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CDBs are often the first stop for guys who are used to rocking nothing but athletic sneakers but want to up their shoe game. For some, it's the gateway into higher quality footwear, for others it's the stopping point. There was even a thread on SF with a lot of discussion about CDBs from a few years back.
 +1.Though I guess the prices are already ridiculously low so...Edit: The newsletter in the email says the rewards code will not apply. Mauro might wanna edit his blog post.
Rewards discount not working for me on the bamboo sorona. 
I like the green the best. Kinda unique while also having a spring vibe. The pink/blue and purple/white are nice too. 
+1 on the pink and purple. Always a fan of deep dark red, not quite burgundy.
Is there a reason why all the MTO shirts are AD cut only?
 Wow this is awesome. I think Mauro should link to this on the WvG site. 
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