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Are you an 8.5D or a non-standard width? I'm also an half size in AE but I'm an E and my instep is a bit high so I typically size up.
It's a bit sad that you'll no longer be posting here on SF. Aside from the few inevitable bad apples, there's a community here (that's been even growing recently) that's just gotten used to you being around. I'm sure Gina will do her best to represent WvG on this thread and I have no doubt she's plenty capable. But your presence will be missed, and not just because you're WvG's owner and designer. You do what you gotta do though.  
I would be in for a few. 
What fit is the model wearing? Predator? Justin?
Patience. I think they're working out the details of the book keeping.
This makes it sound like you live among loin cloth wearing savages.
Any idea when the MTO'd overdyes are expected to ship? 
bottoms up
I agree with this. I think videos showing the product and explaining the different construction details or the occasional factory/production tour would be helpful. There's a reddit or two out there where people obsess over high end men's shoes. Occasionally a video will get posted showing construction/factory tours of a shoe and that never fails to drive discussion and lots of questions from the redditors dying to learn more about construction techniques etc.  
I'm sure more people will respond by the evening. It's either work time or lunch time here on the West Coast. I skimmed through it real quick but wanted to give it some more thought before answering. I suspect that may be the case for others as well. Wait for the responses...or just drink bleach.  
New Posts  All Forums: