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Hard to follow mahogany shortwing Bals but I've picked up a few additions over the past month or so.... L-R, stock model 9015 (my new workhorse), Fransboone Plaza Indy's and AF18A from AoCarmel. Looks like I forgot the AoDC cigar Captoes. They are in the family shots below. Boot collection is getting a bit long. Here's a family shot of Aldens flanked by a pair of non-Aldens....... Same collection, different perspective....... Shameless plug. The JCrew Captoes...
Agreed. As an FYI, you might want to check with Alden of Carmel. Adam has a similar boot on order with all brass eyelets. Sounds pretty close and with Adam, you simply can't beat the service.
Every once in a while I see something in this forum that instantly sends me on the hunt. This post did it today. These are a perfect winter boot. Checks all the boxes for me. Yours look incredible. Never heard of circle 7 but just got on the list for the restock. Thanks for sharing.
The opinions on this are all over the place but for me, I did find the jcrew to be a little tighter than most other Barrie shoes/boots. I'm a 8.5D in Barrie and the jcrew 9D was a little roomier than I like. The 8.5D was a little snug but not uncomfortably so. I stuck with the 8.5D and they feel fine now.For me, if you plan to wear them with normal dress cotton/wool socks, I would not size up.
Yessir, though i want to say it was around December 2014 so i think were coming up on 2 years.
Thanks guys. Finally got around to trying this. Used mink oil as recommended by AE and it seemed to help but strangely enough, the squeaking seemed to move. This was the first time wearing them and it was the rare day where I wasn't scrambling to make the bus. Took the extra time to apply mink oil to the entire inside of both shoes and I am happy to say that my shoes are noise-free for the first time in quite a while. Again, thanks for the input.Not the best shot, but...
Trying to get my hands on a 8.5D Barrie-lasted color 8 NST (either Leffot or Context make) and am willing to trade either my twice-worn B&M color 8 wingtips (9D Grant last) or my JCrew color 8 Captoe boots (8.5D Barrie last). The JC's have not been worn since being recrafted. Additionally, they have a high-quality topy added on the soles. If interested, let me know and we can exchange pictures and figure out if any cash needs to be included. Included one pic from my...
Not sure if this is the appropriate thread but I have a question on my burgundy shell cordovan strands. Grabbed these in an MTO a little over a year ago and they recently developed an annoying squeaking noise when walking. Basically they sound like a pair of cheap shoes. A couple of weeks ago I read somewhere on this site that this could be due to AE using a non-steel shank (don't recall what the poster said it was made of, only that it wasn't steel like Aldens). I called...
Nothing too fancy here. Had Aram from ahonshoes add eyelets to my Leffot unlined dovers. This guy does amazing work and the eyelets took these from shoes I rarely reached for (and contemplated selling) to ones that are at the top of my rotation. Crappy IPhone pic's really don't do them justice.
Thanks p-78. Somewhat related, I am a closet admirer of your shoe care regimen. Your color 8 tassels and LHS's that you've recently posted are truly things of beauty.Always appreciate the words MattRiv. Especially when it adds to my vocabulary. Thanks.
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