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My goodness, these are stunning. I've only got one pair of Carmina's and I was hopeful that these would fit me, but they are1/2 size too small. Given your price, I doubt that these will be available for very long. Good luck. 
Never understood the need to do this. Very well said.
Some things will never go out of style. King for a reason. Very nice coolarrow.I've got 2 different ravello boots coming this winter. If either has this shade I will be ecstatic.Got the call for the 9.5's about a month ago. This is the first time I'm questioning my decision. These are a very nice shade of cigar. Not super dark like some I've seen.Man, I have got to me me a pair of 8 Captoes. Stunning. There is nothing 'ugly' about those boots.
I picked up on that as well.
 S2 - any chance you can post a picture? I'm curious as to whether they simply stitch the commando to the bottom of the sole or do they integrate the front part into the sole (hard to explain but easy to see, especially on antique edging). Thanks.
Unfortunately you will have to wait, but it will be worth it. I have the short wings on commando from AoC and they remain one of my most comfortable, complimented, and versatile shoes.Alden won't swap out the sole but Bnelson will. His commando is not as low-profile as the original alden, which to me, takes away from a high-end shell cordovan shoe. I've seen pictures of his work converting to crepe and they look good. He is currently working on converting my cigar...
Very nice.
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