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What BOC do you generally wear?
 The Saks on Queen? Do you happen to know what size?
If anyone from downtown heads to the Mississauga outlet and buys some of those Drake's/Fred Perry polos, I'd probably buy a couple of size small's for $45-$50.
A Shinola store is opening in that Stussy space.
This is more SW&D, but a PSA nonetheless - local Toronto brand 18 Waits is having a pop-up sale in a tiny shop on Ossington (just north of Queen on the west side of the street). There were t-shirts from $20, shorts were $60, pants seemed to be about $100. Shirts were around $150.
 Is there any of this fabric left, and is it too heavy for spring/summer wear? Also, are you able to do higher-waisted trousers (in the vein of the Eidos Sal model)?
They have Vibram soles, not Dainite.
This is more a Royal Mail question than an ET question, but...   I ordered a couple of squares last weekend, and, as usual, Shaya shipped the next business day. The tracking on the Royal Mail website said "on the way to Canada" a week ago. No updates since, and when I enter the tracking number on Canada Post's website the # isn't found.   Cause for concern, or par for the course?
I don't know of any Canadian eBay shops - but LuxeSwap does give 50% off international shipping for Style Forum members.
Waiting on a couple of squares as we speak, now I'm wishing I'd grabbed a couple more!
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