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Only on SF would a ~quarter inch be the cause of such angst.
Right, my failure to overlook a glaringly uncorrected drop right is a sign of my 'ignorance'?
Spare us your pretentious BS - I'm well aware of the terms, and unlike most on this board (incl. you), regularly patronize tailors who utilize who styles.My point is that an uncorrected drop right is a mistake regardless whether the coat is a soft, unstructured Rubi or a hard, angular KH&L. I'm talking about fit and not style - something you and others constantly conflate.
I see there has been no mention of any of the fit points brought up by me and others? Just more garbled SF-talk on soft, angular, structured, etc. etc.
I think Darren used to tailor for KH&L until recently - not sure if he's still there.
This is a classic SF post - lot of words with all the catchphrases, but that don't really mean anything.
Thanks, gdl. Like Fishball, I recall it somehow being affiliated w/ Minnis but was unsure.It is all Italian, but they do have a cool pattern that I'd like to have made into a quilted casual coat by a local HK tailor.
Add an item - click on Shopping Bag to Checkout - below the Subtotal, there is a box for Discount Code
I do think you're right to suggest that small mistakes, that would not be noticeable IRL, are often highlighted in 'robo-poses'. That being said, not fixing for a dropped right shoulder (and that seems to hold true in all of iammatt's pics) is a fairly glaring mistake. If this was anyone else, Foo would squiggling away with his red marks.I do like the overall style, but I'm just amazed that these pics (given that everyone else's 'robo-poses' are also needlessly nitpicked...
I wouldn't be quite that harsh, but the fit is unexceptional. I've brought up the same point in the past, and was shouted down by multiple posters.Never quite understood how Matt's Rubi stuff is somehow held as the exemplar of SF style.
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