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Staying near King's Cross train station in London for two nights on business   Any recommendations for the following:   Clothing shop in the style and mid tier price range of American shop Epaulet if you are familiar.   If not I wear business casual to work and like nice stuff   Historic pub where I can go alone and eat and drink either traditional or updated British food   I am also thinking about buying a pair of C&J shoes but am not sure if this is a good value...
I am drinking a lot of bourbon and American Rye these days.   Noah's Mill tonight.   Also High West is a favorite.
Anyone familiar with the Linton jacket (not waxed) I'm not interested in waxed jackets but wonder if this is a good value at $350?
Nailed the fit on my first pair but not sure about the fabric. It states 100% premium cotton but the sheen and feel make me think of cheap worsted wool pants with a little lycra or maybe non wrinkle treated cotton? Or maybe I am just not used to cotton woven like this but rather rougher twill? Here is the fabric I am still intrigued by the great fit but not sure I would order again without a fabric sample
I have a nice pair of RL made by crocket and jones wingtips that I want to resole with dainite sole.  Would you trust the local cobber to take this on? 
Does Luxire have any recommended flannels or better even tweeds that are relatively light weight? I love the look of fall/winter pants but it is temperate where I live and with indoor heating I just don't need more very warm pants. Is it faux tweed?
yes, the price is just so good!  Alden boots I am looking at are like $580 USD I do think now they would fit as the shape on the upper would be a little different allowing for normal socks to be comfortable.  In terms of the shape I am just not sure so might have to pass.  It seems like a dress boot shape with very casual elements. 
Thanks.  I am trying to envision this as MTO means no returns of course.  The toe box fits fine bt snug on the sies but the shape and looks of the closed lace shoes seems a bit dainty in a way to envision casual boots.  They actually fit me almost perfectly as dress shoes.  I don't think sizing up makes sense as I have enough room to the front of the shoe.  I've tried on the closed lace shoes with normal socks and honestly it is not possible to tell how this translates to...
Does anyone have experience with casual boots in the Hiro last?   These boots looks great but I am worried about the last which seems to narrow for the style   When I look at my closed lace shoes on the Hiro last although they fit it is hard to imagine this on a rugged boot.  Would the shape be somewhat different in a boot?
I though you were replying to my question. I'm not advising you get a 9.5 although that may well be your size actually
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