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Very nice DuckOB. Aram is great and did a fantastic job on these.
Always appreciate the words Uncle. Thanks. And while I have your attention, let me add my voice to the chorus of those who have missed your contributions to this thread. Really nice to see you posting again.
Love these DonL. As always, outfit on point as well.A classic model. Kills me that mine no longer fit.An instant classic. These are crazy good.
Thanks guys. The creaking already seems a little better. I may try one of the suggestions but quite honestly neither the noise or bloom is that big a deal to me. In all likelihood I'll let the passage of time handle both of them.Good info though. Again, thanks.
I'll check it out. Thanks for the link.
I lived in Columbia for a year or so. It is an absolutely beautiful city. Heartbreaking to see some of the film of what they're dealing with.
Creaking and squeaking. Never experienced it with any Alden's.Is bloom a shell thing, an Alden shell thing, or possibly a cigar shell thing? Never experienced it before but I've wiped and brushed these 3 times. I also noticed a very small amount yesterday on my cigar Shortwings.The noise is annoying because it will likely draw attention to my shoes, which strangely enough, is not something a prefer doing. Bloom is a non-issue. Just never experienced it before.
A little Sunday shoe maintenance to get ready for the work week. Been a while since I've done this. Starting the week of with the initial wear of the AoDC cigar Captoes. Crazy bloom and noise with these (neither of which I've ever experienced). Photo bombed by my sick buddy in one of the shots...... Happy Monday. Have a great week.
Of course it is prudent. I'm always amused when I hear the 'they're just shoes' comment when attempting to be dismissive of someone who treats their shoes with care. $99 Cole Haan's from DSW are just shoes. $800 boots made from horses ass are not just shoes. People trying to act like they really got it going on when they don't look at the weather report before deciding to wear their whiskey longwings. There just shoes so I think I'll wear them in the torrential rainfall...
All - day - long!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: