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 I'll PM you.
I'm going to be venturing into the world of Toronto MTM suiting in a few months for my wedding suit. In a perfect world, it'd be Eidos - but it doesn't seem like Gotstyle is doing anything like that and going to New York isn't really an option. That BlogTO article wasn't very helpful (not that I would expect BlogTO to have any expertise on the subject). So, it will be fun to meet with a few places to see what they have to offer.
If you're heading down to Leatherfoot, there's a shoe repair place right near by called Bay Bloor Shoe Repair. It's inside a little mall-type building. Worth checking to see if they carry Tarrago Nanoprotector. Although, it may not be open on Sunday.
I have a pair of brown Alfred Sargent captoes that I kind of screwed up by using Saphir cream that was too dark. Send me a PM for what you'd charge to clean 'em up and put a mirror shine on the caps.
Just saw this on Twitter
 You were right, the collars look much better after washing and pressing.
 Fair enough. I'm going to wash and iron them tomorrow, so I'll have a better sense then.
 I received my 3 slim fit oxfords yesterday. I'm pretty blown away by the quality for $40. And, as usual, very impressed by the fast delivery time. It's Amazon-esque. Ideally, the collar would have slightly more roll, and they'd be a little slimmer in the back (to be fair, I'm much skinnier than the average man. So I could be the only one who thinks that). All in all, great shirts that I'll wear more casually. I'll definitely buy a few more OCBDs when I can make it into...
Just ordered 3 - the light blue, white and grey. Look great, can't wait to see the fit.
I wouldn't worry about pencil striped shirts. Considering the lighting and camera likely to be used, it will look like a solid. And if it's just being filmed with a static wide shot, there won't be any problems.
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