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Very tempting, this might be my first foray into G&G...any pointers on sizing? I take a 9.5 E in EGs on the 888 last, and my only idiosyncrasy seems to be a slightly higher instep. 
I'm sure his political opinions have no bearing on whether he's a good conductor or not; it, however, does have a bearing on whom I choose to see. There are plenty of musicians out there of equal capability who do not openly back an oligarch threatening world order to secure his own power. (too bad none of them bother to come to Australia)I daresay that Gergiev is performing more for the audience than the musicians for that matter. It's more fun that way, right?
Was very tempted; but Gergiev's position on Ukraine made me reconsider.
 Wait a second mate, wasn't that exactly what you did when said "How can you have a decent opinion about something you've obviously not really listened to?"?/dickhead mode fully engaged
Right back at you. Go have a listen to Das Musikalisches Opfer and then come back and talk about form in music. 
Yeah, I don't know much about Rothfuss' background, and the only book of his I've attempted is NotW. My point isn't that is wasn't entertaining - rather that it was too entertaining (and I suspect his "self-awareness" may play a part in that as well) - the characters were just a little bit too clever and a little bit too witty, events happen a little bit too coincidentally, creating a veneer of contrived superficiality which, while entertaining, destroys the earnestness...
 +1. Not too much. The texture of the strap complements the strong, sharp lines in the watch. If I ever got a GS, this would be the strap I'd use - I've always thought the lines on the GS were too strong for a normal strap.
Woah. If contracting leprosy, being left by your wife and children, being ostracised from your town and never having the chance to interact with another human being beyond their disgust for you isn't grounds for self pity...
Really? I found the writing to be insufferable. It felt like Rothfuss wrote some power-trip fan fiction, and decided to take himself seriously. Read halfway through it, couldn't finish it.Excellent fantasy novels which blow GoT out of the water are many. The first contemporaneous example which comes to mind would be the Liveship Traders trilogy. Of course, for a good yarn, nothing beats GoT. For all its heavy-handedness and literary insignificance, few other books have...
Most of Tira and AAS's ties aren't really that loud. They may be different, but that is in the pattern and not in the colour & texture, both of which are commonly found in more sedate fits. Gianni is pretty much the only one who does "bad" loud well.A more interesting question is how to do "bad loud" well. A few observations:- Gianni often uses DB suits, which have naturally higher buttoning points, and show less of the tie. In this way, the tie becomes more similar to a...
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