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Wow, nice fit sir. I absolutely love this jacket! Deets?
What about a chocolate knit? I do not own either of the others at this moment (burgundy knit is cotton and to skinny anyways, and navy knit recently met an untimely end at dinner ). Another tie I considered is a solid burgundy 100% cotton, with a really nice neat texture.Haha I have a pair of tan suede tassel loafers I almost wore, but I figured that would be just too much. :P I'll try it next with some bals or monks.
Thank you, sir. The PTBs were partially out of convenience due to some highly unexpected rainfall here. Out of curiosity, what shoes would have been your first choice? Nice fit, btw.
The picture lighting is something I will certainly work on, thank you for pointing it out.  I didn't particularly like the look texture-wise with my only current pair of grey trousers (worsted), though that could be just me. My next order from Luxire will be a pair of light grey flannels, and I agree that those would look better. Spoilered below is a pic with the collar buttons undone. I think next time I will opt for a light blue spread. The sleeves are about 1/4" too...
Heh. Very astute observation. Though I have absolutely no doubt that @leftofthedial looks fantastic at this very moment, I did in fact mean @TJGent87 .  Sorry guy. Carry on. 
@leftofthedial Fantastic look, man.
Alright guys, I actually had some time to try and take a halfway decent picture today (i.e. no bathroom selfie as per usual). I will endeavor to always post a picture like this from now on, as opposed to selfies haha. I took advantage of the relatively chilly and rainy weather today to try some fall textures, like @upr_crust. Fantastic fit by the way, sir.         Trousers are a chocolate brown flannel. Cheers guys.
@arnathor  Happy birthday!
      @capnwesWow, that thing is AWESOME! You should totally do a thrift fit haha. 
Yeah, the old stuff is pretty cool. Cuts are very uninspiring but the quality was excellent. Very nice handmade buttonholes.
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