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Thanks guys, will take a look.
Hello Luxire community, I was hoping I could take advantage of your experience. I'm looking to order my first pair of trousers from Luxire. Looking for cotton that can be worn in the Canadian fall/winter/early spring. I'm open to a chino, canvas, moleskin, whatever, in a khaki/tan/light brown colour. Would be worn fairly casually, I envision wearing it with an OCBD and a navy corduroy jacket that I have.    Hoping to cap it at the $130 level (not including shipping, but...
@atorontoguy what model is the Eidos jacket?
Bah, I wanted that Justo Gimeno great coat. Outbid at the last second. Saving grace - of course Spoo has the exact same one selling again this week!
Exquisite Trimmings and H.N. White are 2 favourites of mine for ties and pocket squares.
I bought a few from SuitSupply for, I think, $60 each. They're fine.
So much for my Fall spending freeze...
Always interested in Drakes squares. Possibly a tie, depending on type.
Shoot him a message on eBay and he'll update the invoice.
I saw @gs77 probably right before or after that picture. The jacket looked good to me.
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