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I do like the Grand Seiko SD with the snowflake dial as well, but it's certainly a different look from the Tuna,
My recent experience has been that it's incredibly difficult and frustrating to drive anything despite staying on top of them. There appears to be virtually no concept of customer service and Frank is increasingly unresponsive and somewhat arrogant in dealings. He continues to be a nice guy during in person encounters, but good luck getting him to follow through on much.It's nice to see how their business has grown over the past few years, but that growth has come at a...
Any thoughts on the Spring Drive Tuna? This is a beast, and I love it:
I would just go to the Rolex / Wempe store on 5th. Otherwise the Tourneau on Madison. I wouldn't expect much in the way of discounts. Good luck - hope you're going for the no date version!
They only finalized details a few weeks ago, and shot around an email to everyone.
Yes, they're legit. Why wouldn't a retailer want your full credit card info to complete an order?
15202. Duh
I think very highly of them. The Minerva stuff is undoubtedly excellent (enamel Pulso - drool...), but their introducton of pieces like perpetual calendars and complete calendars at very fair prices is impressive and commendable.It's time to start thinking of them as serious watchmakers.
Thanks. I assumed the loafers would fit a tad looser, but I'll go w/ your rec.
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