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Yes, they're legit. Why wouldn't a retailer want your full credit card info to complete an order?
15202. Duh
I think very highly of them. The Minerva stuff is undoubtedly excellent (enamel Pulso - drool...), but their introducton of pieces like perpetual calendars and complete calendars at very fair prices is impressive and commendable.It's time to start thinking of them as serious watchmakers.
Thanks. I assumed the loafers would fit a tad looser, but I'll go w/ your rec.
Justin - if I'm a US 11, and a 10.5UK in EG 888/82, and a 10UK in C&J 337, what size would you recommend for the Madison Loafer? I assume 9.5?
Bargaining is standard, even at high-end, watch shops in HK. Good discounts these days as well. Note that company-owned boutiques will never discount.
^ Thanks, always good to get another perspective
Any thoughts on Blancpain watches and their movements? I know the brand initially started off as a mid-end purveyor of tool watches, but under Biver and SMH has steadily moved upwards. Curious to learn other member's opinions? I believe their movements are all from the old F. Piguet workshops, implying they're of high quality.
IIRC, 3,500 GBP for a two-piece CMT.
Not true - I was in there on Thu. The MTM operation is also still up and running.
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