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They're backed by the Li & Fung group - the same guys who just bought out Kilgour, Hardy Amies, Gieves, etc.
Ha - I like several of these! Great value on the grenadines and Shetlands.
^ Andrey - which London shirtmaker do you use?
I own both Madova and CJ gloves - the quality of CJ is well beyond Madova (which are quite mediocre imo).
Yup, Gieves bespoke I think.
Luxire, How much would you charge for a CMT order for a shirt jacket made from a tweed that I would supply myself? Also, I intend to mail an existing garment to copy - would that be ok? Thanks, GC
Frankly, it's a look that doesn't work well for me and, I suspect, most other men. I can imagine if you're quite tall and lean, a 3-bt could be a decent look. The prerequisites to a successful 3-bt. would be quite a bit of roll to the lapels, a definitive waist line, with somewhat open quarters.
Yup, I agree. Pretty on the mannequins though.
A Polish tailor named Zaremba. He has quite a nice Tumblr.
Can someone pls id this - Moonbeam? Lamlana?
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