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So much for my Fall spending freeze...
Always interested in Drakes squares. Possibly a tie, depending on type.
Shoot him a message on eBay and he'll update the invoice.
I saw @gs77 probably right before or after that picture. The jacket looked good to me.
Thanks for the advice guys. I'll try to try on the different lasts to see what works better.
I'd be interested in a pair of brown Islay's in 8.5UK
I got a pair of Onia swim trunks at Club Monaco for $18 last summer. Possibly the best deal I've ever gotten.
A Martin Greenfield suit for $65CAD, shipped. Not a bad score.
Hey @othertravel - anything going on at the Rosen outlet? Thinking of heading out there tomorrow.
The brown suede Tetbury's are calling my name...
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