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A Shinola store is opening in that Stussy space.
This is more SW&D, but a PSA nonetheless - local Toronto brand 18 Waits is having a pop-up sale in a tiny shop on Ossington (just north of Queen on the west side of the street). There were t-shirts from $20, shorts were $60, pants seemed to be about $100. Shirts were around $150.
 Is there any of this fabric left, and is it too heavy for spring/summer wear? Also, are you able to do higher-waisted trousers (in the vein of the Eidos Sal model)?
They have Vibram soles, not Dainite.
This is more a Royal Mail question than an ET question, but...   I ordered a couple of squares last weekend, and, as usual, Shaya shipped the next business day. The tracking on the Royal Mail website said "on the way to Canada" a week ago. No updates since, and when I enter the tracking number on Canada Post's website the # isn't found.   Cause for concern, or par for the course?
I don't know of any Canadian eBay shops - but LuxeSwap does give 50% off international shipping for Style Forum members.
Waiting on a couple of squares as we speak, now I'm wishing I'd grabbed a couple more!
I just got the tobacco pants. Such a great colour. I was in the shop on Saturday and tried on the jacket, and now I'm fiending to get an MTM jacket made. It's haunting my dreams. If I wasn't paying for my wedding this month I would have ordered without a second thought.
Thanks for the speedy reply. Order placed.
Hey Rick, I'm expecting a custom shirt order to arrive in the next week or two. Is it possible to add a pair of OTR trousers to that order and have them all ship at the same time to save on fees? If so, let me know how I should do that.
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