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I like how Foo went for the NY socialite pose...
quoted for the lulz
Maybe he is Edward Snowden?
Only on SF would a ~quarter inch be the cause of such angst.
Right, my failure to overlook a glaringly uncorrected drop right is a sign of my 'ignorance'?
Spare us your pretentious BS - I'm well aware of the terms, and unlike most on this board (incl. you), regularly patronize tailors who utilize who styles.My point is that an uncorrected drop right is a mistake regardless whether the coat is a soft, unstructured Rubi or a hard, angular KH&L. I'm talking about fit and not style - something you and others constantly conflate.
I see there has been no mention of any of the fit points brought up by me and others? Just more garbled SF-talk on soft, angular, structured, etc. etc.
I think Darren used to tailor for KH&L until recently - not sure if he's still there.
This is a classic SF post - lot of words with all the catchphrases, but that don't really mean anything.
Thanks, gdl. Like Fishball, I recall it somehow being affiliated w/ Minnis but was unsure.It is all Italian, but they do have a cool pattern that I'd like to have made into a quilted casual coat by a local HK tailor.
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