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Yeah, I like the no break look, so maybe I'll lengthen it just a smidge. 1 cm perhaps? My friend suggested me to ask for slanted hem and I think it's a good solution
Gentleman, this is the final produck of my recent bespoke commision. Any feedback and suggestion will be very appreciated.      
Thanks for the good advice, Despos!  Here's the third fitting photo. Can anything be done to improve it? 
I Just have my second fitting today and in looks much better. Still could use some improvement tough. Please ignore the bad tie   It looks like I really could use fuller upper arm. The lower back is still a mess but tailor said ironing will solve it. is this true? How about the pants? is the taper too much?
We're actually trying to determine the sleeve length of the right sleeve but forgot to remove the pin when we take the photo. I actually asked for a canvassed jacket. Is that not how a canvassed jacket supposed to look at? if so then I should have a talk with the tailor. It's made in Indonesia and the tailor is a man. He did put quite a lot of padding in it. When I asked him about it (since I want little to no padding) he told me that the padding is temporary. 
Hello gentlemen   I just have my first fitting for my first suit today. Here's some pic   Some of the point that has been discussed: Jacket needs to be longer, maybe by 1" Open quarter Higher gorge Narrower shoulder (or maybe not? I'm not sure) Less shoulder padding. I looked like rugby player! I think it's still a bit of a mess, especially the back and the arm but I'm not sure what to tell the tailor to fix it (fuller upper arm perhaps?). The next...
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