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I'm listening...
Any update on a planned downtown pop-up? I'm hoping to get a couple of shirts made up in the heavy oxford cloth with the Kamakura collars (and would like your help measuring), and would love to save myself a trip out to Mississauga.
 But they're synonymous with class! But yeah, doesn't look like my style. Master-Classter did a great review of some local tailors in Toronto. Does anyone here have any personal experience? I'm looking for someone to trust with fixing up a suit jacket, and tweak some trousers.
This is a x-post from the Tailors thread. I just picked up my first SuSu suit - a 38L Napoli. I'm a tough fit OTR (6'2, ~150lbs, 6'8" arm span). I'm not sure this cut is the best for me, but I'm more concerned about the back of the jacket - looks messy with bunching near the arms. I'm not sure going with their in-house tailoring was the best idea. Any suggestions for ways it can be fixed?          
I just picked up this suit from SuitSupply after alterations by their in-house tailoring service (which I'm starting to think was a mistake). I'm a tough fit because I'm tall and thin with long arms (6'2", ~150 lbs, 6'8" arm span). The back looks messy to me, with a triangle at the shoulders and bunching near the sleeves. Can this be fixed? Any recommendations would be very appreciated.        
 Mine are in perfect condition. Did get nicked for duties/taxes by UPS though.
Received these bad boys today from the sample sale. Absolutely love 'em. Thanks Justin!  
I'm selling 2 Drakes ties I don't really wear.   1. 100% silk purple and green glen plaid. Measures 3 3/8" wide and 59" long. $60   2. 100% wool reversible navy/gray pindot tie. One side is navy with gray dots, the other side is gray with navy dots. I bought this from SpooPoker recently, but it's a bit too thin for me (about 2.25"). I only wore it once, he told me he only wore it 2-3 times.   Sorry for the terrible pics, but the colours are accurate. Let me know if...
This is a good place to start:   http://www.hangerproject.com/shoe-care-guide/   There's also a thread called the Official Shoe Care Guide, which has all of the information you could ever want.   Enjoy your new shoes!
 I just asked this in the official shoe care thread, but figured I'd ask here too since suede is being discussed. I just ordered my first pair of suede shoes from the J. Fitzpatrick sample sale (I hope these ticking time bombs don't cost me my feet, like Claghorn, but it's a risk I'm willing to take). Is Nanoprotector the way to go in terms of a suede protector? Any other pre-wear care recommendations?
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