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Greg - what's the timing for tomorrow for the preview?
Thanks everyone - do Moser and JLC really do custom? I thought JLC does some minor dial changes to the Reverso, but nothing more
Thanks - I think he's hoping for a more 'traditional' manufacture in the vein of JLC, GP, Zenith, etc.How much is VC's bespoke offering (stock movement, just dial changes)?
Does anyone know which reputable brands offer custom watches? Not necessarily built up from the ground, brand new movements, but maybe just custom dials with modules off an existing model. I can think of Vacheron and RGM, but anyone else? I know Patek does as well, but you have to be an existing customer of some repute. My father-in-law is looking and he has a budget of about $60-$70K.
I've had a bad experience with AZ Fine Time - I deal regularly with the Seiko Boutique in NYC- best to just call them directly.
I received the silk / linen, and it looks amazing! Thanks to dw for leading the charge on this.
Thank you - it works now.
Can someone please direct me to this 'early bird' offer? Thanks
Not sure if I agree with all this talk about Italian tailoring being at pole position now. To be clear, Italian tailoring is more popular on SF (within the very small sample set of people on this forum who actually order high-priced bespoke). As a whole, Savile Row is far larger than Italian bespoke houses. The Rake contends (and I have no reason to doubt them) that Rubinacci is the largest Italian bespoke house, and makes 800 suits / year. That's 30% smaller than A&S and...
I have tried Ercole and was happy for awhile. His service appears to have deteriorated significantly over the past year, and I have no desire to stick w/ him.
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