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Not sure how shots of a pinned suit on a dummy contributes much to the discussion.
Interesting - did not know that,.
Said it before and will say it again: I have Ambrosi's and I have Ercole's. The Ercole's are better.
My understanding, as a long-time bespoke customer who has patronised quite a few SR tailors, is that ET is right and you are mistaken. To share but one example, when Mahon cut at Anderson, and was a partner at Steed, he did not travel to the U.S. to meet customers he routinely cut for (invalidating your claim that the vaunted 'rock of eye' requires a more involved fitting process with the original cutter.) And as Eustace has correctly noted, all the other big SR tailors...
If you like that style, you may also want to check out the Chelsea Polarquilt, which is similar and, imo, nicer.
10-11oz, and 13-14oz. Website has the limited selection that's available to the public.
Order flannel of comparable quality direct from Fox for 60% of the Minnis price.
Not understated. Not classy. Still a Hublot.
I have a sportcoat in that W. Alsport - great stuff!
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