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^ Love the shirtings - can you pls share the source?
Either is fine. I would just stop by a men's store and see which you prefer. Stay away from the fancy colored jeweled studs.
^ I would stick with link (i.e. single) cuffs - I think its a much sharper look. Either way it's a very minor point, and French cuffs are totally ok as well. The vest should ALWAYS be the same as the rest of the black tie outfit.
I have quoted this to let you know that I'm impressed. Very impressed.
more olive than green
They're all too green imo, and really not that muted.Look at this one instead (I have the same and it looks very nice):http://glenlyontweedmill.com/500_Tweeds/3508-3509.html
Halstead sells under its own brand via the Pepper Lee website.
Yup. The SR tailors have a Moxon book (burgundy-colored in silver lettering) that has a good collection of 11-13oz. midweight flannels. The guys at Davies told me it's made by LP for Moxon.
Nice wiki search - not sure why you're keen to start a pissing match here.FWIW, Moxon also has a (great) rebadged Loro Piana book that many UK tailors have. Priced similarly to cloth from Lesser etc. That is the one I was referring too.Dopey - Butt of Lewis' quality is excellent (I have two of their Harris tweeds made up) - I think JRD was referring to the scale of the operation.
You mentioned that your list indicated the 'fine cloth landscape' in the UK - I know it was not meant to be comprehensive and I was simply pointing out that you're missing both some major names and some smaller gems. I'm well aware of the size of Callum's operation. By a similar token, Lovat is a 4-man operation and Harrison's Burley sells rebadged Asian cloth. And Scabal, Dormeuil, and H&S are not British. I won't bother listing out the schedule (I literally typed that...
New Posts  All Forums: