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One can hope - he still has my overcoat!
Is kolecho the last pic? I'm not seeing the collapse.
^ Those shoulders look like trouble for his tailor.
Yup, exactly.
Now, I'm confused - where did I slander anyone in my Knize post?
Here’s another thing people like you don’t get – I never sh&t over Rubi in this thread – I mentioned several times that I like their cut. I pointed out the uncorrected drop right on a prominent Rubi customer, and wondered why his garments were held in such esteem on SF. Unlike people like you, I have the capacity to make critical notes of tailors that I myself use.Improve your reading comprehension.
I see you’ve been hitting the bottle earlier than usual. Unlike you, I don’t glean my info simply from forum posts.I’ve met Bernhard Niedersuesz 4 times now (before, and after, he moved on to CM Frank), and have been to the Knize store in Vienna twice. Half their models on display are MTM Brioni, so perhaps you simply forgot to ask / look at the label.Knize prides themselves as having one of the softest cuts in Europe – Bernard actually once mentioned that the shop lost...
I met Luca for the first time about 6 weeks ago, and he explictly noted my dropped shoulder and took two pics for the tailors back in Naples.Who knows what the final product will look like, but it's worthwhile to note that he highlighted the dropped shoulder as an issue, and (without any prodding) stated that it would have to be fixed by the tailors.
I apologize and I already amended my post, as I figured you were talking about Stephen and not John Hitchcock.Nonetheless, I find it funny that you seem to know more about their respective cuts, than the tailors themselves - two of whom have very explictly mentioned that their cut is different from the Scholte 'original'.The notion that DeBoise doesn't cut a side body would be news to him. I also have an old (2008) Stephen Hitchcock coat at home, and I would happily...
I laughed at the notion of arbitrarily stipulating what ‘a technically correct drape cut suit’ looks like, and then simply naming Hitchcock (I assume you meant Jr.), and a couple of other SF-favorite A&S alums as the paragon. What makes one certain drape cut ‘technically correct’ while another, presumably, deficient in its execution? Knize in Vienna has been churning out drape cut suits for far longer than A&S and Scholte, but no one here would bother listing them.By...
New Posts  All Forums: