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Congrats.So, what are the next two?
I recently got a Bal made myself, and suggest you go for a heavy tweed rather than a camel. Most Bals are cut fairly loose (w/ raglan sleeves), which is a look best appreciated in a rustic Donegal or Cheviot, rather than a camel (a look many may equate with a poorly styled Polo).
Speaking of JLC, thoughts on the Duometre Lunaire / 40.5mm?
Dino - I've been debating between the Explorer I vs. II? Curious to learn what drove you towards the II.
Timeless. But go for real midnight blue, not some jazzed up navy version.
When did this become the Bay Area real estate thread???
I have a couple of suits made from their 11/12 oz. collection - good stuff.
^ Unbel - could you pls remind us of the weight, as well as the price / meter?
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