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We noticed by the presentation of your shirts in the previous post
Frankly, the suit doesn't look good to my eye. The obvious caveat is that it's just a basted fitting, so perhaps it'll evolve nicely by the next stage. Please keep us updated.
2 mts as per the original post.
Hmm, I suspect you could still get one made-to-measure quickly. Same for the shirt. As for the shoes, I would recommend something just a bit more formal. I think the pair you've picked would be a bit incongruous with formal clothing. And, congratulations!
Looks great. I have a RAF PoW on the way!
About $1,600 I think.
Only 57 posts to your name. Hmmm - I wonder if you are a competitor to Larusmiani!
It's a nice cloth, but sadly, 3 yards is not enough for a full-length OC.
I do hope they convince WW Chan to offer fittings via the Tribeca location. I've always been intrigued by Chan but cannot abide by their 'no-fittings U.S. Tour' model.
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