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 Thanks, that's some great info! Learn something everyday..I figured they probably had something to do with driving because of the tiny rubber nubs on the back of the heel. But wasn't sure because of the leather sole.Guess it's purely decorative on these, as they don't feel like driving shoes at all (and I'm not looking for driving shoes either). 
I tried to search for this, but didn't really find anything, so here goes... Anyone know why this shape was chosen, and if there are any advantages/disadvantages besides keeping the weight down? Also, do you think it could be replaced by a normal heel when needed? I like the shoes, but have never encountered this before, and think it looks odd, even though you can't notice it from the side or when looking down on them from an angle.  
Whilst that can work, and the guy in that pic looks fine, I don't see myself doing that. Just not looking for a coat to keep unbuttoned at this point.Coat is back on it's way! I wanted to make it work, but it just wouldn't...Thanks for your insights though!
 Valid points, you are well on your way of convincing me I actually want a DB coat, just not an under the knee long one. I am planning on buttoning up most of the time.I had a look through the SWD topic, there's some nice stuff in there indeed, but most of it isn't actually what I'm looking for, which makes me want to steer away from this coat at this point.I agree it is a bit big, not by much I think though. My main fit issue would be that it has a little too much room in...
Certainly not the best pics, but they get the idea across I think. Was planning on rocking it like this (without and with flash):  
I know he does, I don't always agree with his sense of style, but in that matter I do I like this checkered tweed overcoat's style by Rubinacci (not a fan of the color though):The image is indeed from Yoox, I actually got the coat a little while later after my first post in this topic, but am contemplating whether I should keep it. Thanks for the advice though Might post some pics while wearing it tomorrow if I can find someone willing to shoot some. It's dark out here at...
Was too late to quote this as I just clicked submit when you posted, but indeed, that was my plan Do you think the space is too big though?'s a German shop where I grabbed the image from. I think it's a 'common' coat style by Caruso though, the one I tried was without a ticket pocket and was a cashmere/wool blend.To be honest, that coat also felt really great, and fitted like a sports coat would, but I just don't think there's a place for it in my wardrobe.  I didn't think of it that way, that looks pretty good!However, I don't...
I understand, but would you wear that with a sweater? Good suggestion, I've been thinking about that too I keep running into coats with really thin fabric in that particular style though.I actually tried a Caruso coat which was I think 95 % similar to the one below, but that really felt just like putting on a suit jacket which was longer. The fabric combined with the way it's cut don't make me feel like I'd want to wear this at -10C/14F, even with a top button closed. 
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