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I only just ordered. probably hasnt started due to the recent holidays
I received an official invitation for Pitti. They will unveil their 2017 line up. So far, Marco has been very responsive to my inquiries. Once my order is complete, Ill upload the pictures comparing the maestro and his apprentices, the community can judge for themselves.
Update. Below is price list, minor changes for 2017 after pitti This is our price chart. Almost no changes, and prices will remain the same for 2016. We will do minor adjustments in 2017 after Pitti, at the beginning of January. Ready to Wear (RTW), Super Flex € 600, shipping within EU - € 495, shipping out of EU Ready to Wear (RTW), Hand Welted € 995, shipping within EU - € 820, shipping out of EU Ready to Wear (RTW) are made on standard sizes....
Spoke with Mr Facchinetti via email, he assured me there are no changes regarding personnel and all the lines in production have continued. He is looking to improve production by improving communication with customers and delivery times. I will place a new order as I love my novacento tokyo pair and keep everyone posted on my experiance.
after giving the family some space to mourn for their loss, I emailed them several times with no luck. Today, I received a response from a Marco Facchinetti (marco.faccinetti@theblossomavenue.com) stating that he is the new owner and manager of production. He states he has been one of riccardos closest friends, over 25 years. a google search of his name reveals that he is an architect/urban planner based out of milan. We will be speaking again on Thursday (after he visits...
34 y/o married man. I am a nurse by training, my wife a down to earth physician, inhabitant of the big apple since I was 6 years old. I always dreamed of wearing fine suits and other classic menswear. I have finally made an income where I can make that happen and so decided to join this great group of menswear aficionados. I smoke cigars, both cuban and non cuban and enjoy single malt as much as the next man. I have approximately 16 pairs of Alden, 2 pairs of Crockett &...
New Posts  All Forums: