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Sorry, another quick sizing question: I am a 11US, and a 10.5UK in Edward Green and a 10 UK in C&J 337/348. I assume 10UK in Olfe is the right call?
Ed - what is your source for that amazing Khaki Donegal tweed?Thanks,GC
BoL's Harris tweeds are 18oz.
I would spend a few hundred dollars more and go to a real custom tailor. Fwiw, that waistcoat is incorrect for black tie.
Great post - thanks
Don't worry too much about 'house style' and things like that - that's just stuff that we dweebs like to argue about - for your purposes, a suit from any top tailor will serve you well.Fwiw, I've tried a variety of tailors over the years - from the pseudo-bespoke guys you listed to top NYC and Savile Row tailors. There truly is a big big difference between Savile Row, Corvato, Logsdail etc. and a place like Michael Andrews bespoke.
Tweed is inherently a very casual, rustic fabric. Sounds like your wedding may very well fit that same thematic, but I suspect you'll be happier 5 years from now if you went w/ something more traditional.I'm not suggesting a tux, or a navy worsted, but perhaps a three-piece flannel? A further upside would be that a flannel suit would be appropriate for the office, post-wedding as well. If you're going to spend $5K, you should try and get some use out of it after the...
Maybe give Mary Frittolini (sp?) a go - she is based in Paris + Tuscany, and Alden at the LL thinks very highly of her. Closer in price to the English than to Charvet.
Give us a specific $ range for your budget, as that will drive recs. The shops you have listed are not real tailors and outsource their production to China and Portugal. I would not recommend any one of them. Also, tweed for a wedding suit is not a good choice.
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