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Thanks guys. Just grabbed a pair of 8.5D's. Anyone interested in a pair of mint 9.5B 975's should send me a PM. Thy will be on B&S sometime over the next couple of weeks.
Thanks guys. I am quite pleased with these. [[SPOILER]] @MoosicPa - I was watching them and contemplated taking a shot. They are really unique. Very nice pic.
Ravello is not too easy to come by these days. Very nice score.Aberdeen, all eyelets, and Ravello. Trifecta my friend. Well done.Feels like I can just copy and paste with you DonL. Nice shoes, killer outfit.For me, AF53's maiden voyage..... [[SPOILER]] And came home to these...... [[SPOILER]] Took a little longer than I hoped but definitely worth the wait. Alden does an incredible job on #8 recrafts.
PM sent.
Didn't think I would like brass on 8. Man was I wrong. Those look slick.Yesterday was my maiden voyage of some black shell I picked up over the summer from a fellow SF'er. Today, Leffot Dovers. Quickly becoming my favorite casual shoe.Channeling my inner chipshot with light denim on 8
Whoa, do my eyes deceive me? Chipshot.......commando? I don't blame you my-man, those tankers are amazing. I especially like the pairing with light denim. Color 8/antique was made for light denim. Well done all around. .
No trouble at all. FB emailed the link for a return shipping label so I didn't have to pay the shipping. As with any international shipment, you get 4 copies and include them with the package. I have a UPS store nearby but they also gave the option of pickup. I scheduled it for a day my son was working from home and he gave the package and papers to the UPS guy. I think it was back in FB's hands in roughly 48 hours and two hours after that, my purchase price had been...
Last bit of advice. Try to get the shipping back but don't let that drive the decision. $50 is far too little to drive a $800 purchase that will last a lifetime. If you truly can't live the the misalignment, return the boots and use the proceeds to fund your next purchase. Limited funds and the high price of shell means most of us have to spend wisely. No way I keep an $800 pair of boots I don't love over $50.FWIW, l just returned a pair of boots to FB and they were very...
Weren't you the guy who a couple of weeks ago was only buying one pair of Alden's? Whiskey Longwings, plaza boots, and another on the way? I've seen many back off of their one-pair pledge but the speed in which you've done it may be anew record.Great pickup on the whiskeys. They look great. As for these boots, if you hadn't mentioned the misalignment, I doubt that I would have noticed. I also doubt that anyone outside of this thread would notice. Further, I'm willing to...
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