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I use Tarago, works fine. I get mine at Leatherfoot but Novelty has it as well.
On the scotch grain boot, 12 US was the only size left. In the black scotch grain wingtips, i think there was a 9US and 9.5. I had to size down half a size, buy ymmv.
Stopped by the Brooks Bros after work and picked up some black scotch grain longwings by C&J for$244! Kind of a weird shoe, but great quality and I'll wear them mostly with jeans.
Just checked it out. Some very nice scarves. Kiton ties for $115 - alot of geometric prints. Bigi ties were $75. A lot of bright plaid and large scale paisleys. Didn't grab anything for myself.
Going to check it out when my show ends in 5 minutes. Will update.
Are the pocket flaps tucked in, or does it have jetted pockets?
Thanks to @gs77 for taking me to the Garrison sale. Had some nice Carmina's on sale for $400 - mostly in size UK7.5 or UK9.5, if I remember correctly. Some brown and black semi-brogues, a pair of suede string loafers, and pair of chestnut double monks.   Had some nice suits and jackets, but yeah, they need to be tried on. I'm normally a 38L - but somehow there was a light grey, lightweight suit tagged 42R that fit me like a glove and a steal at $300. There was a small...
If the offer stands, I'd tag along.
Are there any plain white fabrics on the way? Need a shirt made up for my wedding in April, and there's only oxford fabrics in plain white on the website right now.
You're right - Tipo.
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