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I heard those stories as well gr789 and was actually hoping there was a kernel of truth in it as these Brixtons are a tad larger than I would like. No such luck. I don't detect any difference in fit after the recraft.
You're right. I just didn't realize it until I actually placed the order.
Wow lagsun, these look amazing. Kind of related, IMO, when Alden is on their game, they do shell better than anyone at any price. Some shades are close. Color 8 is a slam dunk. Again, IMO. And lately, they have really been on their game. If my memory is accurate, I don't recall seeing one post complaining about quality related to any of the last 4 Alden ravello releases. Wingtips from TSM, Captoes from DC, NST from TSM, longwings from AoC. Not one single quality complaint...
So far so good. Thanks again for the detailed advice.Thanks Duck. I had never heard of itshide until I was actually placing the order. I just assumed they were a different color of dainite. They will definitely take some time to break-in but fortunately the SA gave me a heads-up so I wasn't unpleasantly surprised. Will definitely post my impressions after a few more wears.Thanks gr789. This was one of my most pleasant surprises upon receiving the shoes. There is no...
 Alden of DC - 202-347-2308
That's just perfect NY. My Brixtons are on the truck for delivery today fresh from an Alden recraft. If they look anything like your Hallecks, I will be thrilled.
Ended up going with the Trickers and couldn't be more pleased. First impression is that this is definitely a heavy shoe, but I really like it. I love the saddle blucher (most Alden saddles are bals) as well as the brass exposed eyelets. I really like the soles and heel stack. Got hit with a UPS fee of $47, which I wasn't happy with but at this price point, it wasn't that big of a deal. Here's a couple of crappy iPad pic's.....
May be the best placed and most appropriate emoticon I've ever seen. Hilarious. Good luck.
Yes, but you have to order them online from the USPS website. They come wrapped flat in a package of 15 (I think). There is no cost and the shipping is free as well. They are perfect for shoes but most Alden shoe boxes won't fit. Work great for any shoes/boots without box. This is how it works in the states, not sure about Canada.
Damn you watchman1. Just when I think I've got enough whiskey, you go and post those. A perfect shade of whiskey. Congrats on this and your soon to be delivered package.
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