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How heavy are they? Summer appropriate?
Love that Venzani jacket, wanted to bid on it on eBay. I just think the shoulders would be too large for me, or I'd take it off your hands.
Nice pics, @colHolm. Could you post a pic of the knot it makes when you get around to wearing one?
All of my dress shirts are custom from Spier. Great value for the price. I also own a bunch of the RTW oxfords for casual wear, and they are also high quality for the price. Highly recommended.
Not yet. But I've been eyeing the soft briefcase, so I've been following the thread and reading reviews. Seems like a good value for the money. A new watch was at the top of my list - just got a Tissot Visodate on sale from Jomashop, so a briefcase will likely be the next big purchase.
 Not in Toronto, but maybe check out the Linjer Leather thread?
Thanks for the responses guys. Made the purchase yesterday, will post pics when it arrives.
Fellow PMW enthusiasts, I'm seeking advice. I'm thinking about buying the Tissot Visodate as a casual watch - to wear with sportcoats, or jeans. It's currently on sale at Jomashop for US$379, plus $30 shipping. Anything similar I'm over looking at a similar price point?  
I only won one lambswool sweater. Love it, and wish I had bid more aggressively on some of the others in my size. The wool is great, and the shape has held up.
Agree with Roger. The free market generally works. If something is priced too high on here, you normally see sellers lower the price until they find the level someone is willing to pay.
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