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Recently purchased from another SF member.  I have never tied it.  I would imagine the previous owner did.  The tie looks to be in excellent condition.  I don't see any flaws.  It's a gorgeous tie, but I'm not a huge fan of grenadine ties, like I thought I would be.   I'd like to get close to what I paid.  3.5in wide.   Asking $60 shipped.   I believe it's the fina grenadine.  Link...
I'm 5'8".
Forest Green. Purchased from another SF member. I have never tied it.. May have been worn previously. Excellent condition. Gorgeous tie . 3.5 in wide $65 $60 shipped CONUS
For reference I wear a 40S. Being a shorter guy, the older trench coats make me look like a child because the are so long. The coat fits like a 42 regular. When I get a chance I'll post some measurements.
 I haven't worn the Prince of Wales Large plaid pictured above yet, but I can tell you it is beautiful in person.  I would highly recommend it.
Merry Christmas to me!
Picked up this tie on sale. Got a little wrinkled in the box. Gorgeous colors. Orange base. retail: $265. $140 shipped CONUS Comes with Baney's NY tie box
I know this isn't a clothing item, but I accidentally bought two of these over Thanksgiving.  Can't return it.  New in packaging.  Never opened.  Thought I'd see if anyone wants to buy it here  before putting it up on ebay. $17 shipped.
4 ties. $50 shipped
Got all the cashmere grenadine swatches today. If anyone is interested I'd be happy to post pics, although it would be from my camera phone, so I can't guarantee the quality will be great. First impression of the swatches is there are a lot of beautiful and rich combinations. My favorites so far are 1. Bitter Chocolate 2. Burgundy 3. Forest Green.
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