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Those are beautiful. Any more pics of the shoes in action?Also, are those in burgundy or dark brown?
L&B Spumoni Gardens is amazing!
Sorry - I don't remember. They only have a couple of lightweight jacketing books, so it should be easy to find at the tailors.
That's my pic- it's from their old Riveira book. Draper's has something very similar.
I'm guessing you need to go to HK - the NYC / LA Ascot Chang stores charge $210 for CMT.
I;m sure you've outlined this before, but could you pls summarize your various price levels by custom, bespoke etc.- thanks
Pretty sure Prince Alwaleed also wears Cifo
Meermin sells'em.If you're in NYC, B. Nelson also has them.
I assume that's the HK CMT price?
Not sure where he has ever implied that he was an expert on French tailoring. By his own admission, he was visiting and ordering from many of these shops for the first time.
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