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Are the new Drake's squares sold out already? Not seeing them on the site, either under Squares nor Drakes.
Think it looks good.
Yup, tried that as well. Weird, as they're typically pretty responsive.
Anyone know the dates of Cifo's next visit to NYC? They don't seem to be respoding to emails..
Same experience here
Bumping this up as we're just a little shy of the goal now...
Love the PML collection!
Ha, I've been here for a long time, and been a WIS even longer. Very few current Rolex models move me - the Exp II is certainly up there, as are the new Cellini Date and GMT models.
Nice choice, forex. The Exp II is one of the few Rolex models I like.
Seriously. Given all the hubbub surrounding crazy Breanish tweeds and 22oz. jacketings from the LL, I can't imagine why a solid summer staple, in a non-traditional color, is such a hard sell.
New Posts  All Forums: