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Ultimate cool shoe Mike and a very nice shade of seegaar.Man, I love these. Grant is the best last for boots. 1/2 size too large for me but im sure they'll go fast.
My experience is that most steeler fans have a begrudging level of respect for the Ravens (as an old Browns fan, Ozzie Newsome is one of my all time favorite players). I would gladly pick walking barefoot over a mile of hot coals, with ice pik's jammed into my temples, before rooting for the bengals.
Not surprising Repp. Be it anti New England sentiments or simply a healthy respect for what has become an intensely enjoyable rivalry. I hate the ravens twice a year (sometimes 3 times). All other weeks I find myself rooting for them. It's called respect. Only team in our division I feel that way about.Appreciate the words on the whiskey's. My favorite shade on the rack, just have a hard time pairing them. As such this is only their 2nd wear.
Thanks Mike. Always appreciate the words.Unseasonably warm January day in Pittsburgh allows me the opportunity to participate in whiskey Wednesday.....AC1'S from AoC.
Our chief actuary has a pair of black perforated captoes. That's it. I did see one guy on the bus a couple of years ago with what appeared to be shell, but they weren't Alden or AE.
Brooks Brothers Unlined color 8.... Happy Tuesday.
Boy do I love Alden Shell. Late arriving bus had me rushing more (and paying attention less) than I usually do. As a result, stepped in a pretty good puddle of water this AM. The result was pretty bad so I took the opportunity to do a little more than my normal wipe and brush. Added a little Alden paste. Still took less than 10 minutes and they came out fine. Given the recent discussion on acquiring rare shell, I will reshare my story on how I got these. Called AoM to...
Good question, should have included that in the post. Just added a pic with the numbers inside the shoe.
For some strange reason it instantly brought an image of the mask Hannibal Lechter was wearing whenever they needed to remove him from his cage.
Guys, just wanted to post some pic's of a recent eBay pickup. Not sure what color they are. Seller listed as ravello/Cigar, but they often do that to get sales so I never took that seriously. I've coveted a Shell version of the Hamilton for some time so was happy to grab these with a rock-bottom bid. Pic's with some color 8, bourbon, natural, and Cigar shell. I think they're simply faded AE Burgundy. Whatever they are, I love these. The Alden Unlined Loafers will be on B&S...
New Posts  All Forums: