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I have used both Solbiati and W. Bill, and been happy w/ both.
Very nice, Slew.
While I agree with Slew that simply copying someone else's designs is wrong (and I am certainly opposed to emailing Lovat an existing LL reproduction and asking them to just copy that at a lower cost), it's worth nothing that the majority of LL cloths are simply reissues of existing Lovat designs that sell for 35 gbp / meter. A friend visited the Lovat mill and sent me pics of several of their stock cloths. Lo and behold, the much vaunted LL Agnelli tweed, first issued in...
As always, ignore GBR for the sake of your own sanity.Mr. Guy is a well known streetwear brand w/ limited distribution. Typically hard to find stateside. If you like the item, and it's from a well-rated seller allowing returns, go for it. You prob won't run into it again.
Marblehouse has some great Loro Piana chinos for sale (well below retail). If they were my size, I'd snap'em up in a heartbeat. http://www.styleforum.net/t/371444/loro-piana-pants-5-pocket-jeans-us-30-40/0_100
For sale is a gift card for $150 that can be used at either Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman (including their respective websites). Selling at a $25 discount - $125 incl. CONUS shipping
Great fabric - can you pls id the mill / merchant?
Agnelli PoW
^ Nice, Greg
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