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Line of the day ......
Big congrats Mike. This looks really good. Nicely done my friend!!
This.....all day long. I thought Alden had the occasional QC issue (these are hand made shoes) but after dipping my toe into the AE well a couple of times over the holidays, there is simply no comparison. The level of flaws on my best AE's is far worse than anything I've ever experienced with Alden. 
Agreed. Though outside of this site, no on would look at a person in a navy suit and a pair of 975's and think this was inappropriate for an interview. On the contrary, the interviewer would likely be extremely impressed with with best-dressed interviewee they've spoken with.
I would go with the king.
  Very nice Watchman1. Sunday best indeed!  This is so true. I have the cognac longwings and always think that if my 975's were on the same last they would absolutely be my most worn shoes.
I've got very little experience with Carmina but I am an 8D on Detrot and an 8.5D on Barrie.
Understood. Thanks for the interest anyway.
Turned out great Duck. Man, you have really made some nice pic's lately. Didn't you just grab some FB cigars a few months ago.
Really hate having to sell them. Thanks!
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