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I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss "bottom-feeding bargain hunters." I'm guessing that no small part of WvG's current "success (with caveats)" or "popularity" is the value proposition it offers. Luxury brand at affordable, or even wholesale prices(for rewards members). Sort of off topic but after reading a bit of Reddit I get the impression that a majority of the posters there try to compensate for their lack in knowledge by screaming loudly and denigrating those who...
 $5 says it's someone from Reddit.
For me, it's not so much that it's a stand collar but more like how the corner point is a little too exaggerated and oversized. It's just a weird proportion. 
I've been on the fence about that bomber. There's something odd about the way that collar looks. 
Any news on how this is going? 
Aren't 2 pairs of Uniqlo selvedge = 1 pair of Gustins in cost?  
 +1.You are making me poor.
 the free shipping code is expired. But I think the birthday code now includes free shipping. 
Also curious about this.
25 orders, 22 shirts. I anticipate musical chairs on Tuesday. 
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