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I actually quite like the DB27 Titan Hawk, and have been considering one for awhile. Could you please pm me his details - thanks
Thank you!
Does anyone know of a good online source for a watch strap for a vintage Cintree-style watch like the one shown below. I assume, given the lugs, a standard strap won't work? [I [I
I'll have it look like this, except cut to right above the knee 9pic courtesy of Flusser's Tumblr). Cloth will be a mid-brown tweed with a very faint purple overcheck.
Great - thanks, everyone - very helpful
Q: There's a beautiful 15oz. tweed I'd like to have made into a car coat, but fear that the cloth is too light to act as a real winter coat. Would it be possible / sensible to have the tweed lined in a 11oz. moleskin, or would that be inappropriate for a lining?
Thanks, LA Guy
I was told the SWD crew is organizing a SF café racer buy - could someone pls direct me to the link/thread? Thanks, GC
Unlike the smaller British firms, they have stuff across a spectrum - from middling quality worsteds to cloths that can match Lesser, Smith's and the like.I'm not that familiar w/ their flannels, but Italians tend to primarily offer lightweight 10/11oz. flannels (on which I remain hesitant)
They never entered
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