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I ask for measurements for any non-Alden shoe I consider. I also supply this information in any non-Alden shoes I list. It's certainly not full-proof, but for me it is the best indicator of fit when the seller is unaware of the last (or even what a last is). I've always found it surprising when some sellers seem to get annoyed by the question.
If someone would post or PM me the 8.5D seconds list I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
Anyone waiting for the Leffot Greenwich reverse chamois WT boot? Been waiting since August and was just wondering if anyone has contacts at Leffot with some info. They don't seem to take too kindly to customers calling and asking for a status.
I don't use the SF Marketplace very often but thanks for taking the time to post this.
I only own a few pairs of ravello but in my opinion there is nothing normal about that. Dealing with Leffott is a mixed bag. My Tankers came with an obvious flaw and the Sales Associate was one of the rudest people I've ever dealt with. I posted my experience on this site, which got plenty of comments and the next day the owner emailed me and indicated that they would offer me 20% off or refund my money (after my treatment, I had no interest in store credit). The owner was...
  Agreed Tampa. I'm as guilty as anyone in regards to excitement around rare shell's, but it's my color 8's that get the most compliments at work. BTW, those black PTB's looks really slick. Nice laces.  Thanks Mike. One of my favorite and more versatile pair, but for some reason, I don't reach for them very often.  Not seen those before MDV. That is a really nice look. Hey, is that a blade of brown grass I see? 
Nothing special, but still one of my most complimented models. Good ole 975's.......
Great news indeed. Now, if only their Greenwich preorder would drop..........
Given what you've described, I really think it's a matter of which boot appeals to you more. I have the No. 8 chukka and it is one of my more versatile shoes. I wear it casual up to the high-end of business casual. Since most Alden boots are inherently casual, the black boot you describe would likely work fine for business casual. While it may not be quite as versatile as the chukka, it is really a great looking boot. I don't own much black she'll but it is definitely on...
Unfortunately I don't see sunlight during this season. It's dark when I leave for work and when I return. Maiden voyage was great though. I had worn my Brixtons the day before and my feet just likes the feel of commando boots so much better.
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