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Oh, gotcha - I don't feel so bad now.
Yup, but not at 30% off!It is beautiful though, and I'll probably bite the bullet at some point.
I really like that tan Calabrese bag - wish I had picked that up at the sale!
Double button BDs look very naff imo.
So no-one from SF headed to Formosa?
I think this is a bit of a straw man, and you know it. No one has ever claimed that other tailors have a 100% satisfaction rate, but that other tailors treat their clients with respect, not contempt (“nano head”), respond promptly to emails / inquiries, deliver as promised, and don’t simply jettison their existing clients for higher-paying ones in warmer climes.FWIW, Ambrosi did deliver my pants but took waaaaayyyyy longer than promised (10-12 months!), with unnecessary...
Wanted to be there but sadly stuck in Asia
Anyone have an opinion on Kamikaze Attack? They have a straight-fit that I like, but I've never heard of the brand before.
Why do you ask? Has the quality dipped?
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