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Do Streetwear members not realize what a 'circle' is?
+1 - seriously, what kind of an iGent are you?I've made a ton of frivolous #menswear purchases in my life, but even I go at the notion of buying $12K+ glasses!!
You were right to extend the points, but I fear the S-shaped collar on the right might look a bit gullwing-ish when completed.
+10 - I've needled dieworkwear in the past on his efforts to bring more tailors to SF, but I agree with the notion that as hobbyists we are entitled to our curiosity. While subsequent garments do get marginally better by virtue of sticking with the same tailor, it's worth noting that not very tailor can knock out a different style.I use multiple tailors because I enjoy different styles and see no reason for fidelity for the sake of fidelity. My summer suits and tweed...
As an update, the Paones are targeting a trip to NYC in March / April 2015, and intend to visit 3-4 times a year.
Sarto is now a 'learned pundit'?
Absolutely nothing, but it goes against iGent received wisdom.It's worth noting that a soft, unstructured look does not look great on everyone. If you have large traps, sloping shoulders, etc., an unstructured look will simply make you look egg shaped.
^ Fabric looks amazing - would appreciate some shots of the completed coat
^ Looks amazing.
Not necessarily better, but front squats place more of an emphasis on the quads than the glutes, and are generally prized for their ability to bring out the 'teardrop'. Back squats, while being a more comprehensive lower-body movement, also stress the lower back more than the front squat.The biggest constraint with front squats is adequate loading. The California grip is hard to master, and even with a strap-assisted grip, it's tough to safely add a lot of weight on the...
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