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 Got my shirt today, nice Royal Oxford with a standard collar, thicker MOP buttons than regular Kamakuras. Besides that I don't see the benefit of this line, compared to the regular Tokyo Slims. But I haven't worn it so far.    Thank you, Kamakura!
 I have done that at one of their oxford shirts and many from other makers. It usually no big deal if you are careful and use a proper seam ripper. The only problems I've had were at coarser chambray shirts, especially when garment washed. At closer inspection you'll notice traces of the pockets. I would be careful when trying this on the leno cloth, the weave is quite complex and you'll have a hard time finding the thread of the seam. I've ordered a navy leno shirt myself...
Don't dry knitted shirts ón a hanger, they will stretch more or less. Let them dry flat. Good news is that the shirt will return to its normal size after washingand drying. But expect the shirt will stretch over a day of wear.
Luxire has a cellulare fabric in white and navy. Otherwise you can use their CMT service and source some Acorn Leno, Sictess Cellulare, Monti Monticel.
It looks pretty close to the linen Chambray like: Or could be this one (generic picture, See link before):
The shirt is mine and it is great. Speaking of the slubby Chambray, I like it quite a bit. I ordered two of them with my last order and another one about 9 months ago.The old shirt is the third from the left and it has got more blue after maybe 10 washes. It bleeds quite a bit, so I guess it the weft is super saturated with indigo and therefore greyish in the beginning. Wash it a couple of times before the first wear or it turns quite blue at the armpits.
Thanks for clarifying.   Interesting read, lots to learn from your post. I guess the original customer choose the "raw" work to emphasise the "Händwerkz". The underside of the buttons is a bit colored like on other trocas. The buttons are flatter and bigger than at Finamores RTW shirts. 
 Yes, the pick stitching is overdone, but I still like it. For 70 Euros, probably never worn, I won't complain.  Finamore, don't know about the fabric. I know you're far more knowledgable about making shirts than I'll ever will be. I can't see why the button hole should be unfinnished. They look like every other handmade button hole at Finamore, Salvatore Piccolo or Cesare Attolini shirts I've came accros. The bar tack is located at the 4th button from above. The Italians...
Nubby pick-stitching everywhere, shirred shoulders, yoke, armholes and cuffs.
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