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Ha - not sure I'd label HK-to-AUS a 'side trip'
Nice - thanks, dieworkwear. I like the look, and it's certainly more drapey and less high and cinched than some of the other N stuff I've seen.
Fair point.
Sad - the new format leads me to believe this will be more a Mr. Porter-type blog.
+100 - a great, honest couple.
Looks great - any fit pics?
Nope, serious Q! Thanks for the response.I don't frequent this thread often, so apologies if that Q has been asked dozens of times already.
Does the SF10 code not work on FC deals?
It's a great fabric, but I like three-pieces in solids only. I would go for a standard two-piece
Given the Roman provenance of Cifonelli, I'd be curious to learn how similar their cut is to Caraceni and the like.
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