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 I believe it would be reverse suede, since it starts at their LM pricing. I would have to ask about that and if options are available.
It doesn't have the inner lining of the shoe, so there is less structure. So on the heel/back part it would only be 1 layer of suede instead of suede then a structure layer (someone correct me if I describing it incorrectly).
There seems to be a few group MTOs going, but I would like to ask if anyone is interested in a group MTO Suede Unlined Chukka.   Sandro has told me they are able to make a pair of chukka unlined on the back/heel part (so half unlined?)   Something similar to Alden or Crockett and Jones unlined chukka. Charcoal Suede Two Eyelets Sky/Storm Welt Rubber Soles (Grey Color if possible) Hiro Last
I just received back my snuff suede austerity brogue. Sandro has been very helpful is resolving my issue with the shoes (Left shoe had squeaking heels and right shoe had some problems with some of the leather kinda indented near the ball in which was causing a slight discomfort with walking.) Meet with Pepe at the their trunk show in November and he told me he would take the shoes back to the factory to have them re-lasted.   I also requested the shoes to be re-lasted to...
This is actually the first time the shoe creased like this for me on the right shoe which was what made me think the shoe wasa little too big. My other shoes all crease the same on both the left and right shoes, perpendicular to the shoe instead of the weird swerve up to the near toe cap on the right shoe.   If they have a trunk show at New York in November, I'll try the sizes again.
I read about people ironing leather shoes by filling the shoes, then put a damp cloth on top of the creased area and slowly run an iron over it to try to smooth out the creases. Haven't tried, but was going to if the creasing on the right shoe kept pressing onto my big toe.    See people do it on their Jordan sneakers (not calf leather), so I thought it was worth a shot on dress shoes.
Thanks, I'll stay with 6.5UK for the olfe last. I think I'll size down on hiro last for future purchases for a slightly snugger fit. I actually have a high instep, I can fit into a 6UK but with a semi-big V lacing. Was about to iron the shoes to try it un-crease it and re-crease it the way I want, so that it would not press onto my big toe near the knuckle area for the right shoe, but now it seems pretty comfortable while walking with no discomfort.
I've worn these about two times. The fit is slightly loose around the forefoot. The left shoe creases pretty well and I don't feel any discomfort, but the right one creases a little weird and was actually digging into my big toe.   Here is a picture of how they crease when flexed. Right shoe has a bit of heel lift when I walk (Is this what they call heel slippage?)   I put them on before and walked around a bit and it wasn't digging into my toe anymore, so it's...
I think they only mark down the value if it's for an exchange otherwise they put down full price. At least that's what happened to me. Full price on original order, FedEx billed me for about $30 on a 400 EUR order. Exchanges were marked down to about 20 EUR.
 My only guess is that your return package that you sent back to Meermin for an exchange is still being held at customs. Like you I sent back the shoes I ordered for an exchange. I'm not sure all the carries use the same customs office, but I used USPS to ship the shoes back instead of Fedex, since Fedex is almost $150+ to ship to Spain for some reason while USPS cost me $54. After it arrived in Spain it's retained at the Customs office. Been there since Sep 4 for me and...
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