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Item for Sale Alden Brooks Brothers Unlined LHS - Size 9C - Well Worn Condition 
 Item Description Offered is a well-worn pair of the highly regarded Alden for Brooks Brothers unlined LHS. I believe shoes are formed on Alden's Van last. There is nothing 'mint' about these shoes and very little to like, unless you happen to be looking for the ultimate 'cool' shorts/no-sock look. They are completely broken in and slightly lighter in color than what Alden is producing these...
Item for Sale Size 8.5E Brick & Mortar Snuff Suede Wingtips - Worn Once - Mint Condition 
 Item Description Offered is an absolute mint pair of Brick & Mortar Snuff Suede Wingtips. I've had them for months but only worn them once. Too many boots and more on the way means these have to go. Not a lot to say about them. Popular size that has long been unavailable. A few items of note: • Clean shoes in a hard-to-get size. Check the soles. Worn once. • Shoes ship in original...
Really helpful post. So glad you responded to my question.
Smoothing creases is a part of it, but not necessarily remving them. I'm not fanatical about them so perfection is not the goal. The concept always seemed a little crazy to me but when I got into the shell game I was so raw and getting varying opinions from all over the place. When I tried the deerbone, it seemed to work, but to your point and looking back on it, I'm not so sure that it was anything magical about the bone. Hence the reason for my question.Could be magical...
Looking for advice on a deerbone. I've had mine for about 3 years and it seemed to work. Lately I've changed my shoe care regimen and haven't used it much. However, I just picked up a pair of shells with some significant creasing and decided to reintroduce the bone to my regimen. Didn't seem to make any difference. My question is whether the recuperative powers of a deerbone degrade or wear out over time? Or if it really even works at all?
Speaking of Grayson's, wore these last night to a birthday dinner night out...... Prior to my introduction to shell, I would dye my shoes on a regular basis. These shoes were Burgendy and pretty beat up so i decided to see if I could bring them to life and black is the most basic color application. Definitely required a little more work than dying calf, but I am happy with how they turned out. They really shine up nicely, which doesn't come through in my crappy iPhone pic.
May just be the ultimate sockless shoe. Very cool.
Thanks. May be a new record for me.
As a proud owner of Alden tassels, your attempt at subterfuge was detected rather quickly. Having said that...........damn, nice tassels.
Thanks my-man. The pictures don't do them justice. Just not a good fit fo me so it's time to move on.
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