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Only on SF would a member who has purchased hundreds of shoes (and openly bragged about how he still hasn't opened several pairs bought), used tailors ranging from Solito to Raphael to Shattuck to Despos, accuse another of profligacy!
The Rake's owner, Wei Koh, in his Cifonelli bespoke suit. Looks like a mess.
^ That is obviously a fake.
Price includes CONUS shipping. The Carlo Franco and Ray Albar (aka 'Four In Hand') ties have been won only once and then stored. Others have been worn no more than 2-3 times. Carlo Franco Seven Fold - Purple / Aubergine with L. Blue Stars - $70-->$65--> Now $55 (originally $155) Ray Albar Seven Fold - Off White w/ Blue Flowers - $65-->$58--> Now $45 (originally $135 - these Macclesfield prints are made to the same quality as Marinella or Cappelli)...
Oh, gotcha - I don't feel so bad now.
Yup, but not at 30% off!It is beautiful though, and I'll probably bite the bullet at some point.
I really like that tan Calabrese bag - wish I had picked that up at the sale!
Double button BDs look very naff imo.
So no-one from SF headed to Formosa?
I think this is a bit of a straw man, and you know it. No one has ever claimed that other tailors have a 100% satisfaction rate, but that other tailors treat their clients with respect, not contempt (“nano head”), respond promptly to emails / inquiries, deliver as promised, and don’t simply jettison their existing clients for higher-paying ones in warmer climes.FWIW, Ambrosi did deliver my pants but took waaaaayyyyy longer than promised (10-12 months!), with unnecessary...
New Posts  All Forums: