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Thanks for the responses guys. Made the purchase yesterday, will post pics when it arrives.
Fellow PMW enthusiasts, I'm seeking advice. I'm thinking about buying the Tissot Visodate as a casual watch - to wear with sportcoats, or jeans. It's currently on sale at Jomashop for US$379, plus $30 shipping. Anything similar I'm over looking at a similar price point?  
I only won one lambswool sweater. Love it, and wish I had bid more aggressively on some of the others in my size. The wool is great, and the shape has held up.
Agree with Roger. The free market generally works. If something is priced too high on here, you normally see sellers lower the price until they find the level someone is willing to pay.
Novelty on Yonge has the best prices I've seen in the city.
Anyone else having a problem with the site where the 'free shipping' option disappears after you apply a gift card - even if the order is still more than $100?
Excuse my ignorance, but what's with the fabric-covered buttons? Is that a formality thing?
Ordered the Brisbane Moss Beige Canvas and VBC 100% Wool: Grey Flannel
Are more pants going to be added to the sale?
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