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^ Very nice
PSA - scam email circulating from "Meermin" that asks for an account update w/ cc info (for which they promise a 40% off coupon).
To be clear, I'm not talking about pre-owned's here. Fresh, out of the box, with a stamped AD card (typically European, sometimes Asian, hardly ever American). And if one purchases from a well known seller, there's minimal risk for getting a 'lightly used' store model and the like.But, like you said, however small the risk certainly exists.
Ha, that just came to me as well, and I edited my post. Apologies to Dino for the smart-ass devil emoticon
Let me add in my 2 cents here, as I have 10 good watches in my collection, 7 of which were bought on the grey market (albeit w/ stamped warranties from ADs). I've had problems with only one of the grey watches (losing about 15 seconds a day) - walked it over to the VC boutique, they honored the warranty (stamped by an Italian AD in Perugia), and the watch was fixed and returned at no charge. I honestly can't imagine how someone would be able to determine a watch was...
I hear your breath stinks.
Thanks, guys.Rooster: could you pls recommend a few sites? Thanks
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