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Mostly short sleeves shirt tho. And 25% to ship to the USA. And I can't ad the shirt I want to my cart (even though stock is low), their website really sucks  
Pretty much everything is sold out. Wish I had seen this before
I placed 2 order son Thursday from Barneys warehouse sale. I received the first one today but never got a shipping notifiication for the 2nd one. I realized today that my credit card was not charged for the second order, so I can forget it. I'm just surprised I never received a cancellation emai.
Looks fantastic
Which one? I wanted to buy the Charles shirt in blue but when I made up my mind the 14.5 was gone :/ Had to buy the grey
Prices are low but there is really not much interesting stuff left. Well I got a Rag& Bone and a Piattelli shirt for the price of a Uniqlo, we’ll see. Are the socks really good? Tempted to buy a couple of pairs.
Neil Barrett dress shoes? For 220$ on the Corner?  
Do they have slim/skinny ties ? 3.5' seems wide to me
Would not request more money. I would be really pissed as a customer.
And I though I got a really good price...Any thought on the Barena and the Alexander Wang wool bomber/varsity?
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