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I assume he means that the external patch pocket is mirrored internally, much like the old tweed hunting coats made on SR. Dege has a great example in their shop.
Greg - what is the MTO price for the suede chukkas?
Nic little write-up on Maglia:
I like that fish scarf fropm Drakes.
Yup, I agree
+10. F is prob my favorite RTW last, followed closely by the EG 82.
Thanks! Will give that a go
Unfortunately, it's a fairly prominent white stain that cannot be passed as patina.
I have spilt some vinaigrette on my SAB briefcase, and cannot seem to get the stain out by the usual methods. Any suggestions on a good DIY remedy? Thanks, GC
Great article - thanks for posting. Never knew that Lesley & Roberts (now owned by Welsh & Jefferies) was also once considered a 'soft' tailor.
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