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Thanks - I'll probably meet him in HK.
^ Harrisons of Edinbuirgh doesn't sell direct - they simply refer you to their local agent.
Dugdale BrosMinnis-HardyHuddersfield ClothTaylor & LodgeSchofield & SmithMarling & EvansYorkshire FabricFox FlannelBateman & Ogden (send an email)For tweed specialists:GlenlyonIslayArdlanishButt of LewisHT HebridesLuskentyreHunter's of BroraMageeMolloyKent & Howlin (send an email)Lovat (send an email)ScotwebAnd several others that I'm probably forgetting righ now...
I think the top one is very cool. I wouldn't know when to wear it, but cool nonetheless.
IIRC, you use your own cloth - Rubi in NYC is 3,300 GBP CMT for a two-piece, so well under $6K.
Nah, just curious. I have one tailor I'm very happy with (KH&L), and will decide between Rubi and Paone for a softer touch on my sportcoats and more casual suits.
He took my money, never delivered the garments despite well over a dozen emails / calls. I lost the deposit plus what I paid to Minnis for the cloth.He is a crook.
Thanks, Despos + Greg.
I'd be curious to learn what you think of his work? I've had three different people tell me he is MTM, and the one suit I've seen was quite flashy. His father was featured in O'Mast though, implying a bespoke offering.
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