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PSA: The Winners in Yorkville has some Butteros - maybe 4-5 pairs - for $250. I saw size 9, 10, 11. Only black captoes, all leather, made in Italy.
I bought an engagement ring about 3 months ago, I'll shoot you a PM.
SF10 gets you 10% off.
The newest addition to my Carmina family, courtesy of @SpooPoker - don't hold my terrible photography against the beautiful shoes.  
Haha, I'm listening.
Finally won a LuxeSwap auction! A ridiculously good deal on a pair of Carmina's. Can't wait to get them.
Has anyone been to the Rosen outlet lately? Any interesting sales or spring/summer stuff? Looking for a casual spring sport coat, and want to know if it's worth going out to Mississauga or if I should just settle for SuitSupply. Money is definitely an issue - recently engaged (why do weddings cost so much?!) and just bought a townhouse in Toronto's ridiculous real estate market (correction coming in 5... 4... 3... 2...) 
Roger should charge admission to see his shoe collection, like a museum.
I would love a local source for Vass. And you'd have a monopoly in the GTA, as far as I know.
Dropped off a pair of shoes to @jokb this afternoon. It was nice chatting with him, and I'm looking forward to seeing the results. I'll have them back in a week or so, whenever we can meet up downtown. Hopefully I don't have to wait for him to finish @RogerP's entire shoe collection, or I might never see my Alfred Sargent's again!
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