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I was just logging on to see if they were still available. LOL
Isaia Aquaspider. Black. Size 40. Obviously the sleeves need to be shortened, but I am unsure after that. I can also return it. I think I want to bring in the waist a little. Is it too long?   Isaia Aquaspider. Black. Size 40.  I need feedback. Obviously the sleeves need to be shortened, but after that I'm not sure.    
Wow...I'm surprised these are still around. I'm usually a 9.5. How do these run?
If it doesn't sell, I'm interested.
38 inch waist?
I do NOT need another coat, but this is my type of coat. It's gorgeous. Interested in a trade? :)
Serious markdown from $650 to $500.
Thank razl, you're awesome.
Absolutely beautiful sweater that I purchased at the Loro Piana store in New York. I just have to let this one go.   It's a bargain at this price. 21.5 inches armpit to armpit. 100% silk
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