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^ That tweed is pretty great. Are the pockets flapped patch w/ 2-buttons? Never seen that style before.
If it's a staple suit, I would go lighter than a 13oz. Try Smith's Blue Riband, Lesser's 11oz., or Harrison's Frontier (which is 10oz.).
You do realize I was being sarcastic, right? I find it ugly.
Because it's unusual and generally unknown to the common suit-wearing man. The fact that #menswear icons like Barbera and Rubinacci have adopted it only further legitimizes it in the minds of the iGent.The fact that it is ugly and garish is, frankly, besides the point.
They fit like regular dress shoes / boots. You just cinch the belt tighter.
Count me in as well.
Are those boots a Meermin MTO? Look great.
It's prudent that you're choosing to meet Despos at his Dallas location (5 years from now). His shop in Chicago is in a really rough neighbourhood, and I imagine it'll be like Mogadishu come 2019.
Hmm, you feel just a single-lining of 16oz. moleskin would be a bit much? I figured the total ~30oz. weight would be comparable to a heavy melton peacoat I have.I have used silk in the past, but frankly, it didn't do much in terms of added warmth. Maybe a lighter-weight (10-11oz.) flannel?Typically, I would just ask my tailor, but my new tailors in HK doesn't have much experience with this sort of thing and have asked me to guide them.
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