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So I have been in Europe for the past month and was unable to vote for some reason... I returned last night and just popped in to say, I will be voting today and tomorrow. I'm sorry I wasn't able to vote the whole time, Wes. Happy thrifting, all. I'm going out tomorrow, we'll see what happens. First time in a couple of months!
HA missed that. I was thinking NWT at Savers or something. Sorry! I shall retreat back into my lurking cave now, hopefully to emerge in the summer when I can actually thrift. 
Yeah, that's a thing. NWT to boot.
Fits very slim and short... But I can confirm, that specific jacket is made by Kiton. Really nice heavy feel. I would have kopped but it was way to short. Also, be advised, it is ventless. Not a jacket for the faint of heart. But super badass. 
I'm so sorry for your loss, @Tyrone MacStiophain. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. 
Okay, here is my non-expert but decently well researched opinion and observations. There are four things about this suit that lead me to believe it is not, in fact, Savile Row. 1: The buttonhole. The buttonhole looks to be sewn using a slightly different method than that employed by Row tailors.2: The lack of boutonniere. This is very uncommon for Row, albeit not unheard of.3: It appears that there are only two buttons on each cuff. Again, this is not impossible, but it is...
Seriously! Based off those lapels Ima guess Chittleborough Morgan or Nutters. Looks vintage so probably Nutters. Or Ed Sexton. I'm excited to see more. 
I managed to get out today for a bit! Pretty stoked, I actually had some good finds. Not pictured: NWT PRL Italy light grey wool trousers in my size, PRL Italy SC in my size.   All N/A for now.     Additionally, the most heartbreaking pass of my entire career:  DB pinstripe orphan, ABSOLUTELY totaled. I mean, shredded. I wonder wtf happened to it. My size, too. 
Haha I just got back from Interstellar in IMAX. I agree, absolutely fantastic. Anyways, college has done away with my thrifting for the most part. So I've mostly been lurking here... Christmas break is coming fast, however. I already have several trips planned. Hopefully I'll be back here in a couple of weeks with some cool stuff to post. 
Bespoke Rubinacci? If bespoke and good styling I'd probably buy and try to clean if >$60... Being a lover of all things bespoke, that's a pretty rare and impressive find. If it's just the licensed Rubinacci for Barney's or whatever, I'd probably pass. If it's a 42R/L I may be interested personally 
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