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So I agree with your premise that you can never make everyone happy. Pretty much every decision one makes, provided they care about the consequences, is an explicit (or sometimes implicit) consideration of tradeoffs right?WvG can choose to implement the subscription model and not care about the group of people who will be upset and whine. It's also very possible that those people who are upset would stop supporting the brand financially and otherwise. I don't have the...
Don't think the subscription model is a good idea. I mean, yeah the math obviously works out and say $100/yr subscription fee for $100 store credit is easy to spend (just 1 shirt). But while the math works out there's a huge problem with perception/principle. You're essentially forcing people to buy clothes. Yes, 1 shirt a year is nothing and probably most rewards members buy more than that but again, it's just the fact that you are "forcing" people to spend money. I don't...
I like the newsletters and the way WvG is run at the moment. Of course I would like Mauro to grow his business because not only because I feel he deserves to reap the rewards of his passion and dedication but also in results in a better (or more varied) product for the rewards members. But I don't think it would be worthwhile to grow the business in a way that lost the core values of WvG as a brand. I'm sure WvG is not the only company out there producing high quality,...
For your reference, my waist is about 30.5-31". I got a 30 slim in sixteeners and they started out a little tight. At first I could barely button up (had to suck in and really force it). Overtime, they have stretched out to be an almost perfect fit. 
That wine skeleton looks bad ass. Wish I ordered one :(. 
I wonder is it too late for them to shorten the sleeves on the pattern at this point? Seems like there's a pretty big concern about them. 
Jeans and Dandy pants.
+1 for softer tags.I thought it was just me. I think it's the 4 corners of the tag popping up. This happens on one or two of the WvG shirts I have too but doesn't bother me as much as the t-shirts.
Wait for people to get home from work. 
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