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^ Thanks, Chris. Sounds like a great trip and it's good to hear more aboyut the Milanese. I'm guessing they're probably next in line for a SF-breakthrough. Neapolitan tailoring is now getting old on SF
Who were the tailors you liked?
Del Fino's giacche book is the furthest from the Brits in both designs and finishing.H&S' Dandy and SherryTweed are nice as well.
Del Fino is the pro pick.
This is great - can you pls id the fabric?
Is shipping included?
Did you happen to deal directly with Jon DeBoise for the bespoke piece? I'm guessing he's more receptive than a standard CATD salesperson.
Anyone know the whereabouts former Dunhill tailor Bruno Cosentino? I know he was briefly with Ercole, but has since left.
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