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I do prefer unbel's idea of a light tan, especially if it's brought to life as a melange of brown and grey. A donkey, while nice, wouldn't be nearly as useful for a pair of odd trousers.
+1.Like others, I've bought some beautiful 10-12oz. Italian flannels in the past, but they certainly don't hold their shape like the heavier stuff. For trousers, a lightweight flannel would be awful.
I would be v. interested as well (provided we choose a 15oz.+ weight for the flannel trousering).
FWIW, I have several suits from KH&L, and the output / style certainly varies depending on the cutter you have.John Kent cuts a suit that's quite close to the body with a slightly extended shoulder and no flare to the skirt.Terry Haste is pretty darn close to the Huntsman cut as I imagine it - long, lean, flared skirt, not much in the shoulders. I also walked into Dege about 2 years ago wearing a coat cut by Terry, and Nicholas De'ath (one of their sr. cutters) guessed it...
Those must be incl. VAT - I just picked up a suit in Smith's Gilt Edge last week, which I was told was slightly mor eexpensive than their standard cloth. I paid a bit more than 2.4K.
Close - about 2,500 GBP excl. VAT - a good 700 GBP cheaper.
I was in London last week - Peter Smith was no where to be seen at Huntsman. Where there's smoke... Btw, unlike Richard Anderson, why is there little love among ex-Huntsman clients for Terry Haste at KH&L? Seems like a good option for a Huntsman-style suit at a substantially lower price than Richard Anderson.
^ That tweed is pretty great. Are the pockets flapped patch w/ 2-buttons? Never seen that style before.
If it's a staple suit, I would go lighter than a 13oz. Try Smith's Blue Riband, Lesser's 11oz., or Harrison's Frontier (which is 10oz.).
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