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A Martin Greenfield suit for $65CAD, shipped. Not a bad score.
Hey @othertravel - anything going on at the Rosen outlet? Thinking of heading out there tomorrow.
The brown suede Tetbury's are calling my name...
I would vote no BD collar on a denim shirt.
Cheers. Can't wait to wear the tie!
I'll take it. I also pm'ed you about one of the RLPL ties. PM me back and we can work out the logistics.
Are the C&J Coniston's a size 8 UK or US?
Good to hear. I love Montreal. I would move there in a heartbeat, but my French is horrible.The things I would do for a Schwartz's sandwich right now...
@An Acute Style How'd you like Montreal?
You can get Meermin's for about that price after shipping and taxes. Check out the official thread for all of the positives and negatives.
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