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Natural light is tough because of my work hours but I did get a similar request from the EBAY listing and posted updated pic's that you can check out. My ebay ID is SCKLC if you want to search.
Yes, and that's a very good question. Please examine the pictures closely as this is where the imperfections can be found. I think they're pretty minor. Like I said I've done it a few times so I'm pretty good at it but the welt is the toughest part.
I know. Like spending $700 on a pair of shoes is financially responsible. Believe me, I'm far from the most fiscally sound person but everything seems to hit at the same time. Both of these, 2 AE MTO's, and a reverse chamois WTB from Leffot all hitting around the same time. Gotta draw the line somewhere but there is no doubt that in 6-12 months I will likely regret the decision.
Thanks all for the kind words. Unfortunately both boots are already spoken for, it's just a matter of which one I decide to keep. If by chance, the SF'er who committed changes his mind, I will be sure to post a PSA. The WTB's are a 9D on Barrie and the Captoes are a 9.5D on Grant. @MrDV - you're right in that the shade on both of these is absolutely stunning. My preference was always the Captoes as I'm a little wingtip heavy and don't own a single captoe. Plus, they are...
Those Halleck's are amazing. I own the Brixtons and I don't see any difference. Nice pickup. Got my own little package today, the AofDC ravello Captoes. They are proof-positive that when Alden is on their game, there is no one better (IMO). These and my WTB from TSM are completely without flaws. Absolutely perfect. And the shade of ravello beats anything I current own. The shade on the wingtips is a smidge lighter, which I prefer. But the Captoes are on commando, which I...
Item for SaleSize 8.5D - Alden LWB Cigar Shell Cordovan  - Rare and Great Condition- $700 Price - $600 plus shipping Item DescriptionThese are a pair of hard-to-get Cigar shell cordovan longwings in a coveted 8.5D. These shoes are fresh off of a BNelson refurb with brand new JR (Jon Redenbach) double leather soles.  the soles have touched outdoors once before I had Goodyear topy's installed on them and twice since then. The uppers have minimal creasing and are in great...
Maybe. Depending on how my A of DC Captoe's look, I may be selling my 9D's. Will know in about a week.  
This is a great thread, but is it possible that the icon referenced is only available in certain browsers? I use Chrome on an Android device and I don't see it. 
I'm far from a shoe connoissuer but I've got about 20-25 pair of shell's, the overwhelming majority of which are Aldens. The only Carmina's are a pair of cognac 532's. They are easily my favorites but I must admit that the only reason they aren't my go-to daily shoes is the dryness. I love the gloss of my Alden 975's and other color 8's. My 532's are just a little dry for my taste. They're still my favorites because of last and color, but man, if I could get the shine on...
Communication from Allison indicates that she is still waiting for information from 3 people before she can place the order.
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