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Ordered the Brisbane Moss Beige Canvas and VBC 100% Wool: Grey Flannel
Are more pants going to be added to the sale?
If I need the seat let out slightly from a previous pants order, which measurements would I change?
It's over, right? It's not open today?
I grabbed a couple of Drake's ties and a pocket square. There was a really good selection of Drake's ties. Selection of scarves and pocket squares was dwindling. Some really nice Drake's shirts that are close to a medium, and some nice Smedley sweaters. There were also some parkas that I didn't look at too closely, and some Hackett sport coats that were all too short for me.
Any early birds check it out? Going to head over after work.
Will tell the boss I'll be in late.
Goddamnit Gil, have bigger feet.
New Posts  All Forums: