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I'm in the same boat, and don't harbour much hope..
Thanks, mimo. Appreciate the message.DLJr: Agreed on the 10hz - that is the one aspect of the watch I dislike. At least it's no longer denoted in bright red.
Thanks, guys. The manager at the Breguet boutique suggested that the 7727 would not require more frequent servicing.
Order placed!!
This. Moonbeam is great stuff - great hand, great durability.
Not sure how you can comment so definitvely on balance w/o seeing the a side angle shot. That's the only way to tell.
All Neapolitan tailors, save Rubi, go for a shorter back balance. It's considered part of the traditional cut.
I like and enjoy the site, but what troubles me is how often editorial content is usurped to talk up Clymer's own personal collection.
Their new Cellini models don't get a lot of love on TWAT, but I'm a big fan!
Note that InTweed simply re-sells lengths from mills at a premium. It's a nice service, but cheaper / easier to go to the source.For example, some of the green tweeds referenced above are from Islay Woolen Mill. Glenlyon also has some beautiful green tweeds.
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