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hbkshin I think that was most likely sold as a separate and is a great pickup
Sorry but I doubt it worth any mo-ney
barrelntrigger thanks. That's as close to a fit pic as I think I'll ever do. Not really my thing.
Flea market red wing x futuremyth assisted n&f Japanese selvedge chinos..
Hold up (nate dogg voice) did I just get called a bitch up in here?
PLaydice great haul. Those black and white Ray bans are the business. Cdgreg.... Not one to correct Spoo but I'd go off white high top chucks or stan smiths (white with navy accents) or a suede shoe.
Many thanks to futuremyth for looking out and being great to deal with. My brother from the great north came through with Canadian made n&f jeans. Salute.
Just washed my naturals for the first time today. Air drying now. Got some weird ass creases on them. Hope that goes away.
No sir. Other way around.
On the shipping to Canada tip....done it for business. Major pain. Way over priced. Not really consistent. It's easier to ship overseas in a lot of cases than shipping to Canada from the USA
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