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Any reports from the screenings?
2m of a beautiful 500 gram / 16-17oz. tweed made by Glenlyon of Scotland. Price includes CONUS shipping. 2m is more than enough for a sportcoat (w/ or w/o patch pockets). This was one of the tweeds featured in Michael Alden's "Dressed With Style" videos.
I'd be surprised if they did, as the vast majority of their business is MTO (in contrast to the English makers).
Love the 5146 - I think it's the best of PP's "reasonably" priced pieces.
You mistook a W for a B.
Do you 'like me' or do you 'like me like me'?
Peter Lee / Lee Baron may come in at that price range. He's quite good.
Note sure why the OP seems unenthused by Geneva. My second pic would be Ercole. They key to good shirtmakers, as someone has already pointed out, is their willingness to go through several iterations on the first shirt and make minor tweaks to satisfy the customer. In my experience, both Geneva and Ercole fit the bill.
Geneva is excellent
+100The watches you currently have are nice, but also somewhat prevalent. The Patek would be a great addition.Also, sell that Hublot
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