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That is not a sportcoating. Get a simple SB suit.
Good order. Can you please share the pricing on the 2 overcoats?Also, has Frank raised is CMT price as well?
News flash: $30 button downs don't make you look 'sharp', no matter how much you starch'em.
Huddersfield Cloth is Dugdales / Fisher. They are top notch.
Have you gone through the initiation ceremony?
Nice - would love to see how it turns out.
I love how this thread has now done an abrupt u-turn, and people are earnestly praising the trousers and asking for his travel details. Its almost like the dozens of posts lambasting his service / attitude have slipped into the ether.
What happened? I've been in there a few times to browse the Barbours and have always been treated well.
Andrey: I thought you liked Budd?
Note that this will be the last and final price drop
New Posts  All Forums: