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PM sent.
Nice shoes Mike. Equally nice pants. Well done.Well done as always Mac.Love the AF53's. Looking forward to mine breaking in like these. Nice patina on yours.
Item for Sale Size 9D Alden / JCrew Perforated Captoe Boot - Color 8 Shell Cordovan - New Topy. 
 Item Description Offered is an iconic model JCrew Perforated Captoe Boot in coveted shell cordovan. Boots have less than 5 wears and minimal creasing. ALL PICTURES WERE TAKEN WITHOUT SHOE TREES. It has been rumored for some time that these boots are being discontinued and as of this listing, there are no longer on the JCrew website. Even when available, size 9D is...
My goodness Mike, that is one nice boot.
Sizing question for the LHS experts, do you size differently with lined v unlined? The only experience I have with unlined is the Leffot Dover and to me, I think I could have sized down 1/2 size.
I agree and had I known about the AoC version, not sure if I would have pulled the trigger. Shoes arrive on Monday and I'll decide then if I can live without the commando. I've been trying to get the longwings with antique for a while so as soon as I heard they were discounted, I jumped. I'm sure I'll love them but will I love them more with commando, that's the question.
Thanks guys. Just grabbed a pair of 8.5D's. Anyone interested in a pair of mint 9.5B 975's should send me a PM. Thy will be on B&S sometime over the next couple of weeks.
Thanks guys. I am quite pleased with these. [[SPOILER]] @MoosicPa - I was watching them and contemplated taking a shot. They are really unique. Very nice pic.
Ravello is not too easy to come by these days. Very nice score.Aberdeen, all eyelets, and Ravello. Trifecta my friend. Well done.Feels like I can just copy and paste with you DonL. Nice shoes, killer outfit.For me, AF53's maiden voyage..... [[SPOILER]] And came home to these...... [[SPOILER]] Took a little longer than I hoped but definitely worth the wait. Alden does an incredible job on #8 recrafts.
PM sent.
New Posts  All Forums: