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Thanks for all the comments - I've just been looking at some of the suggested brands and really like the common projects. Also Uniqlo don't stock jeans in a 28" waist, but I've ordered a pair of APC petit standards. Should I look for any other specific brands if they don't work out?
I'm a student that has saved up nearly £5000 to spend on new clothes, but I'm slightly nervous about just blowing it on items I like. Before I spend I thought I'd ask on here if those of you who have spent years building a wardrobe have any advice - or could let me know some common mistakes new members make - as I've worked many hours trying to save for this :)
I'm thinking of buying a few items from endclothing - has anyone ordered from them before? If so, what did you think of the service?
Around 6 months now. They are black though, Do they stretch as much as the indigo denim?
Is there a UK supplier that stocks PS's in low sizes? I have a pair in a size 26 but they haven't stretched as much as I hoped. I'm thinking of trying out a 27 & 28 to see what fits better, but if I order from the APC website like last time I'd have to pay to return a pair to France, which could get expensive.
Does anyone know where I can buy plain white stan smiths in the UK? I was going to get a pair instead of getting CP's, but can't find a place to get them anymore...
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