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Its not a bad look, but that does look like an orphaned suit jacket. Brown buttons would help. Patch pockets would help even further.
I have no idea to what you refer to as the 'cool kids table'. Simply pointing out the incongruity of your post.
I thought his thing was bunny rabbits and long, obtuse essays?
Carl's shirt = Big shotLuxire's shirt = Salary slave who was probably once an extra on Night at the RoxburyRight. Makes perfect sense.
I'm not defending the Luxire client's choice, but Carl's ugly shirt gets a hearty "bravo!", while the Luxire is disparaged?
In talks with them? Are you having a summit?
Is the dogtooth flannel on the far right the same as the flannel that is third from the bottom on the link below? http://foxflannel.com/tailoringbunches.php
Yeah, totally bro. Why have cuffs at all - short-sleeve is the way to go
New Posts  All Forums: