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Cheers. Can't wait to wear the tie!
I'll take it. I also pm'ed you about one of the RLPL ties. PM me back and we can work out the logistics.
Are the C&J Coniston's a size 8 UK or US?
Good to hear. I love Montreal. I would move there in a heartbeat, but my French is horrible.The things I would do for a Schwartz's sandwich right now...
@An Acute Style How'd you like Montreal?
You can get Meermin's for about that price after shipping and taxes. Check out the official thread for all of the positives and negatives.
Should have mentioned, these are size 32.
Hey guys - I purchased a pair of slim fit tobacco brown trousers from Spier & Mackay online because they were on sale, but they're much too tight for me. They've only been worn once, and they've been hemmed to about a 32" in-seam (but all the fabric is still there if you need them longer).   A really great fabric, but honestly, they're unwearable for me. Free to a good home, only catch is that you have to pick them up downtown. These are the...
When will they be available in-store downtown?
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