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Could just do it and Marling & Evans instead of Reid.
Thanks - I am familiar w/ the Fox offering. The pattern in the pictured cloth is, however, meaningfully larger to my eye.EDIT: Thanks,. David - appreciate the pic. Just looking form something even larger.
Anyone have a suggestion where I can find a large-scale glen plaid sportcoating like the one below?
Looks very much like a SNS Herning - is that really an Inis?
Waiting patiently for the Calabrese bags...
Anyone know when he's scheduled to visit next? A message via his website doesn't yield a response. Thanks, GC
^ I have the full Riviera book in front of me - it's not in there.
Looking forward to the Calabrese bags.
+1I'm not a native-born American, but disagree strongly with this silly notion that American business practices are somehow antithetical to helping build and preserve British businesses. Welcome to the 21st century.agiffy - agree with all you said, except one can still buy Carr, Son & Worr suits - order from Denman and they'll put the labels in
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