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I'm looking for a PTB similar to AE's "kenilworth" which is discontinued.   Anyone know any similar shoes that I could look at?
I love the look of the alden for brooks brothers plain toe bluchers in shell cordovan #8. Unfortunately I can't afford them, and used ones rarely pop up.    Can anyone recommend a cheaper alternative?
Help!   I need to buy my first suit, very quickly. I have 2 days, and about 5 hours spread between the days to take care of it.    I am a college student and I'm not looking to spend too much.   1) Is is possible to buy a suit off the rack, or will I look silly if it's not tailored? (I have a very small chest, long torso, narrow shoulders)   2) What color/type of tie should I buy? Are the skinny ones ok?   3) Do I need a vest? (I know nothing about...
Interested in size 10D   Kenilworth - bourbon calf and walnut calf   Leeds - Shell cordovan    Thank you
 Thanks. They got a little too carried away with the canvas shaping on the albert's. I almost bought them.  I don't like logos, so the blazers and sk8 his are out. For some reason I've been anti chucks, but maybe I'll look around to find a pair.
 Those are really nice, however they are $575. The ones I posted are probably about $40
I will paypal $20 to someone who can find me a pair of shoes that look somewhat like this that end up buying   
Anyone who has the time, how do these jeans fit me, in your opinion?   
Wow, thanks for the tips everyone!   I hadn't considered skinny guys at all. I thought the WG taper was more for a certain look than it was to match a specific body type. I'll check them out.   Unfortunately this is my second try with tate and yoko. I've already spent almost 50 in shipping. When I get my next pair, it will be 70 in shipping. I didn't know what I was getting myself into!
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