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Any shot at a step by step guide on how to do this? With a material list? Thanks
Futuremyth that vest is better than anything I've found this year.
14.5 rear rise. I got 12.25 for the crotch / thigh measurements. That's for the naturals that have been washed once and air dried. Size 32 straight.
When you get a chance post pics of those Dunhill sunglasses please. Cool diversity in finds Plyadice
hbkshin I think that was most likely sold as a separate and is a great pickup
Sorry but I doubt it worth any mo-ney
barrelntrigger thanks. That's as close to a fit pic as I think I'll ever do. Not really my thing.
Flea market red wing x futuremyth assisted n&f Japanese selvedge chinos..
Hold up (nate dogg voice) did I just get called a bitch up in here?
PLaydice great haul. Those black and white Ray bans are the business. Cdgreg.... Not one to correct Spoo but I'd go off white high top chucks or stan smiths (white with navy accents) or a suede shoe.
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