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+1 - I am in need of one as well, and don't have time to go bespoke. Some pics would be great.
How in the world has 21oz. cloth not worked out for you? I'm guessing your expectations may possibly be a bit unrealistic. LK is right in saying that Mohair hangs well for a summer / spring weight cloth. But it, in no way, should equal or surpass the performance of a 21oz. worsted. As I said, perhaps it's time to recalibrate your expectations.
It's like each is uglier than the previous one.
Get it made. Disregard the internet brouhaha - it's good stuff and performs well.
Marinella for Bergdorf Goodman. These retail for over $200 at the NY store. Each tie has been worn only once. Each tie is $75-->$69, or buy both for $140-->$125. Price includes CONUS shipping. Please do not pm me w/ any offers below the asking price.
Go with a 43.5 in Vass F
Hopefully this'll translate into a Formosa bespoke trunk show in the future!
The brown / orange is the nicest scarf of the lot.
Self explanatory. Price includes CONUS shipping.
When will the new Panta scarves and ties be available for sale?
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