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I managed to get out today for a bit! Pretty stoked, I actually had some good finds. Not pictured: NWT PRL Italy light grey wool trousers in my size, PRL Italy SC in my size.   All N/A for now.     Additionally, the most heartbreaking pass of my entire career:  DB pinstripe orphan, ABSOLUTELY totaled. I mean, shredded. I wonder wtf happened to it. My size, too. 
Haha I just got back from Interstellar in IMAX. I agree, absolutely fantastic. Anyways, college has done away with my thrifting for the most part. So I've mostly been lurking here... Christmas break is coming fast, however. I already have several trips planned. Hopefully I'll be back here in a couple of weeks with some cool stuff to post. 
Bespoke Rubinacci? If bespoke and good styling I'd probably buy and try to clean if >$60... Being a lover of all things bespoke, that's a pretty rare and impressive find. If it's just the licensed Rubinacci for Barney's or whatever, I'd probably pass. If it's a 42R/L I may be interested personally 
I live in Newport now, at school. Don't waste your gas, my friend. It's rubbish down here most the time. When I want to thrift I head north. 
Nope, not if the price is good.
That sucks, dude, I'm sorry. Kiton in the first post is a great first post by my count. Welcome to the thread! And it looks like a lovely piece, you can probably snag some good $$ for it.
This is ladies, right?
What in God's name is happening today.
Fit pic! What an awesome find. I'm not sure what I would do with it, honestly, aside from preserve it and admire the quality. A. Caraceni is for sure a grail for me. 
I ordered the cream twill chino. And yeah, I measured off my favorite pair of dress trousers and made like two little tweaks. They turned out very nicely, and I'm looking forward to ordering more.
New Posts  All Forums: