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It does wear big for a 43mm
Revo has quite a few Basel videos on their site which are incredibly frustrating to watch. Frustrating because its obvious that Revo has tier 1 access, but their staff have zero on screen experience. Wei Koh interrupts every single person with "Yeah/ Yes" and mindless commentary (oftentimes not letting Marc Hayek complete a sentence), and Sumit strives to be overtly eloquent but just comes across as nervous and unprepared. Say what you will about Hodinkee, but they're far...
FWIW, the bezel is WG - rest of the watch is steel
Opinions on the new steel / white gold Sky Dweller? I think both the black and blue dial versions look sharp, and are "well-priced" for a annual calendar / dual time comp from Rolex. One concern is on the fluted bezel which comes across in pics as being very showy. Does that bezel dull over time to something a bit more modest?
Any suggestions for a mid-weight (11-13 oz.) air force / postman blue suiting (i.e. blue/grey mix)? Minnis had a great one in their Classics book which is now, sadly, discontinued.
Nice - are these truly custom or MTM?
Thanks very much, Dino. Will definitely post some wrist shots once it comes in.
Thanks, Dino - that's helpful. I bought it over the weekend, and excited to see it in person soon. FWIW, I have the newer, XL model with the THA movement from Journe + Halter + Flagolet.
Dino - any thoughts on the Cartier CP Tortue Monopusher (IIRC, you own one)? I have an opportunity to buy one in good condition for $8K from a private seller, and I'm told they typically go for $15-$20K these days.Any thoughts / reservations? Thanks for the help
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