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Really depends on the tailor. Manton is right in pointing out that most tailors opt for the one-bedroom suite (with the bedroom acting as the changing room), but fancy-shmancy places like A&S opt for a two-bedroom suite at the Carlyle, while smaller operations like Karl Matthews and W&J for a simple one-bed.Given that Paone is still a fledging operation, I would recommend a basic one-bed. I don't think any of his clients would mind / care.
For overcoats, W. Bill and Harrison's both have excellent camel hairs. Not easy / economical to purchase as a retail customer though.
I think he meant the length of the coat itself.I typically get SCs mildly shorter.
Nice. The Waldorf and the Barclay Intercontinental are the two most popular outposts for tailors visiting NYC. Smaller operations, like Steed (and Paone), opt for more economical Midtown locations like the Affinia 50 and the Kimberley. The Hilton on 54th / Sixth is also massive and pretty well-priced for a hotel in that prime location. Frankly, I think he'll be fine as long as he ensures he's well located in Midtown.
Thanks, gopherblue - that would be very helpful.
Can anyone help / comment on the above?
Q on boutique-only editions: I love the new JLC Reverso Center Seconds in WG. Apparently, it's meant to be a boutique-only edition - any chance it may ultimately make it out to the grey-market, where a 20-30% discount may be had? Love the watch, but at full price I'm tempted to get some other pieces. Thanks, GC
OR is the only acceptable decision So, what are the two watches?
Oh wow. Amazing, amazing watch. Nice strap as well - source?
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