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I hope these make it out in a smaller size. 
Edit: Nevermind. I'm blind. 
cotton twill with printed dots and lures for me.
Do mules really love waffles or something?Also, the measurements (including the thigh) looks pretty close to last season's predator fit chinos. http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/pages/chino-size-chart 
Is that upcoming WvG denim the models are wearing in some of the flannel shirt pictures? 
I have a pair of McTavish and Neumoks in the exact same size. The McTavish fit me a bit looser and I have a bit of heel lift whereas the Neumoks are a comfortable snug fit. I went into an AE store to have someone take a look and they said the fit looks ok on the McTavish.
Going to necro this thread to see if there's any possibility for another run. 
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