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I like Greg, and am certain that I'll love his store. But, how does this type of additional exposure by members who have biz dealings w/ Greg not come across as a real conflict-of-interest? I know the above will get more than a few stones thrown my way, and I'm ok with that. I'm sure unbel and Greg and other SF-mods are all good dudes, but if you're going to provide special exposure to one paying-affiliate, what about the others?
I love how you're so impressed with your own sale. WOW!!
For sale is 3.5m of a beautiful 25oz. French Navy Overcoating from Fox Bros. Retail price is $380 incl. shipping form the UK, but I'm selling for half that. Price includes CONUS shipping.
Yes, annoying. He should at least put in a spoiler.
Greg, Any waxed jackets on offer? I have a couple of Barbours that I love, but would love to try out something new for the Fall.
Models were penned by hand on graph paper, copies with fancy borders were made, and inserted in the pitch books.Even one small error was absolutely painful to correct. The upside was that your MD couldn't get you to run 20 asinine cases.
Oh right, saying commonly used finance terms makes one a douche. And, lest the kids forget, all people who work on Wall Street are evil!
Why? IB I can sorta get, but PE and M&A (especially) are very common acronyms, that even regular business magazines often use.
The tweed.Gustav - very nice.
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