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Would love a green and/or navy donegal. Maybe a brown tweed or herringbone.
Could be, but I believe Garrison Bespoke in Toronto does the suits for that show.
Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the responses. It's given me a lot to think about.   As for the 'Canadian' angle, it's definitely one of the challenges - but something I'm interested in. I think number one will be highlighting Canadian content - stores, brands, tastemakers, etc. I think that's lacking when I flip through something like Sharp. Also, with the Canadian dollar being as weak as it is, I find a lot of deals at American or European stores less attractive....
Does anyone here read any Canadian menswear blogs, magazines, etc?   I've been kicking around the idea of starting a blog for a while. Not with the plan to turn it into a business or anything, just as a creative outlet related to something I'm passionate about. I'm sure I'll do some typical stuff like "shoes every man needs" or "sales alert"-type stuff, but hopefully some more interesting things as well.   I'm not a menswear expert by any means. I make my living in...
Thanks for the detailed response. I'll have to check it out.
What's Burrows' selection of Eidos like?
You'd think some enterprising SFer would buy as much as they could and sell it here for a small profit...
I think it's saying it's out of my league.
Wow, that jacket is incredible.
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