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FWIW, I go up a full size on the U last. They certainly don't fit the same.
^ Yup, I don't really think of PS being all that preppy.
I disagree.Any shoe can be stretched out by a half-decent cobbler by half a size. The alternative, getting a shoe too big, involves wearing chunky woolen socks in mid-July!If you're an 11US on Edward Green, go for the 44.5 as ET suggested.
Nice fabric. Which one is that?
They haven't. Their MTM business remains at full price (they're relocating to a smaller Manhattan location next year, so the program isn't being disbanded).
I agree with others - Gianni's thread is hardly an informmercial, and I enjoy reading about these makers. Keep at it, Gianni!
I am astonished that ‘bespoke’ suits sold from the back of a truck didn’t turn out well!!
A poor way to think about things imo. Given the paucity of well-fitting suits these days, 'real' people are easily impressed with anything slim-fitting with a nipped waist. One would expect members of this forum to be more exacting.The above isn't directed at Kai (he has enough experience to understand what he's buying, and the attendant pros / cons), but rather at this somewhat disingenuous notion offered by many when they're unhappy that members haven't gone gaga over...
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