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 It can be a bit annoying to iron the front at the lighter shirts like linen or seersucker, but it's never a big deal for me. Usually I do iron the underside first and then the front of the shirt. It's probably 2-3 minutes more than a regular placketless shirt. Are your plackets (the one-piece) lined or unlined? All besides the oxford shirt are medium lined and (I belive) fused, which provides some structure for the ironing. To fix your shirts, you might consider having...
   Underside of a typical one-piece done right:   If you intend to wear a one-piece collar with first and 2nd button open, the big underside of the placket is essential for a smooth roll from the closed button over the collar band to the points. If the underside ends too soon, you'll see a noticable crease at the seam. Luxire did this once and (unasked) and even though the collar is nice on it's own, it would look much better otherwise. Here's a picture:  Look at the...
Ask Luxire if you might also need correction for sligthly square shoulders. Your shoulder line looks a bit straighter than the shirts shoulder line, hence the tightness in the armhole and the crease lines between the first closed button and the shoulders. 
Again, thanks for the advice. Washed the trousers at 50°C and put it into the dryer, now the fit is much better (unironed).On a sidenote, those at the pictures aren't my pants, but the are remarkebly similar, down the the lenght of the extendet waistband.
Nothing better than the Classic Blue Oxford and the Blueish Green University Stripes (and probably the Blue University Stripes).
True to my G+R oxford. My only criticism is that it's a bit too nice (light, soft, smooth - proper so to say.
 Thanks, I washed them twice at about 40°C/105°F and they didn't shrink at all. I should probably give them a wash at 60°C/140°F and put them into the dryer, but I was hesitant about that, because of the half lining.
I'm quite sure the pants are mine, I've got them last summer/fall, but didn't wear them at all. I took the measures from a pair of MTM pants, which were made in light wool. Unfortunately I didn't know that heavy linen drapes differently than light wool without cuffs. The linen pants fit about 1-2 inches longer than the woolens. I also need to take in the waist, since the adjustment range or rather grip of the Daks waistband is not appropriate for the weight.
@Luxire: Any chance you could restock the Blue University Stripes Oxford? I liked the unbleached white and muted blue better than the remaining options, like the Navy University Stripes Oxford.
50% 13.5oz Indigo Dyed Wool, 40% Cotton, 10% Nylon according to their Website.John Lewis Donkey Jacketwww.johnlewis.com/kin-by-john-lewis-melange-wool-mix-donkey-jacket-navy/p1171682
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