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They haven't. Their MTM business remains at full price (they're relocating to a smaller Manhattan location next year, so the program isn't being disbanded).
I agree with others - Gianni's thread is hardly an informmercial, and I enjoy reading about these makers. Keep at it, Gianni!
I am astonished that ‘bespoke’ suits sold from the back of a truck didn’t turn out well!!
A poor way to think about things imo. Given the paucity of well-fitting suits these days, 'real' people are easily impressed with anything slim-fitting with a nipped waist. One would expect members of this forum to be more exacting.The above isn't directed at Kai (he has enough experience to understand what he's buying, and the attendant pros / cons), but rather at this somewhat disingenuous notion offered by many when they're unhappy that members haven't gone gaga over...
Fair enough.As an aside, as others have mentioned, I would urge you to have them rework the collar, and also shorten the length of each of your coats.
It's just the style of the day to have things unlined, to show off the internal construction and the visual impact of colorful, taped seams. I agree that it makes little sense on overcoats.
Any pics of the Sweeney suits? Their more stylized approach intrigues me.
Kai - I'm curious on why you're not using a more traditional bespoke tailor any longer. I ask as your Raph suit looks infinitely better than the B&R suits (which are hit-or-miss, and, quite frankly, closer to the 'miss' end of the spectrum). I know the Raph suits are 3-4x more expensive, but maybe buy those more selectively than all the B&R stuff?
For sale is 1.8 yards (a bit more than 1.5 meters) of a 11oz. cream linen trousering from Reid & Taylor. Paid $130 for this – available for sale at $80-->$72-->$60--> NOW $48 including CONUS shipping. Please don’t email me with any offers below the asking price. Thanks, GC
This sale is insane! Stopped by yesterday and bought a leather/shearling jacket, and some pocket squares and hosiery.
New Posts  All Forums: