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[quote name="ATLjon" If anyone wants some sweeeeeet shades.... Very cool shades
 That Moto jacket is great and the Elephant briefcase is amazing.
I get told I look like a pimp lumberjack at least once a week.  I am hungry.  I need to go to Waffle House now.  I'm back btw if anybody remembers me.  Never had any epic finds or anything but enjoy reading and viewing the amazing finds and work some of the folks here put into this.. Thanks.
I think for the money nobody beats Chippewa.  They also seem to fit me better than Red Wings.  
I found some stuff for me.  Nothing too crazy was about to post, saw 5 pages of wow worthy finds.  Crumpled up my homework and starting over.  Shoutout to the new guy who just posted pics of stuff better than everything I have ever found all put together in his first post.  Keep doing it big yall
Plus one
Chet, fit looks really good for the most part. Pants look a tad short (that seems to be in fashion at the moment). The rest looks perfect to me.
Both are definitely real. Both are really cool. Neither is going to net you a whole lot of money.
Jdrizzy that polo is crazy. I didn't been had that. Pm incoming regarding those naked and famous.
We the people on this thread usually don't pay that much for Armani there homie. Good luck with your scam though.
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