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I believe he's going to SF though...
Yeah, so? If your contention is simply that recurring clients are better than 'samplers', then thanks for stating the obvious.The point I was making was that every traveling tailor deals with this very issue, but they continue to travel (often increasing the frequency of their trips), thereby implying that they're still doing a good business despite the high churn.So, yes - dieworkwear may order only 3-4 coats over 2-3 years, but that doesn't mean its not worthwhile for...
Solito was hardly a 'deal' of any sort - he predated NSM, and Rubi came to town infrewuently. For Neapolitan tailoring, Solito was essentially the only game in town (save the guy who came with Scafora, who was more MTM).
You do realize this is true of most customers that deal with traveling SR tailors, right? Churn is always high, orders from old customers grow somewhat infrequent as their wardrobes expand, but that doesn't mean they haven't built a sustainable business with overall volumes increasing.
One can hope - he still has my overcoat!
Is kolecho the last pic? I'm not seeing the collapse.
^ Those shoulders look like trouble for his tailor.
Yup, exactly.
Now, I'm confused - where did I slander anyone in my Knize post?
Here’s another thing people like you don’t get – I never sh&t over Rubi in this thread – I mentioned several times that I like their cut. I pointed out the uncorrected drop right on a prominent Rubi customer, and wondered why his garments were held in such esteem on SF. Unlike people like you, I have the capacity to make critical notes of tailors that I myself use.Improve your reading comprehension.
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