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Hi gents; Looking to purchase some durable shitkickers - http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?shoeid=4087 seems to be good for what I want. Have a question on sizing - I'm a UK 9.5, US 10 in standard width. However, the shoes are only sold in G width, and I was suggested to size down by half. Would this be advisable?  Thanks!
Hi gents; Looking for a nice solid casual winter boot for throwing about in the snow and whatnot. Rubber sole is required, and some sort of fancy water resistant welting thingo would be preferred. Budget is around 300-400, but as always willing to pay more for more quality. Currently looking at the Windermere or Langdale, moreso towards the Windermere because the broguing on the latter might stand out a bit on a lighter coloured boot; would love to hear some suggestions...
Rtc, don't feel bad about that one. What you are doing conceptually is very good - picking out things which stand out to you, which should generally to be avoided. It's just that sometimes things which shouldn't stand out do, and vice versa, because you haven't seen enough of them to be accustomed yet.
Nah, musician. Although I have been known to make my keys vanish for hours on end. Very inconvenient.
Yep, looked at the l versions. Funnily enough, the sleeves were a bit too long, even though the length and shoulders were to small. Differences in measurement methods maybe, but ss was pretty good in all those departments.No budget for the bow tie and cummerbund -these things are "do it once, do it right" for me.
Thanks for all the advice and suggestions!  Took a look at the Benjamin measurements - about half an inch too short. SS one should be right - better a slightly trimmer leg than too short a jacket.  Suggestions for a good bow tie & cummerbund purchase?
Ty for the suggestions guys, should probably have mentioned that I'm looking for something more conservative and well constructed - so if herringbone does a narrow lapel like the do on their suits, they're out. Reason for looking at ss is because they have generous lapels and are full canvas...don't know if that means they're better quality in general, though. Also have doubts if their nontrivial trouser taper is appropriate.
Hi gents; Suggestions for tuxes in Sydney? Can't do MTM/bespoke I'm afraid, got called up for a gig in 3 weeks. Otherwise been looking at buying online from suitsupply, but as always trying stuff on would be preferable. 
3 weeks. Enough time for OTR shipping and alterations, but not enough for MTM or bespoke. Would like to get decent construction if possible - hence the SS as my first port of call. I don't think either JAB, Benjamin or polo are full canvas?I live in Australia, so pretty much the only options for me are online. Will try to ask around for local stuff though.
Hello; Need an emergency tux. Looking to get the one off suitsupply's webstore, but a bit worried that it might not be conservative enough in terms of length and trouser tapering (would like as little as possible). Is the suitsupply tux the one for me? If not, are there any alternatives? Thanks!
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