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I came across a leather with the leather code LVS, do anyone know what it means? Also, what' your thoughts on the beige pony hair geobaskets released 2 years ago? Wearable? 
Extremely rare, 17 years old CCP suede leather jacket, originally sold in Japan at 550,000 yen (equal 6000+ USD by the then currency exchange), as far as I know, only 2 of them made in the world. You will not see same thing again. Collectors' piece, dont miss out! This CCP oldtimer is from 98-99 season, the coat is made of suede leather. From the pictures you can see how beautiful the vein pattern is, the veins are not printed or added in treating process, they were in...
I love Geller but I'm not so sure about the mustard colour. 
Grailed.. And I always keep an eye on ebay too, best way to get inaisce stuff at a decent price
Half an inch off is honestly mental masturbation. It really doesn't make a real difference
Don't think anyone mentioned tracking, they just show up all of a sudden.  
Very good condition, probably worn less than 5 times. Same as shown in stock photos.  Size 1, fits small/46. Quilted lining, good for fall/spring Link to product (in another color) http://www.openingceremony.us/products.asp?menuid=1&designerid=95&productid=69243 Measurements (jacket laid flat and buttoned) Shoulders (dropped): 48 cm  Chest: 51 cm  Sleeves (from shoulder) 67 cm Ask if you have any question   Shippng from Belgium not included
Trying to make up my mind between these two:   RO Intarsia Moto     DBSS Wool-leather Ma-1  
Serious question: now that Chatrly seems to be out of the game, how will Toj manage modifications/spot selling/measurements etc?  I know I'm an asshole but I have modified my order twice lately (with measurements) and never got any answer
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