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Yup, I agree. Pretty on the mannequins though.
A Polish tailor named Zaremba. He has quite a nice Tumblr.
Can someone pls id this - Moonbeam? Lamlana?
Already been discussed here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/369118/maftei-bespoke-shoes-nyc-visit-january-2014/0_100
Btw, anyone know what's up with the Butt of Lewis shop? They've been closed for quite a few months now.
I remember that Raph never liked Breanish either - he said it was like a jersey fabric, and unsuitable for custom clothing. Ditto Despos. Maybe Breanish is just one of those famous-on-the-interwebs thingys.
Cacciopoli - 12oz. flannel
Exactly. I enjoy NMWA as much as the next guy, but every time I click on this thread, you seem to be going nuts on something on the other. It's just clothes, dude.Getting this back on track, I picked up some Drake's squares for a bit more than $60 apiece, which is a great deal. Tempted to get some more before Greg pulls the plug on this.
Seriously, dude - you need to calm down a little.
FWIW, I go up a full size on the U last. They certainly don't fit the same.
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