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Nice post. I really like that green knit in the first pic.
50 bucks says that medtech's is 3.75". It's nowhere close to 5".
I like the lapel width on that coat - wouldn't want anything narrower myself. Horses for courses.
David's latest post talked of the Formosa trunkshow currently underway. Any pics? I've always been quite curious of Formosa.
The CVS tape one was, but the broader point (don't wash every time if you wear an undershirt) has been, surprisingly / disgustingly, supported consistently by 40-50% of respondents across multiple threads.
What about the classic 'do you wash your dress shirt after each wear?' discussion? #CVStape
1. About the same2. No - I have a front of 1.75" (back of 2"), and do just fine w/ a single button
Draper's has a great one which is about 12 oz. I forget the exact book.
Which is correct? My understanding was calfskin, but it seems that Brooks and Gieves also offer the pumps in patent.
New Posts  All Forums: