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Great article - thanks for posting. Never knew that Lesley & Roberts (now owned by Welsh & Jefferies) was also once considered a 'soft' tailor.
Jeff,What is the starting price for a Ring MTM sportcoat?Thanks - GC
+1 - impressive
Those are beautiful. Any more pics of the shoes in action?Also, are those in burgundy or dark brown?
L&B Spumoni Gardens is amazing!
Sorry - I don't remember. They only have a couple of lightweight jacketing books, so it should be easy to find at the tailors.
That's my pic- it's from their old Riveira book. Draper's has something very similar.
I'm guessing you need to go to HK - the NYC / LA Ascot Chang stores charge $210 for CMT.
I;m sure you've outlined this before, but could you pls summarize your various price levels by custom, bespoke etc.- thanks
Pretty sure Prince Alwaleed also wears Cifo
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