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I asked a buddy of mine who used to be a Green Beret a question on this awhile back. He said 90% of SpecOps wore G-Shocks.
Yeah, ok. I think it's safe to say any wool overcoating will be lacking in single digit F weather. But, by and large, a 20oz. wool / cashmere blend will be fine for northeastern winters. If you're going for 100% wool, I would maybe go up to a 23-25oz. weight.
Yup - the blend should be fine.
I've placed 20+ CMT orders with several English and Italian tailors and never had trouble with 2m for a coat (nearly always patterned tweed with patch pockets) and 1.5m for a pair of (high-rise, cuffed) trousers. And, as I mentioned, I'm a fairly large guy myself.I understand the need to be conservative but I do think you're ordering more than you need.
Yikes! I'm not a small guy myself and have never bought more than 3.5m for a two-piece or an DB knee-length overcoat.
Ha, that's the only one I dislike. The white is ok, but the black is quite nice.
I do wish they made a SS version. Sadly, everything in WG / RG appears to be north of $15K these days.
Didn't know that about the Prince, thanks. The old Cellini line often left me cold, but the new versions, particularly the Date and the Dual Time, are very nice.
Thoughts on movements used in the new Cellini collection? Tried on the Cellini Date (WG / Black Dial) and was very impressed. Wish Rolly would make a display back for once
^ Very nice
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