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Thanks. $2K is expensive for semi-bespoke, but his stuff looks very good.
Is Novecento bespoke?
Their 90/10 sweaters are made by Inis Meain to their designs, and are not sold at a premium to regular Inis prices. Some ties are made by Drakes - bit on the expensive side, but not egregiously so. A lot of the other items are very fairly priced, particularly given the strength of the Andersons name.
I don't disagree at all. I'm just saying the guy has a budget in mind and has made his (far too public) choice.
Maybe Carl should just lower his prices I kid, I kid. In all seriousness, I think you're all being a bit too rough on the OP. Was it in poor taste to name Carl, given that he is a prominent member here? Absolutely. But at the end of the day, the guy paid Carl his asking price for however many shirts. The shirts now belong to the OP and he has made a judgement re: his own finances and spending capaciy - if he chooses to outsource the remainder of his wardrobe, he's...
FWIW, Luca does make infrequent trips to SF + LA for hitter clients - maybe once or twice a year but they're typically just to meet some mogul ordering 10 suits in one fell swoop. If you're unable to get a group together, you could just piggyback on those larger clients (the caveat that fittings will be pretty TBD).
How many tailors are you looking to use? I thought you were already instrumental in bringing over NSM and Steed to the Bay Area.
You'll have a few members snipe at your proposal, but as long as you made Carl's minimum order requirements, you have played it square with him and are free to pursue a more economical option. I see nothing untoward in that. Luxire is a decent alternative. I've heard good things about Cottonwork as well.
To be fair, the green odd vest is Crompton-approved.
Ok - all these people arguing for bright tweed coats should go ahead and order their purple Donegals. I'm sure they'll look good
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