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I'll snap one later tonight.
^ I have that blue Molloy donegal - it's very very thick (even 18oz. Harris is slim by comparison) - def only for coats.
Thanks - didn't realize that was a username.
That green linen is quite nice. How does one order?
18oz. is perfectly fine for tweed. Most of my tweed coats are 16-18oz. I have one 22oz. coat, and that is uncomfortable in anything beyond the mid-50s.
Is that tie Eidos as well?
A tad low, but not too bad.
Any new Inis stuff?
I disagree - his everyday suits are actually pretty decent. Maybe not up to iGent standards, but certainly nicer than what most people (and most past presidents) have gone with.His tan suit was markedly worse in fit.I believe his suits are made by H. Freeman.
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