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Kamakuras buttons are a bit nicer than the standard-buttons from Luxire. On the other hand, Luxire sets in the sleeves after the side seams of the body have been stitched (both seams are slightly rotated) while Kamakura stitches the side- and sleeve-seams in a single operation. Luxires method is said to be more comfortable (pulling the shirt when raising the arms, no hard spot of fabric in the armpit). Otherwise they are pretty much comparable. I think the Kamakura linen...
Isn't almost everyone doing something like this? I think Audi is putting sound machines (loudspeakers) under the exhaust, making a Diesel sound like a V8 Otto. Those stuff is something like thishttp://youtu.be/qqpcBpSsj1Ajust for the old kids.
I didn't ask, since the shirts will be too late for this summer. Plenty of more important stuff to get first ;)
I was asking this several times, but never got an answer. http://www.styleforum.net/t/304965/luxire-custom-clothing-official-affiliate-thread/3720#post_6471826 http://www.styleforum.net/t/304965/luxire-custom-clothing-official-affiliate-thread/10260#post_7128945 If you're interested in CMT, you can look around for Monti Monticel or SIC Tess Cellulare / Cellostar. Most convenient is ordering Acorns Leno online. I did so, but have to find a maker. The Acorn stuff is lighter...
Regarding the Video: from time to time you're happy that there's someone with a faster car, clearing the road.
Drake's navy shantung with sky blue spots.
 It can be worn with a tie, but it depends were you inted to do so. It will always look a bit soft, wrinkled and asymetric. Some might say sloppy, others might embrace it and call it sprezz. For me it's fine, since I don't wear a tie for work, but for private occasions like summer weddings or restaurants I wouldn't hesitate to wear the one piece with a tie. Pics: This thread Tumblr
Today I'm wearing the Blue Dress Stripes Seersucker and it's a nice alternative to linen when it is not so terribly hot but still quite humid. And the look/structure is great. Shirring at the shoulder and yoke is also well done at this shirt (the darker picture is a bit misleading because of the shaddows, in normal daylight it is more discrete).                
  Now that I am a collar celebrity, can I please have my royalties from all you shameless copyists?  This is a true One-Piece? It looks like the underside of the collar is cut from the same piece of cloth as the front panel and not a seperate piece as in the regular One-Piece. Oh, all the pieces! 
It was just a quick search, nothing serious. Regarding the rarity, there are about 40 M6 Gran Coupe, 60 CLS63 and 50 RS7 available at that site. And in general, I see the current generations of Audi S/RS or AMG models more often than the M's. Especially the Audi SQ 5 TDI is so often at the streets, I am starting to think that Audi gave the early customers a free engine upgrade ;-). (Yes, I know, the S-Models are more in line with the 35i/40d or 35d/40d in terms of price...
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