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Is that upcoming WvG denim the models are wearing in some of the flannel shirt pictures? 
I have a pair of McTavish and Neumoks in the exact same size. The McTavish fit me a bit looser and I have a bit of heel lift whereas the Neumoks are a comfortable snug fit. I went into an AE store to have someone take a look and they said the fit looks ok on the McTavish.
Going to necro this thread to see if there's any possibility for another run. 
I think this was discussed before, with the preorder vs overstocking. I think the reason the sweaters were run in a quantity was to get better pricing. 
On a more objective note, I'd be interested in how many of the sweaters that did sell, sold to SF members. When you released the "unofficial" photos of the sweaters here it generated a lot of hype and it was some really good exposure for the product. On a whim, I just checked the WvG Facebook and Twitter pages and I didn't see any of the sweater photos on there. The instagram one has like 2-3 but that's it. 
This makes me sad. I picked up 2 of the thermal knits. I enjoy the fit of the new knits more than last season's. I was considering the gunpatch but the sleeve lengths were just too long for me. 
I got the email this morning saying you could stack discounts up to 80% off but I couldn't see how they got that 80% number. Even if you buy $500 worth of clearance items that's (30%)^2 or roughly 51% off. That's still a really good deal but where is this 80% number coming from?
THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS. I DEMAND WvG HONOR THE SALE PRICE.On a more serious note, in for the blue trousers but on the fence about those brown plaid trousers. Not sure my office is progressive enough to pull those off. Also, FYI the gray trousers are listed twice, one as a "hollywood waist band" but the hollywood shows a belt loop waist in the photo.
I believe they were $219 for 2-3 days during the RDA sale. The demand was huge so it went to $269 afterwards for the rest of the RDA sale. 
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