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Berg & Berg
Interested in the linen - would love to see some pics.
Yup, a turtleneck. Would like to order another.
Will there be another Inis MTO this fall?
I've also had a few PM's re: top frame designs. As an FYI, the below is what I mean by a top-frame - where the bag open up like a traditional doctor's or Gladstone bag:
Thanks - I don't believe either Clegg nor Lotuff offer top frame designs. I'll check out Baker and Trudell.
Thanks, looks good but I'd really like a top frame. Thoughts on the Pickett below? - http://www.pickett.co.uk/shop/leather-goods/briefcases-and-folios/A-Frame-Case/
Thanks. But at that price I'd rather just get something new from a lesser known brand.
Willing to spend anywhere between $1,000 - $1,500 - not quite SAB or Tanner Krole territory, but a step below. I have a strong preference for dark brown / Havana leather in a top-frame design. Any suggestions?
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