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Greg - any new pics of Formosa bespoke?
The Minnis flannels are very nice. Zegna, surprisingly, has a good book as well.
I went for the 9437 which is a twill in a beautiful shade of grey.
I had one made about 18 months ago - very nice cloth and I was happy.
www.shanetrudell.com - bespoke https://frankcleggleatherworks.com/ - bespoke and OTR
Love the shirt, but agree on the clip-ons. It seems to be an Armory / #menswear thing, but it just appears juvenile to me.
That looks nice. Ascot Chang?
Also: https://www.yorkshirefabric.com/?product_cat=cotton
Every fabric store seems to have a ton of seersucker - not really a fancy fabric so you won't have to diligence the top mills.
http://www.forbes.com/forbeslife/#/sites/susanadams/2014/08/20/inside-hermes-luxury-secret-empire/ An interesting read, but the reporter's experience reminded me of the Foo: Indeed, when I went to the New York City flagship on Madison Avenue to ask about buying a Birkin, I was told there were none in the store. “When will you get one in?” I asked innocently. “I couldn’t say.” “Could you take my information and let me know when one comes in?” “We don’t do that...
New Posts  All Forums: