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Thanks for clarifying.   Interesting read, lots to learn from your post. I guess the original customer choose the "raw" work to emphasise the "Händwerkz". The underside of the buttons is a bit colored like on other trocas. The buttons are flatter and bigger than at Finamores RTW shirts. 
 Yes, the pick stitching is overdone, but I still like it. For 70 Euros, probably never worn, I won't complain.  Finamore, don't know about the fabric. I know you're far more knowledgable about making shirts than I'll ever will be. I can't see why the button hole should be unfinnished. They look like every other handmade button hole at Finamore, Salvatore Piccolo or Cesare Attolini shirts I've came accros. The bar tack is located at the 4th button from above. The Italians...
Nubby pick-stitching everywhere, shirred shoulders, yoke, armholes and cuffs.
 Hopsack/Fresco or Wool/Mohair blend when it comes to wool. The Hopsack Linen is wearing also very cool despite the heavy weight. Regarding shirts, I can recommend the Cellulare besides linen or linen/cotton, which is very airy and doesn't wrinkle much. Downside is the prominent texture, which makes it unsuitable for CBD.
There's a chambray shirt with a tab collar at the international site, Tokyo Fit. http://www.kamakurashirts.net/shop/g/gWD102425S/
        I just flipped over my standard one-piece a second time. I agree, it is very Pajamas-like, but found it useful at very hot/humid days were you are happy for every bit of extra airflow.
What do you think about that shawl-like collar at a linen shirt (in the summer heat, with rolled up sleeves)?  
Whats the point of the little pocket under the left arm?
 Got pants in the same fabric last year, but had them altered heavily.Now I am looking even more forward for the warm days.
 If i consider the Pinpoint Oxford the standard NY Slim Fit and the Blue University Stripes some kind of irregularity, I would say the NY Slim 40/90 and Tokyo Slim 41/89 are very similar in the body. Obviously, the NY shirt is longer (arms, body), but chest/waist are only marginaly tighter in the NY slim. Will do a comparison tomorrow. Regarding the linen shirts, the wrinkles are probably aquired taste and like the way linen wrinkles much better than those at very thin...
New Posts  All Forums: