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Never knew Jcrew did a black shell WT boot. Like the flat welt on Barrie. Very nice. Props to your cobbler for a job well done on the conversion. I don't own much black shell but these make me want to change that condition.
That is one nice shoe. The eyelets definitely add to it. Looks like you did some handy work on the edges as well though it's tough to tell from the angle. Either way, well done.
Code:Mike - these looked good on Wednesday but they look great today. Almost hard to believe it's the same shoe. Very nice work and congrats on a great pickup.
Man, that is one sweet boot........
Never sure what I like more about your posts, pants or shoes. As always, both are stellar.
Absolutely spectacular offerings Mike. Grant is my favorite Alden boot last and I've been thinking for some time about converting my B&M wingtips from antique to dark edge. Your post may have just pushed me over the edge.
An absolute killer combination. Nicely done.
Without getting into nuances on how/where the shoe should crease, my experience is that if shoes don't fit right they eventually find their way out of my rotation. Based on what you describe, I would not keep these. It's a beautiful shoe and will be well worth the 6-month wait. You may run into a bit of an issue as many shops won't accept returns with creases. As for trees, for me, part of the appeal of an Aberdeen-lasted shoe is its sleekness. I would not want the trees...
Agreed. Speaking of which, time for a little 8 maintenance......Here's an 'after' shot.......Note that the Southern Tier is still half full. Amazing how little effort is required to make shell beautiful again.
PSA - unworn 9D cigar Captoes on grant w/commando going on eBay tomorrow. My net is $825. If interested, send me a PM for pictures. Serious inquiries only. Not accepting offers at this time. EDIT - Sold!
New Posts  All Forums: