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No new scarves? A pity - I always thought they were the highlight of the line.
I thought you owned a PP Nautilus?
Can someone pls comment on the sizing of Eido's knitwear? Would a 40" chest, but with a 31" waist, be better suited for a M or L? Typically, I'd go with a M, but I remember hearing that Eidos ran small.
Stopped by the MontBlanc store earlier today. Both their Villeret 1858 Pulsographe and the Heritage Pulsograph are INSANE!! The black baked enamel dial on the Villeret is a sight to behold. And the back is second only to the Datograph imo. Pic from Hodinkee:
Richard Lange without a doubt
Yes, exactly - just one-room.
Really depends on the tailor. Manton is right in pointing out that most tailors opt for the one-bedroom suite (with the bedroom acting as the changing room), but fancy-shmancy places like A&S opt for a two-bedroom suite at the Carlyle, while smaller operations like Karl Matthews and W&J for a simple one-bed.Given that Paone is still a fledging operation, I would recommend a basic one-bed. I don't think any of his clients would mind / care.
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