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^ I disagree, veni - it's nothing like a Fresco. It's a standard lightweight worsted - more like Lesser Super Tropical.
It is great stuff. Minnis had a big sale 7-8 years ago when they sold off the remnants of their Rangoon stock for 12 pounds / meter.
+100He has mentioned, on numerous occasions, that he receives his bespoke garments at 'substantial' discounts. I've had a SR tailor tell me he typically gets 50% off. It's also worthwhile to note that not all his reviews are positive (see the latest on Kiton for example).
Getting this back on track, anyone in the HK crew going and meeting the Paones next week? Sadly, I will be in Singapore that entire week, but intend to catch them on their next trip.
Can tailors simply meet clients once or twice and discern quickly who is but a sampler of their services, but Foo's fidelity and noble purpose is evident for all to see from the start?This sad snobbishness centered on sticking but with one tailor that is perpetuated by some on this board is borderline absurd.
This +100
For someone who has used only one tailor, one (now two) shirtmaker, one brand / style of shoe, you seem to have very definitive and opinionated views on everything. I won't even get into the whole 'I send an email, and get a finished suit in the mail' business.It's laughable that you look down on unbel because he's used 'too many' tailors, while your fidelity with a quasi mail-order service somehow makes you worthy of respect.
For sale is a heavy, lined five-fold tie from Mimmo Spano (former bespoke tailor at Saks, now running his own shop on 57th street). Tie originally retailed for $165. The tie has been worn no more than 4-5 times and is in as-new condition. Price includes CONUS shipping. GC
I don't doubt Rubi's flexibility relative to other N tailors, nor the risks inherent to dealing with a start-up firm, but it must be said this is a very poor, tasteless response from Luca.
I'm sure the House of Rubi will be just fine, and I'm equally sure that Gennaro is a top notch cutter and there is little risk of him running away with someone's $$$. FWIW, when I met with Luca a few months ago, he also did mention Andrea as the 'lead' cutter for my order (his words, not mine).I don't find that surprising at all. E.g. - A&S is horrible, but Steed is amazing. Huntsman is a glorified RTW seller, but Richard Anderson is the shit. If Suzuki ever starts making...
New Posts  All Forums: