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Man if they were that close I'd insole and thick sock them mfs
Ez is the man. Those boots are a come up for someone.
Plus one. Never see Peterman that is cool looking. Great grab.Ace Face that homecoming pic brings me back. Good to see someone ever so slightly older than me on here too lol. Cool pic / description
Regarding Y-3 it is indeed faked. Real line is no better quality than regular adidas
eazye that polo is really nice, but I been had polo
Wizard Swears.... amazing haul
Clearly I'm a professional photographer: Five Dunhill and one Polo. The polo is not printed some sort of embroidery on the fabric I believe. All available for personal use or resale I don't care.
I dont care about / wear suits or sport coats / blazers but I'd definitely wear that. Nice grab
New Posts  All Forums: