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Barathea is not fuzzy at all. Most formal cloths (i.e. suitable for black tie) are baratheas.
David - can you please share the source of that beige linen?
Yup, they're studs.
I don't believe so, but I could be wrong (anyone else know?). Why the hesitation re: studs?If you're committed to omitting the studs, just go for a regular broadcloth shirt with a fly front. Either way, ensure that you get link cuffs and not regular french cuffs.
This is what you should aim for - single-breasted peak, low-cut U/horseshoe vest - stiff front Marcella shirt. Only change is the turndown collar.
Looks cool. Is that a Dormeuil fabric?
Is that green? Nice.
Isn't that the purpose of a public forum? So people can come along and share their experiences? Just beacuse the OP hasn't had a positive experience with a forum darling, doesn't mean his experience should be discounted off the bat.
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