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I've got the Leffot Greenwich and employed the exact strategy you mention. I went from my normal 9D in Barrie boot to an 8.5E primarily because I planned on wearing a thicker sock. Fits like a glove.
Versatility or flair? Given your collection, I'd go for flair.
Wow, great models. Not close to my size but I wish hey were. 
Really good advice. I appreciate the input. I'm not much of a skinny/slim fit guy. While levis are my favorite, the for of the Selvedge is too slim. I have the non-slim version of the uniglo's, but they also fit a little slender and have yet to be worn. The W/B are a little more than I want to spend but the way you describe the Lucky's has me intrigued. Might have to give them a try.Back to Aldens, you can't go wrong with either the boots or the shoes. Both look amazing....
I keep clicking on this listing, maybe secretly hoping that they will magically transform to a U.S. 8.5D. A really georgeous shoe at a very reasonable price. Good luck with the sale.
Appreciate the advice about the jeans. I already did what you suggested and they didn't soften much. Hopefully over time. Boots in warm weather is just one of those sticking points for me. I see others do it and it looks great (similar to color 8 longwings and denim). I'm sure once I break the initial barrier I'll be hooked. Just a matter of time.Great advice BL. The strange thing about my reticence is that like you, I am a boot guy. Thinking about taking my JCrew Captoes...
Whoa, there truly is a forum for everything on SF. I would definitely be in for 2-3 bottles. Good lookin out BL. Thanks.
Well, since we are on the subject (I've held my tongue on this for a year and a half), he completely ruined a perfect pair of pre-owned cigar longwings. I could have lived with the arrogance, poor service, and over-pricing if the quality of work was good. No such luck. Sold the shoes 2 weeks after getting them back for a significant loss.Back to positive. Broke 2 barriers today. My first pair of Selvedge (nothing special, Gap) and the first time I've worn shell wingtips...
This has been my experience with Kathy as well. She is definitely at the top of the list of Alden retailers in CS.
Same here. Prior to getting these, I had only heard of bloom. Also strangely enough, one boot was covered in it and the other had hardly a trace. Didn't bother me at all. I couldn't stop admiring just how perfect the color was.
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