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 the free shipping code is expired. But I think the birthday code now includes free shipping. 
Also curious about this.
25 orders, 22 shirts. I anticipate musical chairs on Tuesday. 
So for other people who pre-ordered the amunzen.  The special notes you entered don't show up on the email receipt right? 
Is that part of the "rewards" membership? 
+1 for addressing the label concerns.
Pretty much this for me as well, almost word for word in fact. Although it's ever so slightly cooler up here in the bay area than in LA. 
Was the newsletter video removed? Just tried to watch it again and got a file not found type of error. 
Came home from work to enjoy the awesome newsletter vid. Got excited for the new blue stripe cotton gauze and the amunzen. Try to add to cart and see that my size is sold out already. Wow.
New Posts  All Forums: