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My understanding is that they provide steady dividend income to their owners, but we're not talking about Brioni's 35% EBITDA margins here. This is undoubtedly just conjecture, but it's what I've gleaned from conversations with a few people, incl. a famous shoemaker who is very friendly w/ all the tailors.
Something just a tad darker / browner that this would be perfect.
+100Hoping for a rent cap is hardly a viable business strategy. To echo LA Guy, I'm not certain why a model anchored by traditional bespoke, but with RTW/MTM clothing and accessories providing growth isn't a pragmatic way forward?I think Holdfast makes some excellent points - the advantages inherent to the old couture houses, the inertia amongst SR owners, etc, but I think at some point a mixture of new blood and economic necessity will push people forward.Btw, interesting...
Off the top off my head, maybe 60% or so.So - RTW: $2K, MTM: $3K, Bespoke: $5KJust spit balling here, I'm no expert on pricingI'm not sure I agree entirely. I have no doubt there are quite a few customers as you describe, but from my own set of friends on Wall Street there are several who buy expensive RTW ($2-$2.5K), are enamoured of Savile Row, but balk at paying double the price.Thus, if there was a MTM offering by a SR brand that could partly introduce them to a better...
Sure, I don't doubt that is Huntsman's intention / vision. I just meant it in terms of business strategy - having an MTM product could allow you to hold unto your existing RTW customers, given the jump in price (and process) to bespoke.Huntsman's current RTW collection certainly reminds me more of Tom Ford than Savile Row.
The one (big) advantage of MTM is that it acts as an effective bridge between RTW and bespoke. As most SR firms would wish to convert customers to their premium bespoke offering, MTM can act as a viable stepping stone, reducing churn and helping the customers 'age in place'. I imagine that most reputable RTW factories can accommodate MTM orders as well, so if one can do RTW, MTM should be an easy addition to the portfolio.
More fodder for the Gieves haters (via the LL): Gieves & Hawkes takes Savile Row global: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/executive-living/luxury/gieves-hawkes-takes-savile-row-global/story-e6frg8io-1226846729102
Thanks. What SR brand sold that coat?As an aside, most SR tailors get there RTW stuff made at Cheshire / Chester Barrie. One wonders why Chester Barrie itself never tried to become more of a standalone menswear brand. I remember them hiring Sexton for a RTW roll-out in London a few years ago.
Anyone with even a passing familiarity with men's bespoke and genuine haute couture will know that I'm not the one being ridiculous here. Top bespoke comes nowhere close to haute couture levels of workmanship. And, just to be clear, I'm not referring to any designer brand that throws the word couture on a cocktail dress.On second thought, stick to your "100% no", "lolwut" responses - they were more instructive.
That actually looks quite good (save the low buttoning pt). Are you carrying your shoes because it was hard to fit in a whole body shot? If so, I applaud your commitment to the iGent cause.
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