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I'd be hesitant to go with Angora for something with such little internal structure. A Shetland or a Harris would be a better option.
Facebook friends.
Nice work on that mohair, David. Looks very good.
This + 10.agjiffy - chill, brosef.
Yup, the M&S ones are quite hairy and robust.
Nice. I assume 'chesterfield' would be inclusive of a DB overcoat w/o the velvet collar? Or is only the traditional fly-front SB possible w/ the MTM program?
The blue/grey style is all the rage over at the LL right now.
Discussion here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/362204/wsj-neapolitan-tailoring-in-japan/0_100
Well, you showed her!
You mean you don't own a tie with a big "7" on it? And a wallet chain?Liar!
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