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You probably need the burgundy cashmere as well!
PM sent.
Shipping $5 CONUS 3.5" wide. All excellent condition. Exceptions noted. Kiton - Black, silver, white. $50 Kiton - Red $40 Charvet - Maroon. Large pattern. $30 RLPL - green. Tie loop unattached on one side. $20 Armani - yellow/gold. $20 Burberry - tan, white, red, black stripes. 3.75". $50 Brioni - grey, black, pink stripes. $20. Has a slight crease.
I'm looking for a sample of Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille.  I like it in theory, but before I drop $300+, I'd like to try it.  I don't live anywhere near a retail location, and I don't trust ebay, amazon, etc.  Does anyone know a way to get a sample, or would anyone like to sell me a sample from their personal bottle?  Thanks.
Recently purchased from another SF member.  I have never tied it.  I would imagine the previous owner did.  The tie looks to be in excellent condition.  I don't see any flaws.  It's a gorgeous tie, but I'm not a huge fan of grenadine ties, like I thought I would be.   I'd like to get close to what I paid.  3.5in wide.   Asking $60 shipped.   I believe it's the fina grenadine.  Link...
I'm 5'8".
Forest Green. Purchased from another SF member. I have never tied it.. May have been worn previously. Excellent condition. Gorgeous tie . 3.5 in wide $65 $60 shipped CONUS
For reference I wear a 40S. Being a shorter guy, the older trench coats make me look like a child because the are so long. The coat fits like a 42 regular. When I get a chance I'll post some measurements.
 I haven't worn the Prince of Wales Large plaid pictured above yet, but I can tell you it is beautiful in person.  I would highly recommend it.
Merry Christmas to me!
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