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I'm looking for a nice block stripe tie. Preferably a good fall/winter fabric. Any suggestions?
That was the breakdown. I refused the package and requested a CBSA assessment. Does anyone have any idea how long that will take?
I won a Panta jacket from Spoo on eBay. I got the tag today from Canada Post that I can pick the jacket up tomorrow. The jacket was made in the U.S., and imported from the U.S. It cost $150 USD / $200 CAD. The customs/duties are $76. That's insane, right? That's not correct, 38% - I should contest it, right?
That escalated a bit at the end, but I can't believe I won a Panta jacket for $200 Canadian.
For Indian, I love Banjara at Bloor and Crawford (near Christie Pits)
Nice - which collar is that?
Awesome deal. Will try to make it into the shop this weekend for a light grey flannel.
Best of luck with the venture!   To the community - I already own the brown linen. It's a great colour and weight, ties a very nice knot and drapes beautifully.   Looking forward to watching the collection develop.
Which locations?
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