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Nope, not if the price is good.
That sucks, dude, I'm sorry. Kiton in the first post is a great first post by my count. Welcome to the thread! And it looks like a lovely piece, you can probably snag some good $$ for it.
This is ladies, right?
What in God's name is happening today.
Fit pic! What an awesome find. I'm not sure what I would do with it, honestly, aside from preserve it and admire the quality. A. Caraceni is for sure a grail for me. 
I ordered the cream twill chino. And yeah, I measured off my favorite pair of dress trousers and made like two little tweaks. They turned out very nicely, and I'm looking forward to ordering more.
Absolutely fantastic. Wearing an OCBD by them right now, and I love my high waisted trousers with side tabs from them.
Geez, the shoes in the last day.
Indeed. I'm rather concerned as it has now spread to other threads, at least for me.
So I am unable to view any recent pics on here at all, on both my phone and my laptop. Anyone else having this problem?
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