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Is shipping included?
Did you happen to deal directly with Jon DeBoise for the bespoke piece? I'm guessing he's more receptive than a standard CATD salesperson.
Anyone know the whereabouts former Dunhill tailor Bruno Cosentino? I know he was briefly with Ercole, but has since left.
Found it - thank you!
Will had posted a pic of a DB shawl midnight-blue dinner jacket (made by Knize) a few months ago on his blog. I'm combed through the archives and have been unable to find it. Would anyone have a copy?
I believe they said early 2015
Benson & Clegg
Question for Cifo's American customers - do they carry the completed suits with them, or does one have to pick it up in Paris or have it mailed (thereby incurring American customs charges)?
It may make sense to solicit down payments upfront on SF and see if you can hit that 20 minimum for NY and London. At those prices, I can’t imagine there being much trouble locking in 20 orders.
New Posts  All Forums: