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Marling & Evans and Del Fino both have a similar flannel in stock.
Thanks, unbel!
What's up with ASW? Has been offline for several days now.
Ahh, gotcha. What is the price per meter?
5 meters?? Are you getting a three-piece with a deerstalker made out of that?
I heard Solito complained to one of his local Italian customers that his U.S. clients were an absolute pain. He came in under the impression that a bunch of hick Americans would give him $$$ for suits that he could straight-finish and deliver w/o any fittings. Essentially, a nice money-making opportunity on the side as he enjoyed an American holiday.
Well-regarded Neapolitan tailor Solito (more specifically, Luigi Solito, the son and apparent heir) showed up in NYC with trousermaker-extraordinaire, Salvatore Ambrosi, took a bunch of bespoke orders with the promise of follow-on visits for fittings and the like, and then simply disappeared. Those who could contact him were always promised a forthcoming visit, but those materialized very infrequently (I think only 2 since his initial visit in 2008). Ambrosi was a bit...
Nice stuff at the trunkshow, Greg. I was very tempted by the navy Mackintosh.
Sator was an (in)famous SF member, who advocated (very) heavy cloths for every conceivable occasion. He claimed to wear 16oz. suitings to the beach, and purported that heavier cloths were actually more cooling.Legend.
I don't wear the coat in my office, and I never feel much on my legs.
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