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 We can order canvas through Harrisons too?
 That's one way to go about it! Good thinking, care to share with us what did Kirby and his team reply?
Would like to seek some help from the experts here, need some help on my first suit. so many lines everywhere....  
 Still waiting on mine too, anyone got any thing yet?
Thank you for your advice dlind and PCK1. ​I will have a read and give it a try if i'm feeling risky..  
  Struggling a little with these suede shoes.. I've been brushing them regularly but a big turnoff is that the suede is starting to get 'hairy'? I'm not sure how to deal with this and tried steaming the shoe today.   Really want to get myself a pair of suede chukkas but do all suede shoes get hairy?
Singapore has a lot to learn from the Italians.... There are never enough excuses to be dress up, but never an excuse to be under dressed.     WIWY
NWOT. Some sleeve length alterations but otherwise Mint condition! Linen cloth, with beautiful lining 50% viscose 50% acetate. Ted Size 2: Small W/ lapel pin and will include PS     Jacket: chest 48" waist 44.5" shoulder 42.5" jacket length 45" sleeve 62"
 Would you be able to recommend something for a grey odd jacket in a summer weight? 8ozs and below..
        still trying to understand the difference between jacketing fabric versus suiting.. would any of the above make up good for an odd piece?
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