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Not my cup of tea, but good for DLJ if he can swing it.
Salmon and Periwinkle then
I like that overcoat. The tie is searing my eyes though - what is that - orange and yellow??
Thanks, unbel.
They have to replaced often as the oil runs out, but they do work. If one is hoarding thousands of dollars worth of fabric, it's worth the expense and hassle.
Cool, dry place in a plastic bag with a few cedar blocks sandwiched between the fabrics. I've stored some fabrics that are 5+ years old in this manner and they're just fine.
Anyone from NMWA on the above? I'm looking to snag a Hackett overcoat but may wait if the Eidos and Camo are in the same price range ($900-$1,000).
What is the expected pricing of both the Eidos DB overcoat as well as the Camo coats?
Maybe you would if you had picked up some basic math skills along the way
Greg - when can we expect the Eidos and Camo overcoats to go up?
New Posts  All Forums: