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Sportscraft is basically j crew. Their brixton linen suit is actually really well cut, low buttoning point with a good length. You can check them out at myer for the fit, or online, and I think they run some big discount on spends over 300.
Looks a tad small on the hips, hence the open quarters and rolls of fabric at the back of your waist.   Also, the upper back looks a little big, it could be taken in to clean that up.
Can't go wrong with blue suede shoes... Unless you pair them with a white jumpsuit of course.
 Welcome to the next level.
The more you know!
The Aldwych continues to grow on me. The AE's look a bit "sturdy" in comparison.
Why not go buggy-lined and unstructured? Waaay cooler still.   I have a couple of cheap OTR linen/cotton blend suits which are only lined in the sleeves and across the back, and the only structure is very light shoulder work. They breathe well enough to cope with Brisbane conditions, and they're from Sportscraft of all places (the "Brixton"), so Myers and/or DJs should have them in stock if you want to have a play. They're cut surprisingly classically (low/proper...
I haven't seen a one piece collar which stands up well enough to wear with a suit, but then i haven't seen many examples of a one piece collar.   It's hard to beat the OCBD when it comes to wearing open collars with a jacket, as drearily conventional as that sounds.   Anyone got a pic of an awesome one piece collar?
I'm all for the British style of wearing black with navy, but the patch pockets, brown buttons, and softer cut would rather go with brown shoes. You could get away with black though.
Ah, cheers for that link! I had browsed that thread a bit, but somehow missed the important, first post. :p   And yeah, for me the Churchill is on the fence between interesting and ugly.   Actually, after seeing the last shape of the Dorchester (the loake site is a little thin on pictures of the shoe), the Aldwych is probably the one for me. Why fight it, it's a classic for a reason!
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