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It's finally cold enough to wear my navy calf QDR. Can't believe I was considering selling it, fit is on spot, this jacket is absolutely amazing, only got compliments so far 
The seller obviously bought it from yoox, don't know who it is tho
Very nice Jack Spade Copeland Waxed Raincoat, size XS, worn less than 5 times, mint condition. I like it but it's a little too small for me. Will post photos and measurements soon. Shipping from the USA until 11/13, then from Belgium
Selling a Jack Spade Wool sorenson jacket, size XS. I haven't really worn it I think because it's too small, it has been in a closet for over a year, mint condition. Shipping from Belgium. WIll add measurements and photos soon
Selling these allen edmonds fiesole italian loafers 7 d beige. Google "allen edmonds fiesole italian loafers 7 d beige" to get pictures of the item. Worn buyt plenty of life left. I would like to get rid of these shoes asap, special price if you buy them today (only for the USA). 25$ shipping included
CDG Shirt / Supreme Baseball Shirt (Print) 100% Cotton. Brand new, comes with a nice supreme bag. Size small. Price does not include shipping. I'm in the US until Thursday November 13th. will be in Europe afterwards
This is my first White Mountaineering piece so I’m not an expert but it seems to be top-notch quality. It’s relatively thin and is made of cotton (like 70% + 20% wool) so it’s definitely breathable. I’m definitely not an expert when it comes to tech clothing but it features gore windstopper lining so I think it would keep you pretty warm. I only tried it on indoor and could feel it was quite warm.
Lol who believes that? 
Same here. Would be a really huge mistake to let him go. They are good for 10 years with him.  Regarding Arsenal, the problem is that they have been spending more lately but you can't really see any significant improvement. We're entering November and the Premier League title has gone, and they make absolutely no chance against Bayern or Real in Champion's league. Alexis is good but Ozil has been a flop so far. I don't think they can fill the gap between them and teams...
Aha good question, I personally like it
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