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Does Eido now have an opffice on 56th bet. 5th/6th?
stay away from heavy frescos
David: could you pls id the fabric on this coat?Thanks,GC
That's just the quality of the photography - I know the coat in question, and it's the same cloth.
^ http://www.islaywoollenmill.co.uk/shop/tweeds/k-range/
Pretty self-explanatory - 2M of a great brown / blue striped linen / cotton shirting from G&R (one of the top mills in the world). Typically retails for $90, selling at a big discount. Price includes CONUS shipping. Int'l orders: pls pm me for shipping charges. Note: please do not pm me with any offers below the price shown - thanks
Ray Ban 5227 or 5298
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