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^ This has been an issue for the past 2 years or so. A real pain to be honest, as it involves picking up the suit in London in order to get the VAT refund and skirt the US Customs charge (cue the iGent outrage...). As dopey mentioned, smaller tailors just carry a client's completed suit with their personal luggage instead of packing it in a carnet like A&S, Poole etc.
Honestly, you could add any SR tailor to that list - any one of them should be able to accommodate the OP's schedule.
Shouldn't be a problem. The vast majority of SR firms should be able to accommodate your schedule. Meet them on the first day to be measured, subsequent first fitting 4-5 days later, and a final fitting when you return in six months time.Needless to say, inform them of your schedule in advance.
Known jokingly in NYC as the "Working Girl" look. Highly recommended.
Frankly, I'll have to side with the CdL folks here - asking them to alter an old garment for a third time is pretty ballsy on your part.
I agree - the majority of SR tailors send their cutters over.
I've heard bolts of that same Islay tweed have circulated amongst many SR tailors. I was in London last week and two of the tailors were talking about this very fabric, and how it's impossible to sell and everyone is keen to get rid of it asap. One of them even mentioned how the majority is now in Huntsman's hands, and he wondered how they'd ever get rid of it.On the shrinkage, some wools tend to shrink after dry-cleaning, but never appreciably. One of the tailors seemed...
FWIW, the 32oz. coating that Huntsman is trying to sell to us Yanks is a bit of an infamous joke around SR. Several tailors have bought that very same fabric before re-selling to a different tailor. Too heavy, tailors poorly, and is rumored to shrink upon the first dry-cleaning. Buyer beware.
I suggest you do a search history of his posts and his penchant for insulting / denigrating anyone who disagrees with his stringent views, rather than providing anything in the way of tangible proof.Calling one of his competitors a 'scam' artists is typical of his postings. Btw, Charvet offers a machine-made shirt for 550 euros. And all the Jermyn Street guys sell their machine-made shirts for prices in the low-$400s. Machine-sewing doesn't make anyone a scam artist.Oh,...
New Posts  All Forums: