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Hey guys, so my denim jackets have finally come in these past couple days. Could 'all help me decide which one to keep: Kill City or Levi's? Kill City: fits shoulders, boxy, 2% spandex, contrast sleeves, raw black, long sleeves Levi's: Fits shoulders, pretty narrow waist, semi-faded, shorter sleeves        
My Heattech stuff has finally arrived in the mail today and I have a couple questions: 1. What exactly is in the "heattech" stuff that makes this thing warm, the acrylic or their advertised "milk protein" (which I find hard to believe)? 2. Whats the antibacterial agent? Wouldn't it wash away? 3. Is uniqlo supposed to be boxy? Shoulders fit a bit slim for me, but my HT fleece sweater seems to be a bit boxy/baggy while the LS shirt seems to skim along my torso. 4. Can...
Shirt is $30. Shipping is $7. Tailoring is $12. ~$50 for a fast fashion shirt? Man, shopping is a nightmare for me. Thanks guys.
How do Uniqlo shirts typically fit? I'm looking at this bad boy here: stats: 5'6" 40" chest x 30" waist
Hm, I'll see what I can do. But I already got it tailored from this:I understand bulky = yuck. I'm hoping to put more effort into actually making this a stylish item in my wardrobe.
I know most people think field coats look ugly, but how do I make this one work? I've put the money into tailoring the sleeves, I'm wondering what else I can do with it or get ideas on making an outfit that makes these work... I've been looking at this guy for a while now.... What does SF think?
Supes had some pretty sweet outfits in MoS, anyone know where I can get some good henleys? Even "thicker" or "thermal" ones for the F/W? Also wondering where to find a bboying jacket like this: All help is appreciated!
^Gap had khaki ones on sale... But then again you wanted olive.
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