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David: could you pls id the fabric on this coat?Thanks,GC
That's just the quality of the photography - I know the coat in question, and it's the same cloth.
^ http://www.islaywoollenmill.co.uk/shop/tweeds/k-range/
Pretty self-explanatory - 2M of a great brown / blue striped linen / cotton shirting from G&R (one of the top mills in the world). Typically retails for $90, selling at a big discount. Price includes CONUS shipping. Int'l orders: pls pm me for shipping charges. Note: please do not pm me with any offers below the price shown - thanks
Ray Ban 5227 or 5298
Defintely CATD, particularly if you can request Jon DeBoise to be responsible fr your suit. As stated above, you're cutting it very close, so you should make your decision asap.
It's a fairly standard color and pattern. Harrison's, Fox, Smith etc. all have something similar.
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