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Hello!   Could you help me identify this button material?   If it's kind of plastic I will consider replacing them. What button color will be good for this blue suit (I believe color is brighter than in the photo) with brown shoes, white shirt and (probably) silver tie?   Are there some rules about button colors?
  Umm? Is it for me? Several gentlemen just told me that most appropriate colors for winter wedding are mid-gray and blue 
  Ok, thanks. Blue then :)
  Excellent :)
  I see it as more of a holiday really :) Celebrating our feelings and now written down unity (sorry for my English I suppose). From that point of view it should be approached more with joy than with seriousness.   But I really appreciate your feedback anyway. I will consider more formal colors very seriously. Maybe I should think about how it will look in photo album few decades later.
  Sounds nice, thanks! Like that color ?
    Mid-grey and blue are just so serious... I suppose you wouldn't recommend light blue too?
What would you say about this hue ?
  Well, I just not sure if it is wise to own two suits (for example) given that I wear them on very rare occasions. Also light colors seems more festive for me.   Anyway, I will be glad to hear your suggestions!
    Why not? Anyway you have to have a winter clothing like coat when going outdoor. Sincerely can't understand what is the difference between time of a year when you are indoor   Also I'm going to use it at any time I need it during a year.   Am I saying something disastrous?
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