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 If you're using celebs to gauge a jacket makers worth, then Lewis Leathers wins hands down... that and the racing history and cafe racer culture with it. I don't think they're easy brands to compare as they offer quite different products. Regards leather choices Aero offer a much larger range of options that have more character and have great aging potential. Lewis use a very uniform, fine grained cow hide that is suprisingly supple for the weight but provides a 'cleaner'...
Looks incredible, do you have any more shots? It appears shorter than in other images I've seenof the standard board racer-closer to the existing Aero cafe racer designs regards length. From that image the collar also looks slimmer?
Looking at the Junya fit, Proposed changes are spot on as per Thurston's suggestions.
[[SPOILER]] Lewis leathers racing jacket no.442 They offer mtm, a wide colour range of calf and have added horsehide as an option for some styles I believe. Very good water resistance and very supple for a heavy leather.
Don't get me wrong I'm in agreement about the banded hem - especially on the front. It takes a 50s racing shirt style and makes it too 70s(?) It visually makes the jacket appear shorter also and impacts on the sharpness of a clean panel. Just trying to put out some ideas that allows the details we all like as it seems my initial post veers to closely to the Junya for Vansons liking...  [[SPOILER]]
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If the compromise here would be a banded hem on the body I could deal with that I guess...Do prefer the cleaner front though. Not sure on the exact details of the double Rider back-Is it similar to what I've done below? Excuse the rushed PS jobs    [[SPOILER]]
The pocket placement and slim fit are the defining elements for me. Reminds me of old racing suits you'd see in the Isle of Man TT  [[SPOILER]]  That combined with front facing sleeve zips and hardwear details like an exposed front double zip provides plenty of visual interest in my opinion. The back detail is the difficult one as you don't want this to be an exact copy of the Junya. I reckon the Daytona back design with adjusted fit and kidney panel shape would suit me...
From an enquiry I made to Vanson about 18 months ago regards the x150: "X150 is a propriety leather made exclusively for Vanson. It is steer hide tanned using waxes, proteins and chromium salts. The thickness is about 3oz and it breaks in really nice!" If i'm not mistaken the Daytona model seen on rakuten uses it.
Regards the inside, I think having a thicker strip of leather along the hem would work - allowing the stitching to sit closer to the hem creating a cleaner line. Something like below left.  Is the general preference for a snap back collar? I consider that the better option and part of the appeal for this design - Essentially a modern take on the classic Brimaco.
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