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It's time to face the horrible truth. Of course no jackets are being made, the factories are used by Falcon Garments. And he doesn't have the funds to produce the rest of the jackets. 
So there are about 500 orders that will remain unfulfilled, let's say people sent in average 800$, it means his scam is worth 400,000$. And everyone is powerless. That's beyond belief.  
Fit os the pants is great if you're skinny and he's. The color is off, he would look better with charcoal/navy pants 
He's got like a 500 jackets backlog. I just wanted to make sure there was no hope anymore (and I can't believe he's gonna get away with that: 500x/800$ jacket = about 400,000$ scam and everyone is fucked 
I haven't followed this thread lately, I just assume Drew hasn't given any update recently? He just shipped a few jackets that had been in his warehouse for months and that's it? Can't believe that the people who ordered from the new Charly's project will be receiving their jacket this week 
Does anyone know about zespa shoes quality ? 
Can we transfer our order from Toj to Charly? 
I put so much love and effort into this and you just killed me
First fit (don't shoot me), fitting room was too tiny to take a photo if the full outfit (and I don't have a miror, or a smartphone, or not even a camera. But I surprisingly have an Ipad):   [[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]
Would have grabbed the Visvim jeans but 62$ to ship to Belgium (+ customs) is a dealbreaker
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