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For sale is a gift card for $195.98 that can be used at either Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman (including their respective websites). Selling at a $25+ discount - $170 incl. CONUS shipping.
Very interesting, Andrew. I quite like the T-Bag. Could you pls share the pricing.
I think he was asking about a tweed. I would look at Lovat's Kirkton range.
Thanks, Bengal - appreciate the help.darkoak - I sent shoes for repairs to EG several years ago, and was never charged VAT. Perhaps the policy has changed, but that's the only data point I have.
Thanks, Bengal. As most tailors just take half down, as a follow-up - 1. If I put down 1,200 gbp (1,000 gbp + 200 gbp VAT) down for the deposit in Jan 2014 2. And pay the remaining 1,200 gbp when I pick up the suit in August 2014 Won't HM Customs only refund the second 200 gbp, as the first bill has expired? When I walk out of the country with the goods in August, the only valid current invoice I'll have is for the second 1,200 gbp. Apologies if I'm being obtuse here.
I intend to try a new London tailor next month (one who doesn't visit the U.S.). As the tailor will require a deposit, with the balance due when the suit is completed, I'm wondering how the VAT refund works in such an instance. There is a three-month expiration on refunds, but I won't have any goods to show customs when I leave the first time round (despite having paid a deposit incl. VAT). Is there an exception for deposits, with the cumulative bill shown when the...
Wow - you just dropped your mike and walked off the stage with that one. Well done!
You can't possibly be serious - he is posting a fairly extensive series of videos. SF members are often like little kids who have stuffed themselves silly with cake, yet still shout, "MOAR!!"
Thanks both. This is very helpful.
"I have a passion for the shear business aspect and for running a business" Great pun.
New Posts  All Forums: