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Last price drop until June at the earliest. A steal at $1600 shipped!!! Buy it before I lose enough weight that my wife lets me keep it!
Last price drop for until June at the earliest. $1600 shipped! A steal!
Thanks! If anyone mentions this add, I will knock off an extra 150 and sell them the coat for $1600 shipped! http://www.styleforum.net/t/522223/grail-nwt-rlpl-shearling-suede-coat
Ordered these online. Too small for me. Got a great deal and they are sold out, so before I send them back I thought I'd offer them up on here. Size 9 US $100 shipped Let me know ASAP.
#2, 3, 4, 6 sold 1 and 5 still available
WEEKEND PRICE DROP!  Grail!! NWT Ralph Lauren Purple Label Shearling and Suede coat.  Buttery soft suede leather.  Inside is 100% shearling.  Gorgeous details.  This coat is incredible.  It is exactly what you would expect out of a RLPL coat.  Unfortunately, my wife says it's a little too snug for me, so it's up for grabs on here.  Color:Suede is a military green.  Darker than olive, but not brown.  It's a very nice color.Shearling is brown.  Extremely warm.   Retail...
I would be open to trade/$$ combos as well. I'd really like to have either a Burberry trench or Peacoat in 54. Also looking for a swaine adeney top frame bag.
Thanks razl! I'll drop $5 off the price. $55 shipped!
#2, 4, 6 all sold.
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