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For anyone interested the Cabourn site seems to have stock of the camouflage holdall and aircraft jacket, very limited numbers though.
The Mallory is a large boxy fit as it was always seen to be a outerwear styled jacket, whereas the wide lapel jacket and business jacket are both short jackets that are more contemporary and fitted. The wide lapel jacket is exactly that, it features a large wide lapel and has been produced in the Harris Tweed herringbone. The Business jacket is a more contemporary styled jacket, short and fitted and features a slimmer lapel, the jacket has been produced in both a raw...
 It was infact not a typo L27 is slightly less dense than L28, but where as L28 comes in a shorter width, L27 is produced in the wider width of 150cm+. It is not mentioned on the Ventile website because of the fact that it is an old reproduced fabric specifically for Nigel Cabourn.  On the subject of whether the Ventile is less clammy, having worn both versions for quite an extensive amount of time I would say yes it is a lot less clammy. Whereas the Mackintosh fabric has...
All the AW13 cameraman jackets have Ventile on the upper, it is actually a heavier weight L27 Ventile that has been used. The mistake in descriptions as to having Mackintosh on the upper could be down to the fact that these jackets are still made in one of the Mackintosh factories or that they are just regurgitating old copy from the last winter cameraman.
The Superdenim Navy is the Black Navy, that is a regular colour for the Mallory jacket, the Indigo is a new colour which is more vibrant than the black navy.
The lookbook release should be on the 27th, it will be on the Cabourn website, and on the Facebook page that will also be launched that day.
  This is not a USHOWU promotional shot, this is an image from the AW13 Nigel Cabourn official lookbook.
I have had no problem with adding items to my basket, collaborations like the Converse obviously aren't in sale so you can't get the discount on them.
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