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Should I size down? Or just take it in a little on the waist? Its Bonobos Halifax        
I have new Wolverine 1000 mile boots in black, size 8.5D. I have tried them inside the house. Boot tongue shows that these boots were tried. First quality. $240
I have brand new never worn or tried Wolverine 1000 mile boots in brown, size 9D. These are flawless and have original box and everything. First quality. $270
I have Brand new in box Wolverine 1000 mile boots for sale, Brown ans size 8.5eee. Never worn, first quality. $240
I am not sure what happened to these boots, but I had a brand new 1st pair that was almost like that from the box - thats it, showing brown raw leather when its supposed to be black. They were sent back right away.
I had a chance to check 9 IR and 8.5 Beckman. IR boot was too loose. 8.5 Beckman is really snug/small, and Im going to return/exchange them too.
I did that before with many of my shoes, and leather just comes back. So it does not damage anything. But thanks for public stoning lol Also, it looks worse in the picture than in real life, toe box on wolverine is really soft.
Just pushed the leather in))Ay thoughts on fit?
I cant decide for myself what size to keep. 8.5D in black, 9D - brown. 8.5D fits ok with a dress sock, snug with wool and kind of tight w insole. I can use a bit more width, but not critical, although I see a toe popping from the side lol. I like the slimmer look on it, but I do not like that it creases diagonally. There is maybe 1/2 inch space in the toe box, so the length is fine. 9D fits a little loose with dress socks, some heel slippage, better w wool and insole....
Some picture of recently aquired boots, all in august..... Wanted only one pair of Red Wings Beckman , because it was a really good price from amazon. Got IR to compare, dont like them much. Then W1K... QC is horrible, brown pair is going back for exchange, and prob will get rust. So, in the end 3 pairs. Beckman in cigar, runs really narrow. Id say almost the same color as Wolverine Brown. W1K black and Red Wing Iron rangers in Amber Harness
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