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 And all of that would fall under the market rate...I'm talking about beating the market as a financier.
  [[SPOILER]]  Now, I'm no financier, but if there is a default market growth rate which I assume would be due to the increased efficiency from better allocation of resources with a capital market, and attempts to "beat the market" are due to information asymmetry or risk leveraging, then gains beyond the market rate are are to the detriment of other potential investors and do not generate real surplus. Again, I'm no financier, so this is just a thought. 
Sounds like the EMH implies that any gains beyond the market rate are zero-sum. Great benefit to society that is, eh?
 First thing that went through my head was "Bloody oath, a single-vented jacket?"
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But nouning verbs is fun!
Edit: Sorry Fok, I wrote that post before I saw yours. Pruned.
Oh dear. Apparently your "good education" never taught you about the importance of context in determining the impact and meaning of language. I had expected more from you, who advertise your superior sophistication so openly. I mean this in the most sincere and non-patronising way when I say that I am honestly disappointed. Anyway, that is sort of along the lines of what I'm arguing. Foo's use of tar baby here is, IMO, acceptable. I have outlined my reasons in a previous...
I am quite unaware. I, much like you, have a profound distaste for many social justice movements, and avoid tumblr unless necessary (if, of course, your lordship sets up one yourself, then I will follow religiously. I won't even ask for trigger warnings).The thing that sets this book apart is that literature is not "common usage". It is making an overt point through studied irony. Of course, if everyone using the phrase "you can't learn a nigger to argue" is as masterful...
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