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Can we transfer our order from Toj to Charly? 
I put so much love and effort into this and you just killed me
First fit (don't shoot me), fitting room was too tiny to take a photo if the full outfit (and I don't have a miror, or a smartphone, or not even a camera. But I surprisingly have an Ipad):   [[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]
Would have grabbed the Visvim jeans but 62$ to ship to Belgium (+ customs) is a dealbreaker
Have you been to Dorsia? 
This thread is getting boring, we need more drama
Helmut Lang shirt... Any advise on sizing? I am under the impression it fits a bit large, am I right? 
Do Mr Porter sale the same stuff on their US/EU websites? The EU sale just started while the US sale is already over, it doesn't seem really fair for EU customers
Where is that spreadsheet now? 
]Was not That transaction dont worry.
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