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+1000. Been wanting to pick up a quality peacoat that fits well for a while now.  
Uniqlo has been using a lot more blended fabrics lately, I feel like the quality was better a year or two ago.  
But what if Korea ties?
Awesome contest but I assume there's a cutoff time for entries. Before the game starts so people  can't submit a prediction at 89' or whatever. 
Anyone know how much (if any) the chinos will shrink in the wash? Looking to get my hemmed and not sure whether to account for shrinkage.
For the boyfriend look they probably want to go straight cut. 
I think trafficjam got a pair early and even posted a fit pic, advised to size up. 
I'm also really looking forward to the chinos.
This makes me sad. I'm guilty of sending an email or two asking for status of the shirts. However, I want to stress that, for me at least, it was just a genuine request for status. I was perfectly willing to keep waiting, just wanted to a status update to see how things were going. I wonder if other people genuinely thought it was taking too long or if they just wanted an update like me.
Is this size just going to be for the overdyes(different shrinkage?) or can we expect other new shirts to also be slightly roomier in the chest? 
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