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Jon Deboise of Castle Tailors looks to be quite good.
^ Thanks for the note. I was very keen to try them as well, but balked at the infrequency of their visits. From what I've seen, their shirts look very nice.
The alternatives to Ercole include all the SR and Italian guys who regularly travel to NYC. So, if you're actually looking for a fair comparison that you should include them as well.Regardless, there are quite a few Raphael pics on the forum, as well Corvato pics on FNB and multiple Logsdail pics on all the different blogs and, most notably, on Bruce Boyer. When you're dealing with such a small universe of tailors (~5 top-flight tailors in NY, all of whom are much more...
This thread has veered of its original topic limiting itself to "NY tailors", so simply do a search and you'll see dozens upon dozens of examples of Ercole's higher-priced cohorts (most of whom visit NY regularly). Is your gripe simply that someone is forcing you to use the search function?
So you haven't seen any pics on this forum of Steed (Vox, Slewfoot), Anderson (Manton, whnay, RSS), Rubi (the usual suspects), Solito (Manton), Mina / NSM (several), Raphael (several) etc. etc.? Not to mention the easily available pics of other continental tailors available on Suitorial, Parisian Gentlemen, Permanent Style, etc.? There's no point in being disingenious by implying that none of those tailors have been on display.I agree with your point that those tailors...
4x1 is a better look:
He does a pretty decent job with fit (back balance is sometimes off, but he does work to correct it), but his styling is fairly bland and unprepossessive. The styling of the top NY and SR tailors is much more attractive.That being said, I think Ercole is fantastic value for money (possibly the best in NYC). He is priced relative to high-end MTM , and offers a much superior garment for the price. I continue to use him for trousers, overcoats, and anything else with long...
^ I'm a fan of Ercole, and have recommended him to quite a few people, on and off SF. But he is not comparable to NY tailors like Raphael or Corvato. There's a reason why he is half their price.
When you're wearing that tux, I don't think anyone will really care if you're wearing either ivory or dark brown shoes.
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