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I understand/agree with the perception that a vest + shirt (w/o tie) = "douchey/pretentious at best" (but still can look 'good' if can 'get over' those connotations in my opinion)     however, I am seriously looking to incorporate this sort of outfit on a day to day basis.    The 'go to/style forum approved' way seems = Sport Coat/Jacket + Tie + Collar shirt + Vest + pants   I personally like the imaged outfit, how can i 'vary'  to be fresh if want to dress like...
If i want dalton seconds @ 199$, I should be calling jeffersonville outlet tomorrow morning and placing order? Or is there somewhere else more appopriate (live in NY).    I was originally going to just by the daltons at 15% off but if can get them for 199.....
Originally wanted Dalton Calf Dark chocolate, wasn't as sleek as expected when tried them on at store. Now considering  bourbon calf. Although I really like dark color boot and to me the Cordovan looks great. Is it worth the extra 300 to you?   http:/
any ideas for a cheaper Collar moto alternative? That prior post of custom commission job by 'daytona bikewear' looks good but seems long gone. 
Any ideas for a Toj CM alternative? I don't have ~800USD to spend at the moment..
i don't have 800$ to spend on my first jacket. not helpful, friend. 
can someone just elucidate the 'clear cut' reason why consensus seems be 'no' on this jacket? It's not obvious to me. 
'ukmerchant' on etsy has some decent (in my perception) looking jackets, and I feel like purchasing this one. In case I'm being extremely foolish for some reason obvious to someone who knows better (like people on this forum), please inform me. Thank you.   Seller says its Cowhide 150$     I spent approximately 3 hours total scouring threads reading/learning about...
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