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34 waist
Should be 8 inches based on website and my previous pair.$30-40 extra at the tailor
Previous pair were 8 inches across or 16 inche taper and these new ones were over 9 inches across
Let us know the leg circumference vs what is expected on the fit. My mid grey fresca wool pants were 2 inches wider than they should have been
My mistake. I read your post as having bought the tobacco colored sportcoat. Anyone else have this?Navy does match everyone well but that that gets boring.
I guess you could state both. Measurements on-line match an older pair. Newer pairs seem to be the anomolay. Perhaps one of his suppliers got the pattern wrong. Considering the measurements on-line are hardly excessively slim I have to doubt he purposefully changed these
I'd like to know because the price with an extra $50 for tailoring is not a good value for me
So it seems it is a variation between models and not a change in the patternIs the newer Italian pants less slim? The old was way too tight in the seat and low rise for meToo bad the tweed I got in the American pattern the first time were perfect
I am sure that is true but I measured the leg opening todayOld tweeds 16.5New frescas 18This seems a less slim version
Tobacco linen looks really nice. Seeing it in person how do you think it matches someone with an dark olive complexion?Wish it was offered as a suit. I'd like the option to wear it as a suit and separates
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