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Problem solved. Thanks!
When I try to bid on the Equus belt and the Ring Jacket suits, it tells me:   Sorry, you are not allowed to purchase this item This item is only available to buyers who have not purchased 1 or more items from this seller in the past 10 days. You can contact the seller for more information, or find similar items offered by other sellers.     Is that supposed to happen?
I'm keeping an eye on B&S, hoping some 38L's start showing up...
Someone got a hell of a deal.
I stopped in quickly on Friday, they had some Zegna's, Talbott BOC and other similar brands at 40% off. They had some realyy nice Drakes grenadine block stripes that were unfortuantely not on sale.
Makes sense. It sucks that GotStyle in Toronto only stocks 48S in Eidos suits. I chucked as the the salesperson there tried to convince me it was long enough.
Eidos makes 48L? Dammit, wish I was in NYC.
Purchased. Can't wait to try out a Henry Carter tie.
I'll go $8,000 on the gator.
What size are the Panta pants?
New Posts  All Forums: