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+1 - my experience exactly
Thanks, I have had a chat with him and was hoping to get a review from someone who has ordered in the past.FWIW, his 'MTM' is bespoke by most standards - a paper pattern is cut and the suit is tailored by a dedicated team of 3-4 people. He only refers to it as MTM as there's a decent amount of machine-work in the finishing.
A-Man is my tailor here and I highly recommend them.
Saxony is a carded flannel that is great for sportcoats and does not come across as 'suity'
Is his brother still traveling with Edwin?
Ha, ok. Though that doesn't answer my Q on the missing Inis rollneck?
Very nice
Wow - it's nice of you guys to allow that, but it's a bit of a d-bag move.
I've read Dopey's review from a few years ago, and I'm curious if anyone has used them more recently. Thinking of using them on a sportcoat - Paul Winston is great fun to talk to, and his ties are amazing. Wondering if the Chipp bespoke magic from the JFK days is still around.
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