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[[SPOILER]] They did one
+1 For Vanson Cafe racer as they appear to be making that rider design available. From what I can tell the initial camo lined models used a lighter weight leather and the later tartan lined was very substantial.   [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
Agreed regards fit and the thickness of leather. My lewis could be slimmer around the arms - I had to size to my chest. Any additional reductions and I could see an issue with mobility and would certainly struggle with layering. For my personal preferences I couldn't go any thicker than the leather used on this but I'm amazed by the quality of the Aero's I've handled.
Thanks for the info Thurston Bros. Noticed a new model being displayed on Vanson's facebook page which interestingly has the look of one of the Junya's.  
Anyone have experience with Vanson and the quality of their jackets and customisation options? I've been searching for a cafe racer style for some time and essentially want an amalgamation of these two Vanson models   To create something remarkably close to the junya x Vanson   [[SPOILER]]
The Juyna x Vanson Moto is by far my favourite of the lot. Agreed about the arm zip though, I've owned a couple Lewis Leathers and their positioning of the zip is perfect and anything else becomes seemingly irrelevant. I don't know if Lewis allow such drastic alterations, but I think the Sportsman jackets would provide a good basis for getting something similaredit: + Lewis Dominator zip config  [[SPOILER]]
The Toj offers a more luxurious (and better priced by far) option, I just have a thing for collabs with bike jacket manufacturers for the simple element of just how solid they are. The Victim x Vanson and Junya x Vanson collections especially.
Foot the Coacher/Authentic Shoe & Co x Aero in Horween   [[SPOILER]]
Edwins take on the super monza, The 'Further' Jacket - Though it has an emblem on the sleeve but is a 'fashion' option. Super Monzas are a heavy jacket as expected for it's primary use and it's details reflect that of a jacket intended for riding. Badass jacket though, mines 30+ years old and still going strong.    
Always been a fan of Lewis Super Monza variations. Inherently British and offers an alternative to the ubiquitous Perfecto styles.     I'm in the process of deciding between a Lewis Sportsman or Super Sportsman for my next jacket and searching for others in a similar design. Had this Edwin been produced in black it would have made the shortlist.  [[SPOILER]]
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