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Great - thanks, everyone - very helpful
Q: There's a beautiful 15oz. tweed I'd like to have made into a car coat, but fear that the cloth is too light to act as a real winter coat. Would it be possible / sensible to have the tweed lined in a 11oz. moleskin, or would that be inappropriate for a lining?
Thanks, LA Guy
I was told the SWD crew is organizing a SF café racer buy - could someone pls direct me to the link/thread? Thanks, GC
Unlike the smaller British firms, they have stuff across a spectrum - from middling quality worsteds to cloths that can match Lesser, Smith's and the like.I'm not that familiar w/ their flannels, but Italians tend to primarily offer lightweight 10/11oz. flannels (on which I remain hesitant)
They never entered
Anyone ever had an overcoat made from Harrisons 83901?
Weird, Dino has always been v. responsive in the past
Does anyone know if there's much room to negotiate on price when buying a watch directly from an independent? A friend is looking to purchase something from Urban Jurgensen, and is dealing directly with the factory itself. He's hoping to get them to knock off 5-10% off the list, but is hesitant to ask. I know some people on TZ and the like contend that it's standard practice, but curious to hear any opinions?
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