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Has anyone bought the Esemplare fishtail parka? Thoughts?
I'm done, you win. Rubi's pricing is in line, or perhaps even economical, with their competition.
I know, I know. I really shouldn't have fallen into the trap. But, well, here I am.
What rubbish. You're either dense, or like to distort other people's statements to support your own flimsy stand.No one has tried comparing budget tailors in Asia to Rubi. The simple fact remains that compared to the vast majority of its cohorts in London, Italy and America, Rubinacci is on the expensive side of things. By any statistical mark, that makes his pricing an outlier.You haven't used A&S or Knize or Formosa or Caraceni, so your blithe disregard of them is...
I have never heard anyone, certainly not me, state that Rubinacci's prices are higher than all others.If Rubi is in the top 5% of 'top' tailors by price, then it is certainly an outlier. Just because a handful of other firms have similar prices, doesn't mean that they don't all deviate meaningfully from the average of 'top' tailors.
Right, my point exactly - that's Rubi - Liverano - Camps - Cifo - Huntsman - Logsdail, with the vast majority being 20-30% cheaper (Corvato, Nicolosi, Despos, etc. are all closer to $4.5-$5K). Both the Milanese and Roman Caraceni are about 4,000 euros.Unless your argument is that A&S, Caraceni, Knize, Formosa, Despos, Dege, R. Anderson etc. etc. are 'less comparable shops.' Simply put, Rubi is firmly ensconced in the 95th percentile (in terms of price). Nothing wrong with...
I've heard Rubi clients say this often, but it's just not true. Outside of the French tailors, who have always been uber-expensive, Rubi still charges a fair premium to Savile Row firms (save Huntsman) and other top Italian tailors.I don't begrudge your decision to go with them - I think they've served you very well. But they certainly are more expensive than the vast majority of other 'top tailors'.
^ Foo: no Geneva?
Grandi & Rubinelli is the pro pick. Fwiw, I like Alumo 120s.
Interesting thread - good to have honest feedback.
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