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Ah, gotcha - thanks. I'll leave it open for a bit and then share the make / model.
That's not a tri-compax. This is counter-intuitive, but a tri-compax has four sub-dials.
Sorry, mimo - not trying to be combative, but I genuinely don't know what the above means. The question as posed is simply if the movement in question is well finished (as people say Dufour or Kari or Datographs are).
Thanks, tiger. Anyone else? Much like elsewhere we've got responses ranging from mediocre to excellent, which again leads me to believe that 'finishing' is still a nebulous concept for most people.
There appears to be a lot of (often unnecessary) debate on watch forums on what constitutes good finishing. In my opinion, it's often a misunderstood topic. Take a look at the movement below - one respected watch nerd contends that it's very well finished, and worthy of acclaim. Another bigwig in the watch world has termed it 'mediocre'. I have my own (strong) opinion on the matter, but given the polarizing views, curious to see what the WISs at SF think:
Does anyone know where one can purchase a Hermes watch strap? I see quite a few nice ones on Instagram, but weirdly enough, the store on Madison doesn't offer them.
Hmm,. he mentions MTM and not bespoke?
Thoughts on the Zenith Classic Car and the new Girard Perregaux Stradale Chronograph? Quite like both.
The base Globamaster is interesting from a technical perspective, but otherwise bland. The one above is horrid.
If you're looking at 12oz., you may as well consider the 13oz. There'll be no tangible difference in warmth
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