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Exactly. I enjoy NMWA as much as the next guy, but every time I click on this thread, you seem to be going nuts on something on the other. It's just clothes, dude.Getting this back on track, I picked up some Drake's squares for a bit more than $60 apiece, which is a great deal. Tempted to get some more before Greg pulls the plug on this.
Seriously, dude - you need to calm down a little.
FWIW, I go up a full size on the U last. They certainly don't fit the same.
^ Yup, I don't really think of PS being all that preppy.
I disagree.Any shoe can be stretched out by a half-decent cobbler by half a size. The alternative, getting a shoe too big, involves wearing chunky woolen socks in mid-July!If you're an 11US on Edward Green, go for the 44.5 as ET suggested.
Nice fabric. Which one is that?
They haven't. Their MTM business remains at full price (they're relocating to a smaller Manhattan location next year, so the program isn't being disbanded).
I agree with others - Gianni's thread is hardly an informmercial, and I enjoy reading about these makers. Keep at it, Gianni!
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