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For sale is this beautiful grey APC Alpaca Sweater (90% alpaca, 10% wool). Very soft, awesome sweater but a little too small for me unfortunately. Brand new with tags.     Size Back Length Chest Circumference Sleeve Length Neck Circumference XS 25.5 37 30.5 15
Ok it's not working on the EU website
Is there a code ?
3 months... I may be better off getting my jacket (if I ever get it) and resell it then
Fabuous Raf SImons Sterling Ruby Planet collage sweater, AW 2014, brand new with tags, size Small. Retail was about 325 euros. Price does nt include shipping from EU 
So nobody has ever received a refund? I may want to ask for one but it seems pointless...
How does the Sienna fit compared to Napoli? Same size for both? 
Since they ended their so-called Warehouse sale (which was just another name for Sample sale)
What's going on? I haven't seen any code or drops since they closed their so-called warehouse... 
Still looking for a toj0 spot, date doesn't matter 
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