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Hmm, you feel just a single-lining of 16oz. moleskin would be a bit much? I figured the total ~30oz. weight would be comparable to a heavy melton peacoat I have.I have used silk in the past, but frankly, it didn't do much in terms of added warmth. Maybe a lighter-weight (10-11oz.) flannel?Typically, I would just ask my tailor, but my new tailors in HK doesn't have much experience with this sort of thing and have asked me to guide them.
I have 2m of a 15oz. Harris Tweed that I would like to have made into a casual jacket. I'd like the coat to be suitable for the roughest of NYC winters, and am considering having it lined in 16oz. moleskin. Anyone ever done this before? Thoughts?
I had the same impression.
Does Luxire ever start making those quilted jackets?
Huh, you mean like every other coat??
I assume he means that the external patch pocket is mirrored internally, much like the old tweed hunting coats made on SR. Dege has a great example in their shop.
Greg - what is the MTO price for the suede chukkas?
Nic little write-up on Maglia: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/luxury/mens-style/28248/the-hero-francesco-maglia-umbrella.html
I like that fish scarf fropm Drakes.
Yup, I agree
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