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The Paones must be excited to be affiliated with this thread!
Look around at the majority of the posts if you believe others feel that you've won the 'debate'. But, I know, I know, none of us are as 'sophisticated' as you. Throw out some more ALL CAP posts to educate us further.I'm not the only one embarrassed for you right now, so I suggest you redose on your lithium and call it a night.
Thank God I lived in New York in the past, so I know how to quietly walk by the crazies shouting in the subway. Phew.
These are a bit too dandy-ish in an Apparel Arts way for me.dieworkwear - Luskentyre Tweed made an absolutely amazing dark purple Harris a few years ago - you may want to reach out and see if that's still available. I'm still regretting that I never picked up some.
I'm well aware of the term's origin in the Uncle Remus story, but since the nineteenth century the term has evolved to mean something else entirely. The fact that you cannot grasp the simple fact that the intended usage of words and phrases evolve over time to mean something different than their origin speaks more about your stubbornness rather than my obtuseness.Btw, the bolded bit above is rich. You should really be a guest on Fox along with Bo Dietl and the like.
dieworkwear is (naturally) correct, but it's worth pointing out that most Neapolitan tailors, incl. Paone,. quote their prices exclusive of cloth. So, $3,700 is the CMT price.Still a solid deal.
Aaahh - I hate Airborne - worst cloth purchase I ever made. My experience was the polar opposite - far too light and flimsy.
You forgot to add the *sarcasm* emoticon at the end of your post.
You really are dense, both in terms of reading comprehension and understanding the undertones of the phrases you casually throw about (and I wan't referring to 'straw man', nitwit). Your strategy seems to be to deluge anyone disagreeing with you with long, non-sensical responses, in the hopes of exhausting them. But hey, it seems to work.
Clever. But I still didn't get a mature response, which is par for the course for a nitwit like you.I also assume you're unaware of the meaning of some of the phrases you use to make yourself sound clever and educated. Phrases that people in polite company typically don't use.
New Posts  All Forums: