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How cute, you've seen 2-3 photographs of A&S and Mahon suits online, and now you're an expert. Yay for you!
Its fine, but very vanilla. I also think the tie and ps are far too similar. The suit fabric is not entirel;y to my liking either.
Fair enough, but I was just surprised at the considerable effort to bring a tailor whose style can largely be replicated by others who already visit your city. If you desire a Steed suit purely for wanting the Steed 'brand' and nothing else, then that is fine as well. I'm not going to pretend that my purchases are made in a more rational manner .
I'm confused on why you seem so adamant on Steed, and only Steed? Both A+S and Mahon travel to the West Coast (the younger Hitchcock may as well). I've tried both Steed and A+S, and the cuts are very very similar, despite DeBoise's (somewhat petulant) online statements on how the original A&S cut has been 'lost' at the firm.
Looks lovely, Slew.
Ed - I agree completely. But, and not to be overly pedantic, I fail to see how the initial use of an Acquisition Corp should have been indicative of the subsequent mismanagement you mention above.Pocketsquareguy - I suspect you;re right - this'll be a court-approved bankruptcy, and someone else will buy up the assets and hope to revive the company. Ed's point is important - Hickey Freeman really needs an identity if its to survive another 50 years. Being the vanilla...
No, not really. Most of these entities have an Opco-Holdco relationship, so the vast majority of acquirors buy a target via an independent "Acquisition Corp." for any tax savings via structure, basis step-up etc.Realize that this is a boring post, but just want to highlight that the Indians buying Hickey via an "Acquisition Corp," should not imply that their intent was anything shady.
Panat offers custom clothing now?
So, which one of you has the nuts to get this beautiful Fox flannel as a DB suit
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