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I really wish JCrew had more things that fit my style of dress. Their customer service is as good as any store I've ever done business with. Though replacing year-old Alden's raises the bar even higher. Good for them and good for the OP.
 From the picture, the issue is not with the stiching. If that's the case, give your local cobbler $5 and have him glue it. 
Thought it might be something along those lines. Appreciate the detailed response.
 So what makes a wingtip a brixton? 
 Too funny. Alden of DC is definitely doing a captoe as I'm on that list as well. I thought they were both captoe's with the difference being one was leather soles and the other commando.  I got on both because of my strong preference for ravello and figured I'd decide which one to keep after I got them.  Quite honestly, if one is captoe and one is wingtip, I may just keep them both.  That would be a nice problem to have, especially if the shade is close to the recently...
 Not sure what makes you think I'm not relaxed. I simply found you use of adjectives to be contrary to the spirit of this forum. You shouldn't confuse me stating my opinion with being excited by something you post on a forum. 
 I'm on TSM pre order for what I think is a ravello captoe due sometime in October (though all this talk of a wingtip has me a little confused). No deposit, but they took my cc number. 
 Very nicely stated. I didn't respond to any of the initial responses because as the OP I actually felt guilty for giving people a platform to post such thoughts. Didn't help that two of the forum members who are confirmed owners of this shoe are two of the more helpful people who post on this site. Someone stating their opinion about the shoe in that manner was not something I anticipated when I made the OP.  Quite unfortunate.  
Really nice loafers.  Feeling a little lazy so I'll provide the link to the ebay listing.........   http://www.ebay.com/itm/121446001425?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649   PM with questions or offers.  
Another #2 in a much more desirable size. If a size 6 went for over $1,800, sky's the limit for a 9.5.   I never mind someone getting a rare shell and selling for a profit but you have to wonder how the retailer must feel. My understanding is that this was a ultra-special run to commemorate an anniversary and that they were only offered to a few select customers. To see those select customers turn around and reach for a money grab must make the retailer question their...
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