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+1 - I have used Geneva, AC and CEGO, and Geneva was the best by far.They do have a min order, but I don't think it's as high as six.
At $220 your choices are limited to MTM folks. Geneva is the iGent choice, but they start around $300. Ascot Chang is about the same, and Paris and T&A are a bit more expensive.
Def the brown
I have three suits from the lighter-weight flannels - 2 Fox 11oz. and 1 Delfino 12oz. - they tend to require constant ironing as they become wrinkled quite easily. The oldest Fox flannel is also starting to rip (something my tailor, Terry Haste, had warned me of).
I'm not familiar with the Dormeuil ICE flannel, but from personal experience, I would strongly suggest that people stay away from flannels lighter than 14oz.
I believe he said that the MTM product was consuming too much of his time, and he wasn't able to focus on bespoke. That same MTM product is still available via Whitcomb & Shaftesbury.
Fairness and utility are subjective. But I will say there is a big 'Armoury' premium at work here - Liverano's prices prior to their associatioon with The Armoury were much cheaper.Ditto Ambrosi.
On TS(S), will you guys carry that shawl-collared, belted overcoat?
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