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Hi Gents.   Are these Goodyear welted? I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive pair and have a few Westfield vouchers so looks like DJ's is the go. I wouldn't mind some Chelsea boots to wear for an event this weekend.   Sorry for my lack of knowledge. They are Florsheim Blundell, which is part of the "Imperial" shoe line.   Cheers    
Benhour, that was a 15 minute job, so after spending another 20 minutes bulling the toe cap, it's pretty damn close to a mirror finish now. Thanks for your comments though. I'm still learning and whilst Kiwi isn't the most "premium" brand out there, they've been around for decades and I'm happy with their products.
Cheers mate, I've a few old silk ties I can sacrifice as a final buff cloth. Well thankfully the polish has really sunken into the pores. Checked this morning and did a quick hot breath and light polish with a microfibre cloth, ran my fingers on the toe and no excess polish came off. Might attempt at achieving a better mirror finish later. This is so addictive...
Thanks mate!    I think spending more time would yield a much better result, as I only spent approx. 10 minutes on each shoe to achieve that result.   But I'm quite happy for someone who simply read this thread and had zero clue prior on how to properly take care of leather shoes.   Now to try this on some Loake 1880 Toe Caps! Currently awaiting approval from the treasurer...
The hot breath and polish towel (microfiber) worked a treat to remove the swirl marks. Thanks for the tip.   This was lurking somewhere on this gigantic thread, so here is another link to a video that was the most effective with my experience.   First time I've achieved a pretty good finish, and am pretty happy. Can't wait to try this on a nicer pair of shoes. I used Kiwi parade gloss wax (with carnauba).    
Hi Gents,   Created a nice bull shine on my toe caps, however I've got some fine swirl marks on the finish. What do you guys use to remove the swirl marks? Its my first attempt at mirror-shining, and I'm impressed so far, except for the swirls.   I used some of my girlfriend's panty hose to try to rub off the swirls, but no luck. Any advice please?   Miguel
I certainly do mate lol. I'm no ectomorph but my damn feet are quite narrow which means damn limited lasts!! I'm an UK8 which means they don't look too dangly!
Exactly. Even better that there is a dedicated Oz thread.   SF is just a dangerous place to lurk, as you blokes buy some seriously expensive threads!   
I gave them a few coats of leather conditioner, and about 3 coats of wax polish on the toe box and heel counter.   Not excessive so I can let the leather age a bit. I've been using Kiwi stuff until I read about Saphir stuff so I'm keen to try that product line too.   I've seriously learned a lot on SF within the last few weeks. Cheers guys. 
Thanks for the bolded tip. I would've strolled into the cobblers with brand new shoes! Makes sense now.   I did go to Henry Buck's/DJ's and sadly an F Last is slightly too wide. I'm not a big fan of thick socks with business shoes, so looks like an E last would suffice.   Shame as E fittings offer less lasts...
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