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You guys are killing it today. I went out today, and also found Hermes. Pics hopefully tomorrow, I've sadly been too busy to post my weekly hauls. Keep it up guys!
Haha you don't appreciate that I look like a giraffe in this pic??
Easter Sunday thrift fit/bathroom selfie: Caruso cotton unstructured SC No name shirt BR made in Italy silk knit (Not pictured) BR linen trew C&J shell PTBs
Those oxfords look very nice, guys.
I have no doubt as to the differnent standards, but Golden Fleece standards? I'd be very impressed haha. Not to argue though, you could very well be right. Thanks for the info.
Nice haul, @GMMcL.
I doubt it would be Lardini though, I've never heard of them making suits to that standard of quality.
I thought it was just the "Brooks Brothers Hand Tailored" line that was made by Isaia. Martin Greenfield made golden fleece until a few years ago, then I thought they had just used Southwick.I've never heard of Lardini making GF, just 1818.
Woah, BBGF made in Italy is by Isaia?
There is usually no difference in quality. For example, EZ for Neiman Marcus would be the exact same quality as a normal mainline EZ. The store tag is basically just Neiman Marcus getting some free advertising by having their name in there, and it can also signify a special collection designed by Zegna specifically for NM. Usually the price is the same as well, or at least highly similar, at least in my experience. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "special commands"....
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