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You mentioned that your list indicated the 'fine cloth landscape' in the UK - I know it was not meant to be comprehensive and I was simply pointing out that you're missing both some major names and some smaller gems. I'm well aware of the size of Callum's operation. By a similar token, Lovat is a 4-man operation and Harrison's Burley sells rebadged Asian cloth. And Scabal, Dormeuil, and H&S are not British. I won't bother listing out the schedule (I literally typed that...
The above is helpful, but you're missing quite a few - Johnstons, Grove & Lindley, Schofield & Smith, Glenlyon, Islay Tweed, Ardalandish, Butt of Lewis, Marling & Evans, Reid & Taylor, Hunter's of Brora, Moxon, Molloy, Magee, Halsted, Charles Clayton etc. etc. I think you've touched upon the major guys who are well-versed in dealing w/ intl. orders. Members new to the CMT world would do well to stick to Minnis, Dugdales, Harrisons and the like.
Yup, I agree that if you’re getting a pleated front formal shirt, a link cuff may look a bit incongruous. However, for a starched-bib front shirt, or even a plain fly-front, a link cuff will look smarter.FWIW, link cuffs can be made soft as well. They don’t have to be in Marcella or Pique.
A single cuffed formal shirt is called a link cuff.
IMO, link cuffs are the correct choice for black tie.
Barathea is not fuzzy at all. Most formal cloths (i.e. suitable for black tie) are baratheas.
David - can you please share the source of that beige linen?
Yup, they're studs.
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