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Do you have a Persian cat?
+1Given the side seam and curved barchetta, I'm guessing Italian?
Looks nice. I would suggest you have your tailor raise the buttoning point a little, and tighten the wrap on the next coat.
I'm sure the cloth is great, but the notion of a 13oz. Super 180s woollen flannel sounds quite incongruous. Xenon - there have been dozens upon dozens of posts debating the merits of Lesser, Harrisons, Dugdale etc. etc. Moxon is a somewhat obscure and very expensive mill that, by their own admission, doesn't cater to bespoke enthusiasts in the U.S. Hardly surprising that you don't find very many responses.
Yes, you're right - I was thinking of Wain Shiell
Isn't Hield owned by Scabal?
I know some (many?) consider the DB cardigan sweater to look affected, but I quite like the look. Can someone please suggest some good options for under $150? Thanks, Gramm
To be fair to the OP, Shattuck posted a very negative review on Lesser without ever having seen the new fabrics, then recanted, and a few weeks later persisted with the negative tripe. Those who know the cloth merchants and their relationship with Shattuck are well aware of the reasons behind this. If I were you, I would take anything Shattuck says about cloth with a sackful of salt.
Rosen must be quivering in their boots - an open letter on SF!!
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