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This Tim Coppens gilet ?   
Yes he is don't worry. I recently got tracking for my lamb MDR, ordered March 2008.
Yes I just moved to China, thanks for the help ! 
Can you get hit by customs if you order from China ? 
ANnyone ever heard of Christophe Terzian ? Came across this jacket on luisaviaroma, not sure it is terrible or awesome.   
Lol what's so wrong with it? 
Thoughts on this jacket? (Emporio Armani lambskin)    
Brand new with box, Rick Owens x Adidas Olive Runner, size 6.5 US (39.5). They fit large, I wear 40 in Adidas/Nike and 39 in Common Projects and they fit me well.   Original retail price is 430 euros, I ship from Belgium, shoot me reasonnable offers ! 
I assume he still is, but it's true we haven't received any update in a long time. The situation is hopeless anyway
Barny Nakhle  
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