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I agree w/ some of the above:1. Re: Hermes, while they do offer bespoke products (clothing, leather etc.), it comprises a very very small portion of their top-line. And that was kinda my point - it may not comprise much, but the majority of their RTW offerings haven't been substantially diluted (i.e. still made to a very high standard forgiving the silly cufflinks, H-belts etc.)2. Huntsman has had RTW for awhile, but it has never been successful (If the Richard Anderson...
Is that the one from 4-5 years ago? I have all the episodes saved on a zip file. If someone can teach me how to link those, I'll happily throw them up here.
http://www.businessoffashion.com/2014/01/row-opportunity-part-1.html http://www.businessoffashion.com/2014/01/row-opportunity-part-2.html A very well-written piece, and I'd be curious to have a discussion around this. Let's save the knee-jerk iGent reaction of an indignant harrumph for our cousins over at the LL, and discuss how SR can produce global brands that compete against the likes of Brioni, Zegna etc. These business cannot simply be preserved in aspic, and it...
I do prefer unbel's idea of a light tan, especially if it's brought to life as a melange of brown and grey. A donkey, while nice, wouldn't be nearly as useful for a pair of odd trousers.
+1.Like others, I've bought some beautiful 10-12oz. Italian flannels in the past, but they certainly don't hold their shape like the heavier stuff. For trousers, a lightweight flannel would be awful.
I would be v. interested as well (provided we choose a 15oz.+ weight for the flannel trousering).
FWIW, I have several suits from KH&L, and the output / style certainly varies depending on the cutter you have.John Kent cuts a suit that's quite close to the body with a slightly extended shoulder and no flare to the skirt.Terry Haste is pretty darn close to the Huntsman cut as I imagine it - long, lean, flared skirt, not much in the shoulders. I also walked into Dege about 2 years ago wearing a coat cut by Terry, and Nicholas De'ath (one of their sr. cutters) guessed it...
Those must be incl. VAT - I just picked up a suit in Smith's Gilt Edge last week, which I was told was slightly mor eexpensive than their standard cloth. I paid a bit more than 2.4K.
Close - about 2,500 GBP excl. VAT - a good 700 GBP cheaper.
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