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Anyone from NMWA on the above? I'm looking to snag a Hackett overcoat but may wait if the Eidos and Camo are in the same price range ($900-$1,000).
What is the expected pricing of both the Eidos DB overcoat as well as the Camo coats?
Maybe you would if you had picked up some basic math skills along the way
Greg - when can we expect the Eidos and Camo overcoats to go up?
It is indeed. Though, to be frank, I have been disappointed by their bizarre pricing strategy and scheduling for the trip - American customers will pay a (decent) premium to the UK price, with no discount on CMT. That coupled with the fact that they intend to visit only twice a year makes me believe that their re-entry to the U.S. market may be unsuccessful and short-lived. I hope I'm wrong.Look forward to seeing your pics!
Would look better in the brown / black combo.
A fur collar? That seems very unlikely at Camo's price point.
Cool - look forward to the pics.
Nice. Curious to see pics of these. Hopefully, you'll carry the wide herringbone that The Sartorialist featured.
I've griped in the past about ET's customer service issues, but I have been pleasantly surprised by my last few orders. Whatever changes are afoot are very noticeable.
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