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Nothing too fancy here. Had Aram from ahonshoes add eyelets to my Leffot unlined dovers. This guy does amazing work and the eyelets took these from shoes I rarely reached for (and contemplated selling) to ones that are at the top of my rotation. Crappy IPhone pic's really don't do them justice.
Thanks p-78. Somewhat related, I am a closet admirer of your shoe care regimen. Your color 8 tassels and LHS's that you've recently posted are truly things of beauty.Always appreciate the words MattRiv. Especially when it adds to my vocabulary. Thanks.
A few years ago when I was just beginning this very expensive shoe journey, my wife and I were in Chicago and the hotel was across the street from an AE store. I picked up a pair of unlined daltons in walnut shell cordovan. About 6 months later I sold them as the fit wasn't quite right and I figured I'd be able to grab another pair without much effort. Boy did I miscalculate. Had no idea that AE would stop making both Unlined and Walnut shell. So I was quite excited to see...
Always appreciate the support razl. Thanks.
Item for Sale Alden Whiskey LWB Model 97891 - 8.5D - Unworn and Uncreased 
 Item Description There really isn't much to say about these so I'll be brief. I have never seen a more beautiful shade of whiskey or more flawless pair of Aldens than these. I have stared at them 2 for long weeks trying to decide whether to move these or my Whiskey NST Saddles. I've got too many light-colored shoes (never thought I'd say that) and simply cannot justify keeping both. It was tough,...
Actually bry2k, this is precisely the type of input I was looking for. Any chance you could opine on what you think makes the construction and finish superior on the EG's?
I am thinking of trying a pair of EG shells and was looking for unemotional input on whether the price premium over Alden is based on something more than style. I am not looking to start a flame war. Rather, simply looking for opinions from some forum members who have owned both. Since being introduced to 'shell cordovan' on this site 5 years ago I have been an unabashed Alden enthusiast. Aldens comprise roughly 75% of my shells, which outside of a few suede offerings, is...
All - bear with what may be a basic question but I don't have any with experience with GMTO's. I would be interested in this if there are spots available but don't really know where to begin. I've searched SF and reached out to @RIDER but decided to post the question here to cover all bases. Any info is appreciated.
I tried it but they came out darker than I would have liked. I've never heard of leather bleach but it sounds like it would help. My issue was two-fold. I started with a darker pair and could not get them lighter to begin with. Though the color was lighter than navy, starting with tan would have made the effort easier. If I try again, I would start with a light blue dye and mix in navy. I think navy dye is too close to black. I will a similar technique when trying to...
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