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^ Pretty uninspiring for something in the SR / Corvato / Despos price bracket.
I like Formosa, and have no doubt that they're great tailors. I just find it amusing that every iGent now repeats "Formosa makes the best DBs!!" like it's a well known industry fact. Talk of Formosa's unsurpassed skill with DBs all started with a throwaway comment by Michael Alden on LL quite a few years ago.
Most famous on SF, yes.
I was told the opposite - that it wears lighter / cooler.
It's definitely not Dashing Tweeds.Thanks, Cant - never heard of that book either.
Can someone pls id this tweed fabric?
Not yet - headed to London in mid-Jan and will give it to Terry Haste then. Thinking crescent pockets on this one!
The grey is killer - I missed the initial call as well, but eventually scooped it up on the secondary market.
I'm in the same boat - order placed in July and it's nowhere to be seen.
New Posts  All Forums: