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Ha.Foo - I imagine you didn't bother to read my post - the prices are not similar, unless you're indifferent to a 20% increase.
Two close friends use Rubi and Cifo, and I have handled numerous coats from both makers. Rubi is much, much softer than Cifo - shorter, more aggressive quarters, and a distinctly relaxed 'lounge-y' look to the garment.Cifo, on the other hand, is a bit more in the 'power' suit vein - the coat stands out and commands attention - the chest is cut quite close, the waist is nipped and the shoulders are distinctive. Cifo's finishing is, without a doubt, far superior to anything...
Joshua Ellis.If you simply like the hand of cashmere, look at a lambswool / angora blend or a wool/ cashmere blend. Both will have the requisite softness but be MUCH cheaper.
Thanks - I didn't realize Ed was a seller.
Btw, does anyone know where I can pick up 2m of a H&S Sherry Kash? There is a pattern that I love, but sadly my tailor (surprisingly) doesn't carry H&S.
They charge 7.50 GBP for 10-12 swatches, with the amount refunded in the event you place an order (not a bad deal).
Closest I know of: https://www.yorkshirefabric.com/?product=moss-green-with-blue-check-tweed-3
^ Bart
I like the Acorn oxford shirtings (wearing one today) - oxford is hardy and utilitarian by nature, and the Acorn offering meets the mark.
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