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^ Very nice. Hopefully that NYC trip will happen.
Sounds like Gennaro has catered to a select cadre of private clients (like T4 and C&A) for awhile, so I suspect he already has a crew of tailors and finishers in place.
So what exactly happened here? Radio silence on the part of Montauk (who continues to post on ASW) makes one wonder...
Thanks - great price!
Greg - what would be the starting price for an Eidos MTM sportcoat w/ the 20% discount?
I may have missed this, but I thought you were a Cifo man?
Thanks, dieworkwear - that sounds very fair. Hopefully, they're amenable to CMT as well.
I'm in NYC intermittently on business, and would be very interested. Can someone speak to prices?
17 -18 oz. is really topcoat / covert coat weight at best. I'd get something heavier. I have a 25oz. overcoat that works well for NY winters - I can imagine Toronto being even rougher.Never used anything from H&S, but they are a well respected merchant. I have three overcoats - Fox, Bateman & Ogden, and a Donegal tweed from Magee. I highly recommend the Fox.
What is the typical weight for an overcoat fit for a cold, but not especially harsh, Canadian winter? Minimum weight? Can you get the coats lined with thinsulte or something else to help with warmth? Is this easy/typical/doable? - At least 20 oz. - 22-25oz. would be better. Cashmere and camelhair can be a tad lighter. Yes, you can get the coats lined with different materials easily - not sure how many tailors have access to cuts of thinsulate though. Are there any...
New Posts  All Forums: