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We the people on this thread usually don't pay that much for Armani there homie. Good luck with your scam though.
ridethecliche your "fit" makes you look like one of the better model pics on gilt. The total outfit looks better than the individual parts. Something I am trying to master. Jdrizzy looks cool / different. I'd probably cut the sleeves off and make it a vest. That's probably a bad idea though.
Chetb those chairs are purty. EazyE is chilling with a stone cold murderer / biggest and best hustler in modern American sports history. I picked up an overpriced denimish shirt made of "Italian linen" and made in the USA brand escapes me. Fits great so I paid the consignment prices.
Congrats.....but that was the set-up for the next time you go over his basement. .....then....bring out the gimp
Versace Guy take a deep breath. Now send me that jert aka schacket and you can keep your icon on the board.
Plus 1
Send it to me I'll get you fit pics. All black errthang
I vote mens on the linen polo pants. But I been had linen polo pants.
Have Rolex, omega etc etc. Some orient and Seiko represent the best watches for your $ one can buy. Plus jealousy is a female trait. You own a damn fine time piece. That orient on your wrist is clean. I need to get one of that model.
Shoeluv those pants are for a ups themed movie usher going to the prom in the late 80s. Theneedmachine those paintings are great. Time bandits reference even greater.
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