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So true. As much as I love the G-Wagon, it's an absolute pain to actually drive.
Love the RR, but the G would be my choice by a country mile!
Speaking of underrated manufactures! Love Grand Seiko, and their 62GS models from Basel '15 are stunning.
Love JLC, and would happily blow past the $15K barrier for pieces like the Reverso 1931 Center Seconds or the Duometre Lunaire. The best value, high-end manufacture.
I would go with the classic configuration:Coat: Peak-lapels with belly, besom pockets, no vents, grosgrain facings (cloth should be a 10-11oz. black or midnight blue in a wool / mohair mix)Vest: Low-cut single or double-breasted, preferably a horseshoeTrousers: Single-forward pleats, grosgrain stripes, no cuffs, cut to wear with braces
2-3x if I'm lucky. Despite that modest usage, I've never regretted the fact that I went bespoke on the tux.
Their Villeret pieces certainly incorporate the Minerva heritage, but the MB branding may be off-putting to some collectors. The Villerets are expensive but still very well priced given the quality of the pieces.
Horses for courses I guess. The whole 'movement too small for the case' thing is often used as a blanket reason to denigrate a watch. I like to evaluate pieces on a one-off basis, and I frankly believe the MB perp still looks quite smart.Never quite understood the TWAT focus on resale value. It has never figured into my thinking as I don't trade watches like baseball cards. I buy selectively and keep what I buy, but perhaps that's unusual in this hobby.
While I broadly agree, I do appreciate their willingness to upend the somewhat ridiculous pricing structure of their Swiss brethren. A perp calendar for $12K (with an in-house movement) is to be applauded.Their Villeret pieces, especially the Pulsograph and the enamel Chrono, are very very very nice
Queueing angry, long-winded response from Foo...
New Posts  All Forums: