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 Just standard production cigars at the evening. I also liked the Edmundos and Petit Edmundos when they came out. The Edmundos tasted almost the same as '97 Hoyo Epicure No. 2 (in a good way) and the Petit Edmundos were often given to us by Urs Portmann as the first cigar of the day when we arrived at his shop. Great find on the Punch "Air France" Edition. I guess these are Petit Corona sized cigars?
     It's not much different from the last iteration of the collar (picture with a tie here), just a slightly different front at the collar band and placket construction. A picture from the #7563 with a tie (please don't mind the combination, it's the only one I've got here):   I think it is wearable, but for use with a tie, I would with a hard unfused lining or a medium fused (shirt is medium unfused). It looks asymetric because I raised the left arm to take the picture....
 The shirt at the left is the Cotton Linen Blue Chambray. Details of the collar:      
    Fedex delivered the shirts just minutes before the game against France. Of course I've left the office before. Just a few quick pictures (and don't mind the bad exposure):    The collar is just what I wanted, Luxire did a perfect job following my requests.
I am awaiting the delivery of two shirts with an updated collar band today. I'm sure Luxire followed the changes and I'm thrilled to get my perfect collar.
I have factory-made darts at the Finamores and Borrell and had a repair done at one arm. You just have to use special needles for jersey so you don't damage the structure. At least this is what my tailor told me.
Burnt Orange, Light Green, Pale Yellow, Brick Red, Wine. Pale or Light Blue, Beige/Ecru, Rust and Chocolate Brown would be nice.
I have two New York knitted shirts, a red with a button down collar and a medium blue (the slightly darker blue which was added a few days ago) with the cutaway collar. Both are nice, but I like the blue cutaway a bit better, since it is more versatile.The fabric itself is finer and stronger than the average pique/polo fabric of your Gant or Hilfiger shirts. This is important because otherwise the weight of the long arms stretches the fabric over the day and they become...
I would go with long sleeves and short sleeves only for the hottest days with white linen or voille. Regarding the fabrics, I have the Linen: Pale blue end-on-endhttp://luxire.com/products/linen_pale_blue_end-on-endwhich looks very similar to your first, but is a tiny little bit darker due to a more blueish saturated weft (or warp? I dunno). I think the slightly darker shade of blue is more favorable for pale guys like myself. Given the looks, I wouldn't be surprised if...
Is this the Dark Indigo Denim Chambray with a heavy wash?
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