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Aaahh - I hate Airborne - worst cloth purchase I ever made. My experience was the polar opposite - far too light and flimsy.
You forgot to add the *sarcasm* emoticon at the end of your post.
You really are dense, both in terms of reading comprehension and understanding the undertones of the phrases you casually throw about (and I wan't referring to 'straw man', nitwit). Your strategy seems to be to deluge anyone disagreeing with you with long, non-sensical responses, in the hopes of exhausting them. But hey, it seems to work.
Clever. But I still didn't get a mature response, which is par for the course for a nitwit like you.I also assume you're unaware of the meaning of some of the phrases you use to make yourself sound clever and educated. Phrases that people in polite company typically don't use.
Jesus..you love the straw man argument, don't you?You continously accuse others of misrepresenting your position, despite the fact that you love indulging in the same game yourself - feel free to re-read my post w/o jaundiced eyes.
I thought the same when I saw the post. Several people on this board do seem to equate extensive alterations to a RTW garment by a competent tailor to be a rough simulacrum of bespoke. It really isn't, and the differences in fit, comfort and style are evident.That being said, the RTW alterations route is a pragmatic one and one can easily obtain a good fit via this option.Bespoke is, after all, nothing more than an (unnecessary) luxury.
I have seen coats from several top Neapolitan houses (and have tried, and been dissatisfied, with a couple myself). Solito is unreliable when it comes to dealing w/ foreign clients (and I'm being VERY diplomatic when I say that).No experience with Pirozzi, but I would personally go with either Gennaro Paone or Renato Ciardi.
^ I disagree, veni - it's nothing like a Fresco. It's a standard lightweight worsted - more like Lesser Super Tropical.
It is great stuff. Minnis had a big sale 7-8 years ago when they sold off the remnants of their Rangoon stock for 12 pounds / meter.
+100He has mentioned, on numerous occasions, that he receives his bespoke garments at 'substantial' discounts. I've had a SR tailor tell me he typically gets 50% off. It's also worthwhile to note that not all his reviews are positive (see the latest on Kiton for example).
New Posts  All Forums: