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Dang, seeing someone walking around like that on the beach would be creepy!   Being the cameraman on whatever they were producing that day wasn't a great job 
Hope you get it sorted Cleav!You tried to do it discretely with a gentleman like approach, and no response. So no other way to go from there on if communication is just cut off...
What about the collar above his lapel, and the great shoes he's wearing? Let alone the overall fit... Only things good in that pic are the chick and the car, the guy looks horrendous. It's just like someone was pushing it to see how retarded they could make him look in a public event and if he'd accept it. And accept it he did, job done.
^ Thats just plain bad, not really creepy... The creepy part is unfortunately; that's just what 99% of all people at the major department stores here would consider to be a great outfit 
Yeah that coat was a great price! Would've bought in a heartbeat if it wasn't 38L.
That sounds mildly alarming Jokes aside, have fun!
No you can't get another one for that account. You can use another code, but you just can't win one again. Been there done that (couple posts up)
Hmm, I never saw that anywhere, but thanks :)
Anyone had any luck getting a 30% code twice for one account? I decided I want to place another order when I can get another code, but have been adding and removing crap for quite some time now without any luck.
Yoox, sometimes there just isn't any logic... Better this way than the other way around though
New Posts  All Forums: