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Is that rewards member pricing? 
So I had a quick chat with Mauro this afternoon and he cleared up some questions that I had about the overdye. I'm going to summarize the conversation here for the benefit of anyone else who might also be confused about the overdye sizing.    The shirt pattern for the new overdyes is the same shirt pattern for the old shirts.    The new Italian factory is more precise and accurate than the old factory (hence why the new size chart has xx.xx" measurements where the...
Worth measuring the collar on your best fitting shirts. I'm sure it's not common but I've had at least one shirt (not WvG) that had vanity sizing on the collar. 
So is the new BD a slimmer cut than before? I ask because on the older WvG shirts an XS BD has a 40" (20"x2) chest. On these new overdyes, a 37 BD (which is equivalent to the XS on that excel spreadsheet) has a 38.465" chest. 
I don't know if this was already asked but what kind of shrinkage can we expect on this run?
Throwing my hat in for that army green, the maroon/dark red.  Brown and purple are two colors that I wouldn't mind having some more of.  Actually I'm pretty much on board with most of all the color suggestions people posted.
Can you provide a little more context on why you're asking? Generally, a web proxy functions as a middleman between your machine and the internet.These days they are a popular for their ability to get around restrictions based on location.I.e. Netflix in Australia has some weird policies where you can't watch US programs or something like that. Australians connect to a proxy server based in the US. The proxy server than connects to Netflix, making Netflix think that the...
EDIT: Nevermind. Someone said this already. 
I wonder how the blue looks with denim. Are they too close in shade? 
Is this the summer one or the fall one? Either way it looks amazing and I can feel my wallet crying already. 
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