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I apologize and I already amended my post, as I figured you were talking about Stephen and not John Hitchcock.Nonetheless, I find it funny that you seem to know more about their respective cuts, than the tailors themselves - two of whom have very explictly mentioned that their cut is different from the Scholte 'original'.The notion that DeBoise doesn't cut a side body would be news to him. I also have an old (2008) Stephen Hitchcock coat at home, and I would happily...
I laughed at the notion of arbitrarily stipulating what ‘a technically correct drape cut suit’ looks like, and then simply naming Hitchcock (I assume you meant Jr.), and a couple of other SF-favorite A&S alums as the paragon. What makes one certain drape cut ‘technically correct’ while another, presumably, deficient in its execution? Knize in Vienna has been churning out drape cut suits for far longer than A&S and Scholte, but no one here would bother listing them.By...
Tsk, still busy following me around? I would’ve thought you’d be busy writing a 1,000 word discourse on why an uncorrected drop-right shoulder is correct from a Neapolitan tailoring perspective.
I like how Foo went for the NY socialite pose...
quoted for the lulz
Maybe he is Edward Snowden?
Only on SF would a ~quarter inch be the cause of such angst.
Right, my failure to overlook a glaringly uncorrected drop right is a sign of my 'ignorance'?
Spare us your pretentious BS - I'm well aware of the terms, and unlike most on this board (incl. you), regularly patronize tailors who utilize who styles.My point is that an uncorrected drop right is a mistake regardless whether the coat is a soft, unstructured Rubi or a hard, angular KH&L. I'm talking about fit and not style - something you and others constantly conflate.
I see there has been no mention of any of the fit points brought up by me and others? Just more garbled SF-talk on soft, angular, structured, etc. etc.
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