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Curious if you saw any of Jon DeBoise's stuff? I know they're traveling together on this trip.
The Polo has a wide, flat shoulder, envelope pockets and turnback cuffs and (sometimes) a half belt. It's also typically in camel hair and cut looser. The Ulster is essentialy a double-breasted chesterfield, with the sweeping / curved peak lapels, and always with a half belt. In short, they're very similar except for the cut and shoulder. Polo: Ulster:
Wow - she's that expensive?? No love for Budd, T&A, or the others? I assume you're referring to Mary Frittolini - she seems pretty well-regarded by Alden.
Who is the other? Emma Willis?
Last year, his starting price was about 270 euros
Please do not pm me with offers - the price is final. For sale is 3m of a 36" Bonfanti shirting from the 120s Capri collection - a mid-blue base with white shadow stripes. Retails for ~$95 incl. US shipping on the Bonfanti website - selling at a significant discount.
The 520 distinctly looks like a suiting blue. I would play it a bit more traditional and go for a true navy for an odd jacket,
Do you have a Persian cat?
+1Given the side seam and curved barchetta, I'm guessing Italian?
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