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Just wanted to thank Kent and his team. I placed my first order for a silk knit tie and pocket square a while back. The package seems to have been lost somewhere along the border of the U.S. and Canada. The customer service was great - fast responses to my emails, and they sent a replacement package promptly. Just received my awesome tie and square, but beyond that, it's so nice to deal with a business that makes customer service a priority.
What are the measurements on the Borrelli?
I took it to mean he isn't going to re-shoot pictures for all of the stuff he's selling, he's just going to use pictures of him actually wearing the stuff that's for sale.
Off the top of my head, my order was about $500 CAD, and I believe my customs bill was about $180.
Good luck! I got hit with a pretty massive customs bill when I ordered to Toronto, let me know how you make out.
Gorgeous suit. Lucky New Yorkers.
 I finally received my shoes in the right size yesterday. Sandro offered to send me a free belt to make up for the poor service. They did not send the belt. I'm satisfied with the shoes and feel like I eventually received good shoes for the price I paid. But after the whole experience, I don't think I'd order from them again.
Is SGD$ Singapore dollars?
Cheers, thanks guys.
About to make my first KW purchase. Everyone pretty satisfied with the silk knit ties?
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