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THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS. I DEMAND WvG HONOR THE SALE PRICE.On a more serious note, in for the blue trousers but on the fence about those brown plaid trousers. Not sure my office is progressive enough to pull those off. Also, FYI the gray trousers are listed twice, one as a "hollywood waist band" but the hollywood shows a belt loop waist in the photo.
I believe they were $219 for 2-3 days during the RDA sale. The demand was huge so it went to $269 afterwards for the rest of the RDA sale. 
If one comes in a tannish-light brown, your assault on my wallet will not be easily forgiven. 
How do you think these are going to shrink in the wash? 
I don't have a photo handy but compared to the website the color is slightly darker and richer. I actually didn't care for the color initially cause I thought it was too close to looking like jeans but I couldn't say no after I saw the color in real life.
I think the SF store had one. But that was last Saturday. No idea if it's still there.I am looking for the navy stripe pants in 29 though.
When the flannels are ready, as a rewards member, you will get a newsletter from Mauro containing a link to pre-order the flannels from this year.Also, per Stafa above, it appears that on the new website when the pre-order is ready, it is likely that both rewards members and non-rewards members can visit the WvG website and pre-order the flannels. The flannels previously posted about were left overs from last year's batch that Mauro put on the sale section. 
Off topic: Anyone else have trouble loading this particular thread over the last week or 2. Every other thread I've tried on SF loads fine but every so often the Gustin thread returns a "webpage not available."
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