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Agnelli PoW
^ Nice, Greg
I like the stuff, but would prefer if the peaks on the DB were tempered a bit. Thanks for the updates, Gianni.
I like it. But it's an Ulster and not a Polo. Norpoke is the OPs username.
Greg, When do you expect to put the gloves up on the site? Thanks - Gramm
I don't think Frank charges extra for a button fly. Also, how do lapped seams work on trousers?
Very cool. All from Steed?
Thanks, Fred - here is the sizing info which I have found to be pretty accurate:http://www.chesterjefferies.co.uk/Scripts/fitting.asp
Thanks - I need an 8
For sale is a pair of Chester Jefferies Carpincho (“Buffed Hogskin”) gloves in a size 8.5 (Medium Brown color). The gloves are lined in white rabbit fur, which is insanely soft and comfortable. The gloves are brand new. I have only worn them once for 3-4 hours before determining that I goofed on the size. Paid 117 gbp ($192) for these incl. shipping – offering now for $135 incl. CONUS shipping.
New Posts  All Forums: