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I thought that was Formosa RTW
True - leaving aside their (horrible) customer service issues, their designs are straight out of a Jos A. Bank catalog, circa 1994.
I have seen only one Camps coat in person, so take my uneducated opinion for what it's worth (I have seen several Cifo coats) - Cifo has a more assertively roped shoulder (La Cigarette as they call it), and more stylized lapels. The Camps, however, was cut leaner than the Cifo, but that could perhaps have been a customer-specific choice.All in, they were both very similar and one could easily identify them as cousins within the same tailoring family.
I think it'll be ok - just be careful with the details to ensure it doesn't come across as an orphaned suit jacket - i.e. dark brown horn buttons, three-patch, notch lapel with swelled edges etc.
^ Great post, and it's worthy of its own thread. Things can get easily lost within the mega-threads that populate this forum. To the OP - you'll be very happy with Baroman. I have used them in the past, and they're very well qualified.
Why is your last storage room kept so cold?
Ha.Foo - I imagine you didn't bother to read my post - the prices are not similar, unless you're indifferent to a 20% increase.
Two close friends use Rubi and Cifo, and I have handled numerous coats from both makers. Rubi is much, much softer than Cifo - shorter, more aggressive quarters, and a distinctly relaxed 'lounge-y' look to the garment.Cifo, on the other hand, is a bit more in the 'power' suit vein - the coat stands out and commands attention - the chest is cut quite close, the waist is nipped and the shoulders are distinctive. Cifo's finishing is, without a doubt, far superior to anything...
Joshua Ellis.If you simply like the hand of cashmere, look at a lambswool / angora blend or a wool/ cashmere blend. Both will have the requisite softness but be MUCH cheaper.
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