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Oh my.
Almost forgot about this. So freaking cool. A very rare find.
Fair enough, and I have to agree. Thanks again, that's why I'm here. 
Thanks for the critique! The suit isn't really very formal. 100s brown plaid, not particularly soft or anything (nothing fancy, just a Paul Stuart workhorse). But I absolutely agree, with the tie and the shirt! I honestly hadn't even thought about it. Thanks for pointing that out. I don't usually pull the sprezz card, and I won't do so here.Also, I agree about the CT suit. That lapel was FANTASTIC.
WIWT. Full length selfie turned out terribly, so only closeups this time. Wearing a new hand rolled silk square I found in a thrift store yesterday. What say you?    
Is my size.... Proxy maybe? Nice first post, welcome!
Holy crap! Which styleforum member died?? Awesome finds, man.
Did one of you gentlemen outbid me on the awesome Turnbull & Asser smoking jacket that Linda just sold?
Thank you, sir. All excellent suggestions. I usually wear braces instead of a belt, but since I never really wore these trousers I never took the time to get buttons sewn on. I really like the idea of a brown braided with this outfit.
Fantastic, congrats! Straight thrift?
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