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Still trying to decide between flannel 1, 2 or 3.
The Harrington measurements for a small pretty much match up to a S shirt in their classic fit. I guess that's the best reference you have since no one has one of these jackets yet. 
I think a wide spread an and extra wide spread are the standard. But in the past Mauro's stated that they can pretty much do any collar. Maybe try emailing him a picture of what you want. 
Crowd sourcing and cutting out the middle man all to provide a superior quality product to the customer at a much lower cost. It all sounds good and has been proven to work well for the most part. But what you don't hear about too often is the downside.You're much less insulated from any problems. If a factory catches fire, workers go on strike or shipment gets delayed then Gustin (and by extension, us the end customer) have very little recourse but to wait.  If you were...
To be fair I think this year was a bit unusual for WvG with the Italian factories bumping the orders and taking staggered vacations in August. Sounds like moving forward Mauro has worked some sort of understanding with the factories so things will hopefully improve.I agree with you though that there should be some more communication to the customers when something like that happens.  
Got the email about the Connery sweater and the henleys.  Did the new Connery page the email is linking to not update the stock? Still shows very limited sizing. 
CDBs are often the first stop for guys who are used to rocking nothing but athletic sneakers but want to up their shoe game. For some, it's the gateway into higher quality footwear, for others it's the stopping point. There was even a thread on SF with a lot of discussion about CDBs from a few years back.
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