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Thanks, I have had a chat with him and was hoping to get a review from someone who has ordered in the past.FWIW, his 'MTM' is bespoke by most standards - a paper pattern is cut and the suit is tailored by a dedicated team of 3-4 people. He only refers to it as MTM as there's a decent amount of machine-work in the finishing.
A-Man is my tailor here and I highly recommend them.
Saxony is a carded flannel that is great for sportcoats and does not come across as 'suity'
Is his brother still traveling with Edwin?
Ha, ok. Though that doesn't answer my Q on the missing Inis rollneck?
Very nice
Wow - it's nice of you guys to allow that, but it's a bit of a d-bag move.
I've read Dopey's review from a few years ago, and I'm curious if anyone has used them more recently. Thinking of using them on a sportcoat - Paul Winston is great fun to talk to, and his ties are amazing. Wondering if the Chipp bespoke magic from the JFK days is still around.
Not seeing the stonewall on the site - sold out already?
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