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Posts by Darkhorse92     what is the jacket/sweater in this picture?? and What are those shoes?! 
What is the best Japanese eyeglasses brand? 
I really like this jacket however it's way too expensive. Can someone maybe help me fine a very similar jacket with a smaller pricetag? It would be much appreciated!     Preferably suede with similar design (i.e. those two front pockets) 
Hey guys - need help identifying this jacket.     Its the jacket zac efron wore in "that awkward moment" 
Can anyone help me with the name of this peacoat?   
YeahYeah those are pretty similar!
Hey everyone    I'm in need of some help. I was wondering if anyone knows a place where they can make a shoe based on a picture and drawing. I need someplace that will make a very good quality shoe with as close replication to the drawing as possible. Does anyone know of a good place or website?!?   They are Loafers if anyone is interested 
Someone should just email him or something and ask lol but yeah I'll keep looking and keep you posted
Could possibly be! Lol but I don't care who is wearing them I just like the shoe. And that would make sense. Know any place online where I can get them?
    Here is another look at them
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