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A tad low, but not too bad.
Any new Inis stuff?
I disagree - his everyday suits are actually pretty decent. Maybe not up to iGent standards, but certainly nicer than what most people (and most past presidents) have gone with.His tan suit was markedly worse in fit.I believe his suits are made by H. Freeman.
I believe NMWA will be offering Eidos MTM. I'd go w/ them.
While I have nothing against tan suits, and agree that this coverage is all pretty silly, I do think Obama's example demonstrates why tan suits should be worn with a bit more care and thougth. Leaving aside the poor fit of his suit, it's often tough to find the right shade of tan in a suit - the color of Obama's suit is fairly flat and monochromatic - a deeper brown-ish tan would be far more attractive. Just as importantly, the shirt + tie + shoe combination is critical...
There are quite a few Brits who visit LA - Richard Anderson, Kilgour, Poole, Sweeney, etc.
I second the rec for American Optical
Ed: will the scarves be restocked anytime soon?
Got it - thanks, guys
Can someone pls confirm if Bloomie's in NY has this sweater in stock?
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