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Not sure how you can comment so definitvely on balance w/o seeing the a side angle shot. That's the only way to tell.
All Neapolitan tailors, save Rubi, go for a shorter back balance. It's considered part of the traditional cut.
I like and enjoy the site, but what troubles me is how often editorial content is usurped to talk up Clymer's own personal collection.
Their new Cellini models don't get a lot of love on TWAT, but I'm a big fan!
Note that InTweed simply re-sells lengths from mills at a premium. It's a nice service, but cheaper / easier to go to the source.For example, some of the green tweeds referenced above are from Islay Woolen Mill. Glenlyon also has some beautiful green tweeds.
So true. As much as I love the G-Wagon, it's an absolute pain to actually drive.
Love the RR, but the G would be my choice by a country mile!
Speaking of underrated manufactures! Love Grand Seiko, and their 62GS models from Basel '15 are stunning.
Love JLC, and would happily blow past the $15K barrier for pieces like the Reverso 1931 Center Seconds or the Duometre Lunaire. The best value, high-end manufacture.
I would go with the classic configuration:Coat: Peak-lapels with belly, besom pockets, no vents, grosgrain facings (cloth should be a 10-11oz. black or midnight blue in a wool / mohair mix)Vest: Low-cut single or double-breasted, preferably a horseshoeTrousers: Single-forward pleats, grosgrain stripes, no cuffs, cut to wear with braces
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