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Ha, that's the only one I dislike. The white is ok, but the black is quite nice.
I do wish they made a SS version. Sadly, everything in WG / RG appears to be north of $15K these days.
Didn't know that about the Prince, thanks. The old Cellini line often left me cold, but the new versions, particularly the Date and the Dual Time, are very nice.
Thoughts on movements used in the new Cellini collection? Tried on the Cellini Date (WG / Black Dial) and was very impressed. Wish Rolly would make a display back for once
^ Very nice
PSA - scam email circulating from "Meermin" that asks for an account update w/ cc info (for which they promise a 40% off coupon).
To be clear, I'm not talking about pre-owned's here. Fresh, out of the box, with a stamped AD card (typically European, sometimes Asian, hardly ever American). And if one purchases from a well known seller, there's minimal risk for getting a 'lightly used' store model and the like.But, like you said, however small the risk certainly exists.
Ha, that just came to me as well, and I edited my post. Apologies to Dino for the smart-ass devil emoticon
Let me add in my 2 cents here, as I have 10 good watches in my collection, 7 of which were bought on the grey market (albeit w/ stamped warranties from ADs). I've had problems with only one of the grey watches (losing about 15 seconds a day) - walked it over to the VC boutique, they honored the warranty (stamped by an Italian AD in Perugia), and the watch was fixed and returned at no charge. I honestly can't imagine how someone would be able to determine a watch was...
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