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Thanks! Sorry for the fuss.
Since when a retailer does not have to charge VAT?
Dear Gustin,   for the International shippings: why is VAT not deducted on these orders, as all international customers would clearly have to pay customs on the order - and of course you would not have to pay VAT on these orders too.   Right now I would be double charged - by you and local customs.   Thanks and regards
Interesting. One could think that order number would refer to how the item was ordered. Not only parts of the order.
Did you ask for a remake?
I really don't get it...you didn't mess up but in the end  you call it a lesson learned for you?
Hi,   could you give me fitting advice on these pants, how the measurements should be adjusted (apart from the length) to give it a better look, especially legs and around butt.       Measurements are Waist: 16.50 Hip: 20.50 Thigh: 13.00 Knee: 9.00 Bottom: 8.00 Front Rise: 10.50 Back Rise: 17.00   Thanks alot.
It's logical that you would want more fabric at belly then on the back, isn't it?
 Could anyone give advice?
I ordered a shirt online with following measures for the waist: front waist width: 17.75" back waist width: 15.75"   The shirt arrived with   front waist width: 43 cm ~16.9"       back waist width: 41cm ~16.1"     So total waist about 33.0". Unfortunately too small for me.   I contacted the manufacturer and got replied that this is normal as "(17.75"+15.75")/2= 16.75" on average. Thus front waist would always be 16.75". For me this doesn't make any...
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