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^ can the mods check IP addresses here - another new poster who just registered yesterday!!
Gotcha, thanks
Interesting that both handmadeharry and NickyD just signed up to SF today/yesterday. What a weird conincidence that two ardent supporters of C&L, both w/ over 20 garments from the firm, have signed up and posted within the past day.
Any pics? Did you go for the green or oatmeal?
Huh? So if he's had a poor experience w/ C&H he shouldn't write about it on a message board devoted to such issues, because it might 'affect people's livelyhood (sic)".Don't be ridiculous.
I was referring to the sample sale in NYC.
edit, double post
Hmmm, any chance the basketweave cardigan or turtleneck may make an appearance?
T&A in NY used to have some great ones as well. Did you see those?
I'd like to order a casual, raglan-sleeved, overcoat from a local HK tailor. I'm told many tailors are unskilled / unfamiliar w/ the raglan, and would appreciate any guidance on a good tailor for this coat. Would Lee Baron be a good call?
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