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EDIT: kwanon said it much better than I did. 
Just got a newsletter for the henleys.
You could always just put your code in and see what happens. 
Just got a newsletter for the waffle crew necks.
Hard to say. The new size chart gives both the front length and back length. The size chart on the older shirts only gave one figure. If you take a 42 BD from the new size chart you get a front hip length of 25.25" and a rear center length of 29.75". The older size chart lists a medium BD with a length of 29". I would say it should be comparable.
I just made a new appreciation thread here:http://www.styleforum.net/t/509447/wolf-vs-goat-appreciation-thread
With the closure of the official affiliate thread, we needed a new place to gather and talk about WvG. An official appreciation thread seemed better than posting in the Denim contest thread so...here we are.
Seems like there's a lot of knee jerk crap going on in here.  I think stafa just wanted to know what happened to the pricing and why it went up from the estimated price. I don't feel like there's anything wrong with that question. I mean, sounds like the answer is pretty much labor cost was a little higher than predicted.  On the other hand, I think a few people here kinda misunderstood his question and thought it was an attack on Mauro's pricing and reacted accordingly....
I hope these make it out in a smaller size. 
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