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Not yet - headed to London in mid-Jan and will give it to Terry Haste then. Thinking crescent pockets on this one!
The grey is killer - I missed the initial call as well, but eventually scooped it up on the secondary market.
I'm in the same boat - order placed in July and it's nowhere to be seen.
Glennie x Rubinacci collab?Glennacci...
Field is widely considered to be the best tailor in DC.
I don't know why you keep on arguing with Foo. He has been crystal clear on the point that Mariano's role cannot be defined by mere mortals, and he is very much a gestalt entity encompassing a tailor, stylist, hunter, gatherer, kung-fu master, and all-round mensch
I wish Luca would weigh in (via Instagram).
Apart from iGents who have planned their purchased months in advance, most bespoke customers I've noticed typically walk in with the intention to buy a conservative business suit, or a nice tweed sportcoat, and that's it. It's up to the tailor / stylist to guide them to good choices from there. I've accompanied 3-4 friends to their appointments over the past few years, and every single one of them has simply a broad idea of what he'd like to order, and asks the tailor and...
Harrison's overcoating book has a choc brown herringbone that is quite nice
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