and enjoying a hit as I make this post. Like a coveted Alden preorder, definitely worth the wait.
Speaking of dark color 8 and eBay transactions, I picked these up in another flawless transaction (as most of mine are). This is one of the 3 style that Alden of Madison carries that I really like, and surprisingly have never seen posted on SF. They also have an NST/loafer on Aberdeen and a Fullstrap loafer on Grant. I've been thinking about the monk strap for a while but didn't know how I would feel about the brass on shoes after having them for a while. When I saw...
You have an amazing collection of shoes Mike and these are unquestionably my favorite. The ultimate in cool casual versatility. Nicely done.
My first contribution to whiskey Wednesday. Have had these for almost a year and this is only the 3rd time wearing them. I don't know if the iPhone camera will capture it, but they have already developed a very nice caramel shade to them.
Interesting. I just got an email from William on Thursday indicating that Alden had yet to confirm the order.
New Posts  All Forums: