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Nice boot in an incredible shade of ceeeegaaar.I really enjoy your pic's. I find myself staring at your posts of these and the perf black bal's. Keep em coming.Never hit the lottery but I imagine it must feel something like this. Congrats on two great scores.True story, had finally decided to put my unlined BB LHS on B&S as I simply don't wear them. These pic's changed my mind and they are in the bag heading back to Alden for refinishing. Very nice shoes and pairings.
Agreed, though based on the Hampton sizing, an 11.5E would likely work as well. For me, I'm 8.5D Barrie, 9D Hampton, and Grant 9D is a little roomy but overall a great fit.
This sounds like a great Boot. Alden's best boot design (PCT); on their best boot last, with their best boot sole. For those who are interested, Adam (AoC) has the same Boot with antique edging and welt coming in April. This will be my new go-to Boot, really looking forward to it. He is also offering it in black and I'm pretty sure he has sizes available in both colors.
This is really an incredible boot. Hard to believe it will look even better in another year or so.Incredible shade of cigar @mdubs
Thanks guys. I long ago stopped babying my shell but I do try to avoid wearing whiskey/ravello in rain so I was a little pissed and concerned. I don't recall if the cordovan creme was called whiskey, but it was clearly marketed as whiskey. I don't know if fauven is a color but that is what the sticker on the bottom of the jar indicates. It is also the color in the picture from the post referenced by @MT1982. I've used it before and have always liked it. Just forgot that I...
Fair warning, long-winded story on the recuperative powers of shell, even light colored shell. Feel free to scroll to the bottom and see an 'after' pic (didnt think to take a before one). Against my better judgement but absent any other options, I decided to drive into town yesterday. When you work in town, thats the last place you want to go on the weekend. But there was a movie playing that I wanted to see and more importantly, I wanted my son to see. The type of movie...
[[SPOILER]] -MikeAbsolutely love the strands Mike. Yours have aged beautifully.
I hear ya on the added cost. I think Fransboone stocks them with eyelets. I was fortunate enough to grab a pair off the seconds list and didn't mind the added cost2 of eyes. It definitely makes a big difference in an otherwise conservative design.
Adam at AoC is releasing AF26/AF36, 6-eyelets NST on Plaza, both w/commando. Very nice.
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