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don't feed the troll
Anna Wintour mandates white tie for men at the Met gala: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/24/fashion/at-the-met-gala-a-strict-dress-code.html?ref=fashion
Castle Tailors / Jon DeBoise
^ Frankly, his customer service is atrocious. I know he must have some growing pains, but that's no excuse for taking 2-3 weeks to mail out anything, and never responding to emails. He really needs to work this out.
That pic is helpful. I like the 19.19 now.
Great. So we can expect to pay 50-75% more than his usual price!
Yes, should be fine.
I have heard people on the LL mumble that he's really glorified MTM, but his father was featured prominently in the O'Mast documentary. I have no clue myself.
^ Vety cool. Did you go for the design on the site (notchless lapel, 3 pleated patch pockets etc.)?
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