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Winner. In reality it will never, ever happen.It was clearly the best proposal among the bunch. The other firms seem to have completely missed the boat on being able to combine design and development feasibility.
Was just there on saturday, he didn't mention closing shop. Just took in three pairs of my pants...
The road is a much deeper father-son story for me.Beasts of the Southern Wild was a story more about culture than about the father-daughter relationship. Some of the scenes between the two were hard to watch, but made less so by the deep connection to culture that was established in the first 10 minutes. I think that was the most powerful element in the movie. The characters had an ability to transform behavior our society deems dysfunctional, into something that is...
Invite please!
Getting a MUP now while living/working in NYC. Being a planner can be as awesome or shitty as you make it out to be. Also, I think Ms. Burden might be your perfect woman.
Just sold a level 30ish legendary helm for $5!
8517 + 20 = 8537
8021 +15 = 8036
Also, you can teleport to leoric's manor and go back through the house to the front, 2-3 champs guaranteed within 3 minutes.
7715 + 20 = 7735
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