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Marinella for Bergdorf Goodman. These retail for over $200 at the NY store. Each tie has been worn only once. Each tie is $75-->$69, or buy both for $140-->$125. Price includes CONUS shipping. Please do not pm me w/ any offers below the asking price.
Go with a 43.5 in Vass F
Hopefully this'll translate into a Formosa bespoke trunk show in the future!
The brown / orange is the nicest scarf of the lot.
Self explanatory. Price includes CONUS shipping.
When will the new Panta scarves and ties be available for sale?
Have ordered the following in the past -Ties = Nice patterns, but waayyy too slim for CBD wearSquares = Too brightSocks = Excellent! Bresciani in great patterns at amazingly low pricesScarves = Very nice. Specially the printed silks they have on hand during the winterWallet - Nice, as expected. Bit of a weird size though
The vast majority of the time, yes. But black knits with a square end look better for a summer look when paired with linen or cotton suits.
I have plodded through every one of your whiny comments on this thread. As per your own admission, you have had no involvement with the business, but now, all of a sudden, you feel grief, disappointment, and disgust at the way a sale has happened. Huh? - what am I missing here?When your young children, sitting on your knee, ask the inevitable follow-up question, "But, Daddy - what did you do to stop these bastards from stealing our company?" - you can proudly reply, "I...
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