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Too bad its not working on sample sale items :(
Thanks. I had seen the first but the guy doesn't say if it's brown goat or dark brown goat...Second pic is really helpful, thanks, 
There have been many discussions on lamb vs calf, but how about goat? I ordered a goat borwn a2 and can't find any photo of it 
Are we gonna see further drops in the next few weeks? I think they hit 60% off now, but if I remember correctly, they went as deep as 85% off last year during winter sales..
I really miss my Toj varsity. If anyone has a 46-48 with 46 lengths (any color but yellow), just let me know. 
Selling this white mountaineering navy & charcoal quilted windstopper jazz duffle coat, size 0 (corresponds to XS), brand new with tags. Retail price was 1,575$. Shell: 68% cotton, 21% wool, 11% polyester.I like it but I just have too many jackets.  Message me for shipping costs (I ship from Belgium)
It's finally cold enough to wear my navy calf QDR. Can't believe I was considering selling it, fit is on spot, this jacket is absolutely amazing, only got compliments so far 
The seller obviously bought it from yoox, don't know who it is tho
Very nice Jack Spade Copeland Waxed Raincoat, size XS, worn less than 5 times, mint condition. I like it but it's a little too small for me. Will post photos and measurements soon. Shipping from the USA until 11/13, then from Belgium
Selling a Jack Spade Wool sorenson jacket, size XS. I haven't really worn it I think because it's too small, it has been in a closet for over a year, mint condition. Shipping from Belgium. WIll add measurements and photos soon
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