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Nothing better than the Classic Blue Oxford and the Blueish Green University Stripes (and probably the Blue University Stripes).
True to my G+R oxford. My only criticism is that it's a bit too nice (light, soft, smooth - proper so to say.
 Thanks, I washed them twice at about 40°C/105°F and they didn't shrink at all. I should probably give them a wash at 60°C/140°F and put them into the dryer, but I was hesitant about that, because of the half lining.
I'm quite sure the pants are mine, I've got them last summer/fall, but didn't wear them at all. I took the measures from a pair of MTM pants, which were made in light wool. Unfortunately I didn't know that heavy linen drapes differently than light wool without cuffs. The linen pants fit about 1-2 inches longer than the woolens. I also need to take in the waist, since the adjustment range or rather grip of the Daks waistband is not appropriate for the weight.
@Luxire: Any chance you could restock the Blue University Stripes Oxford? I liked the unbleached white and muted blue better than the remaining options, like the Navy University Stripes Oxford.
50% 13.5oz Indigo Dyed Wool, 40% Cotton, 10% Nylon according to their Website.John Lewis Donkey Jacketwww.johnlewis.com/kin-by-john-lewis-melange-wool-mix-donkey-jacket-navy/p1171682
[[SPOILER]] How cool is that! I was thinking quite some time over something like a woven cardigan / shirt jacket and this is close to perfect. Stuff like high quality CPOs, barn coats and chore coats are hard to come by in Germany. I am using a swedish M59 at which I removed the back pockets and added horn buttons, but I don't like the look of the slanted pockets and the huge collar.This with three patch pockets, sleeve/shoulder-lining and maybe raglan shoulders... 
 I had no tie in mind when thinking about the one piece-collar. It's wearable, but there are many better collars. I don't think the button positions are the biggest problem, but the missing crease between collar points and band. At the one piece, the tie is riding up the throat, but at normal collars the crease holds the tie in place. 
Giving the Slubby Indigo Chambray the 1st wash:
Maybe I should keep the collar for some kind of Boardwalk Empire themed party. I will have the collar changed, since I intended to wear the shirt w/o sport coat or tie. But you're right, there's some use for that kind of collar. I am really thinking about getting a similar collar for my wedding in May. Some kind of white GR dobby, this collar with a bit more spread and 2 cm shorter points, convertible cuffs like clapeyron showed last year (I don't like french cuffs) under...
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