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This. I own both and find the PCT to be dressier. Got nothing to do with the commando sole. 
IItem Description]Size 10D - Alden for Brooks Brothers Black She'll Crodovan - Immaculate and Rare - $650 Item Description I'm pricing these to move simply because I dont wear them and they are a little big for my feet. When I purchased these I didn't reall understand my Alden sizing. As such these shoes have mostly sat unworn. Please examine the pictures as they tell the true story and make obvious the pristine condition of these shoes. Very little product used on...
One down, one to go. C'mon guys, this is going to be a great shoe. 
My goodness MrDV.  Amazing color on those. Very nice pick. 
 My favorite RL shoe. Yours look great.
I've done it a few times. Curgent project is to lighten up the edging on my cigar LWB's. It's not that complicated but ignore those who try to trivialize the question. PM me if you have questions. 
Alden monk in any of the 'rare' colors you mention would be incredible. 
+1. Nicest shade of cigar I can recall ever seeing. Those are amazing. 
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