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PM sent
$250 shipped. Comes with a converter that I had fitted to this pen. Also comes with a pack of cartridges.
MontBlanc Starwalker Platinum Fine Nib.  Pen is a cartridge fountain pen.   There are converter's that fit this pen, and if you would like one, I would be happy to send one with the pen. This is a beautiful pen that was given to me in July.  I don't care for the Starwalker design, so I'm putting it up for sale on here.  It's in like new condition. &nbsIt is 100% authentic. $250 shipped.
BNIB MM sneakers. Size 9us. Cream/White color. Retail $595 Yours for $275 250 for the weekend!
BNIB Black Leather Size 10us $50 shipped CONUS
Purchased a month ago. Still on first ink fill. Excellent condition. Fine nib. Writes beautifully. Selling to fund another purchase. Comes with a converter that I found that works perfectly and a package of cartridge refills. For those that do not know, the Starwalker was made to be a cartridge pen and a MB converter was not created to fit this pen. There are, however, a couple converters made by other pen companies that fit this pen perfectly. I found one and...
2 MontBlanc Starwalker fountain pens in excellent possible mint condition. I have purchased a converter for both so you will have the option of stardard ink filling or you can use cartridges. I will include 3 packs of cartridges if you buy both. They are both fine nib. If you search eBay you will find very few Cool Blue Starwalkers for less than $500. It has been discontinued for years and is difficult to find. $500 shipped for the pair If you want only one or the...
Got another pair in size 9
BNIB MM sneakers. Size 9us. Cream/White color. "Replica" model. Note this does not mean they are imitation, it's the name of the model. Retail $595 Yours for $250!!!
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