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Hi Gents; What's the sizing like on the Frank Leder green ovecoat? I wear 52 L on Eidos - the L looks perhaps a bit on the small side from the shoulder measurements? Thanks!
Kopped! :)
Hi gents; 52 in Eidos sportcoat = 52 Eidos in coat size? Thanks!
Hi gents; Temperatures are getting a bit chilly, and I need some handsocks. How do you size yourself in Merola? Also, how much does lined vs unlined affect fit? I like a smug fit with my gloves, but it's also cold enough to warrant some lining... Thanks!
@mimo Oh man, you're way too good at this enabling business. Last time you did this I walked away with the JLC MUT with the small seconds (which is also why I'm reluctant to go the "boring" route - have my favourite one of those already) it stands, the second Breguet classique (5277, apparently) looks the most promising - plain enough to be a dress watch, but the guilloche dial and the minor complications balance out the space left by the thin hands and numerals. Or...
Ah yes, I meant "standard" more in terms of "the usual suspects", and by "average" I mean the canonical dress watch design. No disrespects meant, of course. In fact, the original plan was to purchase something from the big-name brands (probably a Lange), but the dealer we went to being an AD for Journe threw a wrench in the works.  Mimo, RG was less expensive than the WG or platinum, but it's a minor point - we're not particularly inclined towards any particular metal;...
 Aye, so more on the dressy side, minimal complications, probably rose gold (we like both, but rose is cheaper) =<40 mm, as it's probably going to be one of those pieces which gets handed down. The budget is around that - we were looking at the standard Pateks, Vacherons and Langes, but the Journe really did stand out from your average dress watch without being too flamboyant.
Hi gents, quick question - what are alternatives to an entry-level Journe? I'm not familiar at all with the top end...
I'm in a similar situation with my stock of cbd shoes, and my ideal next addition would be an Adelaide, but in a deep burgundy.
I had a pair which looked like yours when worn. I sized down half a size and immediately felt better.
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