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Anyone have an opinion on the durability of 13oz. lambswool for trousers? I'm well aware of the properties of cashmere.
Love raw silk ties. Perfect for the summer.
^ Generally a +1 to the above, but the G&Rs are very well priced for some of the higher-count stuff.
Worried about trouser durability given that lambswool is typically deemed suitable only for sportcoatings (the inclusion of cash doesn't help). Thoughts? - its 13oz., so at least its not a lightweight. Thanks, Gramm
Yup, pricey - partiularly for Dugdales.
^ Saw these - pretty tacky imo.
Fwiw, my Riva shirts have held up ok. Though admittedly I have a fairly large rotation.
The title is self-explanatory. The gloves are great, purchased direct from Madova for 63 euros about a month ago. Worn only about 5-6 times: sadly, they're just a tad too big for me. Price includes CONUS shipping.
The Molloy collection is superb, but I can't see them working as suitings. Thanks, Slew.
Why is the Scabal shetland book "old"? Is it discontinued?
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