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 Dear God those are beautiful ties!
A year and a half later and no picture of the tonic with patch pockets?
Lovely fabric... Cheers
Has anyone heard of a tailor in Westminster named Tam Truong? Yelp review claims that he was trained in Savile Row, and while that wasn't too much of a red flag, it goes on to say he is the tailor for the Steelers and Nigerian heads of state.
Wish we had the weather for me to wear such a robust fabric. Enjoy
That is a wonderful hue and I imagine it will look quite good contrasted by blue taping. Do you plan on including the back vent and belting?
The mailer offers coordinated leather goods, going so far as to offer their Neumok Collection as a "look that emphasizes style and comfort". I'm sure the leather goods are nice but don't act as though coordination is king and then tout your vests as " the contemporary man's...go to" while pairing them with a floulard tie and striped OCBD. We're not even gonna get into the Lee rider jeans they're branding as "Heritage 34".
Elwoodc, I'm a from So Cal and I kept being sent here by Tumblr and other site so I figured I would join up. I like the London look and try to keep it Sharp. I'm always looking for vintage shoes and boots. See you in the funny pages!
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