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Why do you ask? Has the quality dipped?
^ Your math is incorrect. What Will refers to as a 'half-meter' corresponds to the 90cm width (as opposed to the standard 150cm). You need only 3m for a shirt, unless you're unusually large - that equates to $147. Not cheap, but certainly not as astronomical as your calc.
Set up a partnership with some competent, but not that well-known and reasonably priced, Neapolitan bespoke tailors and shirtmakers - act as their U.S. agent, organize regular trunk shows in NYC (2-3x / yr) and mark-up their Neapolitan prices by 20-30%, keeping the profit for yourself. Your role will essentially be confined to organizing the visits, acting as the American intermediary, and ensuring that the makers supply finished goods in a timely fashion.
What I found absolutely hilarious / absurd was that in the last Ambrosi thread, despite the pages upon pages of complaints, there were several posters still inquiring about Ambrosi's contact details, and implicitly blaming problems on overly exacting SF'ers.You know what they say about suckers and minutes.
They're backed by the Li & Fung group - the same guys who just bought out Kilgour, Hardy Amies, Gieves, etc.
Ha - I like several of these! Great value on the grenadines and Shetlands.
^ Andrey - which London shirtmaker do you use?
I own both Madova and CJ gloves - the quality of CJ is well beyond Madova (which are quite mediocre imo).
Yup, Gieves bespoke I think.
Luxire, How much would you charge for a CMT order for a shirt jacket made from a tweed that I would supply myself? Also, I intend to mail an existing garment to copy - would that be ok? Thanks, GC
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