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All - bear with what may be a basic question but I don't have any with experience with GMTO's. I would be interested in this if there are spots available but don't really know where to begin. I've searched SF and reached out to @RIDER but decided to post the question here to cover all bases. Any info is appreciated.
I tried it but they came out darker than I would have liked. I've never heard of leather bleach but it sounds like it would help. My issue was two-fold. I started with a darker pair and could not get them lighter to begin with. Though the color was lighter than navy, starting with tan would have made the effort easier. If I try again, I would start with a light blue dye and mix in navy. I think navy dye is too close to black. I will a similar technique when trying to...
Ouch! Details please.
Every once in a while I see someone's pre-owned Ravello's or whiskeys for sale and think 'man, you have way over-valued those shoes', well apparently I am guilty of the same miscalculation. I sincerely thought these would go in a day. Lesson learned. Appreciate the words stevefok. Hopefully they will find a good home soon.
Thanks watchman. It was a strange week. I picked these and the Randolphs in my avatar (natural shell) up in the same week, both NIB from eBay, both where I was the only bidder and both for a couple hundred each under retail. It was a very good week and I have been waiting anxiously for the weather to break. Both are regulars in my rotation.
Very pleased with them Gary but i always appreciate the positive feedback. Thanks.
Me too (sans the colorful socks)...... Picked these up new from ebay about 6 months ago and they have quickly risen to the top of my rotation. Ever since i picked up a Burgundy pair on an MTO, i have fallen in love with the Strand design. Felt quite fortunate to get a pair in walnut.
First some background. The hole in my shoe collection has been black shell. I like black shell but it doesn't excite me like the other colors. As such, I've avoided buying new. Somewhat related, my collection spans many shoemakers but when it comes to burgendy, IMO, no one does color 8 like Alden. These 2 issues are related because they led me to a potentially dangerous decision to recolor my Ron Rider alpine grain shell boots from burgendy to black. These boots are easily...
My thoughts exactly. I felt very fortunate to grab a pair (8.5D as well but that was certainly not my listing). I understand the profit motive but it just feels a little sleazy to get these from Adam with the sole purpose of flipping them. Congrats to the buyer though, they are a great shoe and were modeled after the AF1 design that was just posted. My prediction is that in 20 years these will look equally great.
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