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The only ravello wing monks I've ever seen is Mac's. Not sure of the retailer.I'm not sure which I find more impressive, the fact that you would even attempt this on a pair of new rare shell's or how great of a job you did. Either way, this is pretty darn slick. Nicely done!
Hands down the favorite shoe in my rotation and the first time I've seen it posted on this site. Congrats on your upcoming wedding as well as a great pair of shells. This shoe was made for Aberdeen. I got mine off the Bay and there was no squeak so unfortunately I've got no advice to offer. Great shoe and I'm sure the squeak will be fine.
Very nice JSO1. C-width completely changes the look of the 975.I'm a little late to this one but I'll repeat what others have said, great pictures and an amazing boot. Hang on to your wallet, it's in for a wild ride.
Last week it was color 8 and charcoal, today it's shorts and shoes (non-sneakers or sandals). Another first for me..... I don't know how you guys take these off. Man they feel good.
I am a huge proponent of Aram's work but these seem perfect for you as-is. I'd go with a topy from the local cobbler. Not much risk for a $25-$30 investment and no waiting. If that doesn't give you the grip you're looking for (I think it will) you can still send them to Aram.
Appreciate the input B3, I'm in the same boat as you. They felt tight in the width and instep but after a couple of hours it felt like my feet were being hugged by a soft pillow. I'm looking to grab a pair of shell and I doubt that they will stretch like suede. Other than Aberdeen, I don't particularly care for how E width shoes look on my feet but fit is more important so I'll definitely consider it. Again, thanks.Hey thromb - I'm really leaning toward the 9D. I don't...
Sizing question for those Van lovers (yes Chipshot, I'm targeting you). I'm a 8.5D Barrie but width-wise, it's a snug, though not uncomfortable, fit. I always assumed Van and Barrie would run the same but I recently picked up a pair of 8.5D snuff unlined LHS's and these definitely fit tighter than my 8.5D Barrie's. I don't know if this is related to the Last or the unlined nature of the LHS. I had always assumed that unlined would fit looser not tighter, but it was an...
I am far from an expert but Pittsburgh winters can get pretty nasty as well and for my money there is no better material for bad weather than shell. Now I'm not shoveling the driveway in them, but I've got a decent hike to the bus stop so I've got some experience in wearing shell in the elements. Wipe them down at the end of the day and they hold up fine. I will admit that I baby my ravello boots so I'm a little more careful with those but color 8, I pound them and they...
 Wow, very nice foray into alden/shell. I love the wingtip with the flat welt. Is that a plaza makeup? Ttown - for my money there is no better winter weather boot than Alden shell on commando. However I can imagine how the Ohio winters can get and I would definitely recommend a little defender from time to time. 
I am glad things are working out. I doubt that you will be disappointed with Aram's work. The funny (or sad) thing is I have yet to wear my jcrew captoe's and more after seeing the pic you posted, I am already looking forward to converting to Dainite. The slight change in the edge color really makes the boot pop. Can't wait to see pic's of your boots when they're done.
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